Midlife crisis in women: how to help yourself

About the midlife crisis that everyone knows, but no one is usually not prepared for it. Today women’s site sympaty.net tell us what the midlife crisis in women. Previously, however, this was considered “honorable” status are only experienced miners-middle-aged men in connection with the assessment of their achievements. But since then, ladies have proved their worth in business and politics, they also got the right to carry and crisis burden.

This phenomenon, I must say, quite insidious, often protracted, painful and unpredictable (catch can from 30 years to 40-something). Dangerous enemy in the daily fight for women’s happiness! Therefore, to meet it with dignity, know better “in person”.

As it happens

Perhaps, every woman, regardless of age, familiar recurring sense of meaninglessness of life. If something goes wrong, upset husband upset children, not succeeding at work. Hands down, all of them falls: “I’m so tired… and why me?” But surprisingly persistent weak floor with such a scourge to cope quickly.

A midlife crisis occurs in women quite differently.

Complete apathy and emptiness for a long time, the only desire is to lie down and turn my back to the wall… It’s scary, and sometimes annoying ones. “You’re strong, man up” they exhort.

But probably the most unpleasant what to take himself in hand (the case for women in principle, the usual) in such a situation is very difficult. Because such a condition usually difficult to control.

However, the website sympaty.net confident female solidarity works wonders! This alone should give you hope.

Try to deal with the problem of “between us girls”.

Where does midlife crisis in women

The mid-life crisis originates from… of children’s hopes and expectations. In childhood and adolescence, life-lit the most iridescent plans for the future and therefore has a very special meaning.

After a couple of decades it becomes clear whether these dreams a chance “sbychu”.

Meticulously conducted an audit of achievements — has everything been?

Most interesting is that the midlife crisis is inevitable in women in almost any scenario.

  • Suppose things didn’t turn out quite right (or completely wrong), as desired in his youth. And then on the threshold of the 40th anniversary of the begin to overcome the idea that many opportunities lost forever, and life is not infinite as it seemed once.
  • And if all “grow together” — it would seem, live so rejoice! But no, it was plagued by thoughts that aspire to nothing more, and hence the whole future life devoid of meaning.
  • And in General oppressing the realization that old age is not far off. To the mirror to even approach you do not want, not to dress up and care for themselves. What is it still useless? And is it possible not to be afraid of old age?
  • What should I do?

    Make your great(!) age granted. Of course, first have to admit that some things do not change. It’s not easy.

    Similar experiences and feeds the crisis of middle age women. However, audited: negative emotions do not need to drive deeper. Do not blame yourself, do not be afraid of your condition, not to blame for failing and generally don’t treat yourself too harshly.

    They should let loose a little, and to grieve for what will not return. Sort of kind of catharsis.

    For example, to cry, going through baby photos and lamenting the fact that kids is not the ones they want chubby cute toddler whose mother was once the center of the universe.

    But especially to get involved and to lament, because after night the day will come!

    Midlife crisis — the same “night” in women: collected all the fears, anxieties and complexes. By experience, the troubles this time you need just to survive.

    After all, your life with the loss of clear reference points only slightly stopped. But, nevertheless, it continues!

    How to live?
    Don’t compare your life with youthful dreams.

    Little did I see the inexperience. Maybe what you do now is your true destiny.

    If not — not too late (believe me, not really late!) to try something new. Now a lot of opportunities.

    For example, it is a worthy exit — earnings in the Internet, especially if you didn’t want anyone to see and nowhere to go. And midlife crisis for many women successfully fizzles when they start to paint, learn photography, knit or make jewelry (and the soul rejoices, and a coin in the purse rings), travel the world and give birth they want chubby babies…

    And if someone could in 40 years to drastically change her life, why can’t you do?

    Find a new target!

    Even if achieved all once dreamed of, — perfection, there is no limit, it is known to all. Personal development — the most exciting activity.

    Don’t know where to start? Just Google something like “Personal growth”. Maybe looking in this direction, you will see that the most interesting discoveries you can make in yourself.

    And now about old age

    Of course, this bent creature with the empty eyes that you are afraid to show to the mirror, looks pretty pathetic. Maybe it is here necessary to throw all available forces? After 40 years — it’s style, experience, sexy, finally!

    Wrap your present mood to his advantage. You now enjoy the privacy? In silence and tranquility, make a simple face mask, or just some shut-eye.

    Anxiety driving on the street? Look after yourself Jogging trail — in the future. Let appear in your actions simple everyday sense.

    And interest in life — he, you know, addictive!

    Perhaps today you find that hard to believe, but the crisis of middle-aged women means only that in your life persistently knocking on a change. What? Of course, for the better!

    For now, as always, it all depends on you!

    The author – Elena Potselueva, site ToKnow365.top

    Midlife crisis in women: how to help yourself

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