Minodier bag: what to wear?

Minaudiere among all the bags – it’s like a tropical butterfly among insects, hummingbirds among birds or orchids among the flowers. Miniature, unusual design, often with expensive decor, these accessories will undoubtedly add a touch of luxury to any look!

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What is minodier?

It is kind of clutch. Sometimes minaudiere also called “theatrical” handbag — and it is also correct, because this accessory will be appropriate with dressy clothes and formal dining.

But still, what is the design of bags of this type? Mandatory for minodier distinctive features:

  • Hard case or frame. Do not have the form of a parallelepiped – handbags-minodier so amazing and that may be the most unusual “cut” (from the ball to simulate the crystal), can represent different objects, animals, flowers, etc.

  • Small size, designed to be worn in the hand. It tiny size always was considered as special chic — after all, the wealthy lady, the greater her evening toilet, the less it is necessary to carry some items! But gradually this concept became relevant not only for decorative “turbocom” for the evening, but by day the clutch bag – stylish lady there is no need to carry “trunks” and to complement the image of her would be enough to menagerie where just fits a phone and lipstick.
  • Snap-on or screw-on clasp at the top. If instead of a lock “lightning” or used in the cut “envelope” is the normal clutch, and if the clasp-the clasp is sewn to her with a soft “pouch” — it handbag.
  • Classic minder does not have a handle – it is worn in the hand, and if necessary, fasten a long, thin chain. However, some models (typically “day”) equipped with a loop as a handle.

Clutch minaudier in the evening image

Evening or cocktail dress is exactly the kind of thing that should wear a bag minder. How to make a dress, handbag, shoes and other accessories combined with each other?

It is important to look how burdened the decor, every thing in the kit. It is not necessary to put together thickly studded with rhinestones shoes, dress, clutch, and even sculpt there jewelry.

But plain and concise items need to be diluted decorated with accessories because the combination “satin dress + satin Shoe satin bag” would look at least sad.

In the evening, may be involved in some flowers: two or even one. These are usually added shade any metal. Your task is to combine different textures within the chosen color scheme and style. How? For example:

  • Satin dress with patterned print patent leather solid shoes without decoration, minodier with décor corresponding to the print of the dress.
  • Solid velvet dress, sequined clutch bag, shoes and belt – gold or silver leather (same color metal chain from handbags and jewelry).
  • Solid chiffon dress, handbag with a rich, fine decor, neutral color shoes (Nude, black or in the color of the dress).
  • Colored dress, Golden minodier, jewels, and shoes in the color of the clothes.

Can I wear minaudiere casual look with AMI?

Originally this thing was conceived as a complement to an evening outfit. But given the fact that formal and casual fashion in our time, converged and intertwined, and minaudiere long ago can be seen in the hands of fashionistas on the streets and in cafes, and not only in theater boxes.

Non-shiny models without ornate decoration, it is possible to wear ordinary dresses, shirts, skirts and even pants and shorts!

It is important to correlate the “visual value” of objects in the image. How not to wear a diamond necklace to a knitted t-shirt and tattered jeans, and studded with rhinestones Swarovski minodier alien will look next with a sweater and boots…

Of course, some celebrities and the “stars of the fashion blogs” violate this rule, but to cross the line of stylish eclecticism and “the farm” kitsch very easily, so the website sympaty.net not advised to enter in the everyday images of things that are clearly intended for celebrations or parties.

How to combine the clutches and accessories?

Each image is something like a designer: you have a lot of matching parts, but you know that most of them – too much for one collect “design”. So what to do – what to keep, what to postpone for another time? We offer you some of the principles of Assembly “designer”:

  • Clutch+shoes – in a single color and similar texture, jewelry and other accessories in other colors and textures. For example, brown suede ankle boots and minodier, and gloves made from smooth brown leather plus a colorful stole and colored earrings to the tippet.
  • If accessories and jewelry quite a bit (literally just shoes, a handbag and a few items of jewelry), then they can be soaked in one color or shades of one metal.

  • In cases when you want to take minodier “metallic”, but do not want to overload the image of accessories “under the metal”, then do so – even to continue the metallic theme will be just decoration (you can even do modest earrings and a ring), but the shoes and other accessories let them repeat the selected color, but not the luster and metal texture! For example, “silver” claccic can be worn with a light gray shoes, bronze support brown matte leather, the gold — sand color suede, etc.
  • Very unusual design minodier can do nothing together and be extravagant, “the heart” of the image. This applies to handbags with large flower, fruit, or something else, bright and expressive. Sure, other clothing and accessories should be in this case, more modest and simpler.

And remember that clutch minaudier is not the seat of a heap of things, but the thing is the decoration, the thing-the character thing-the status! The owner of this stuff as it shows that her life is easy and carefree, it does not burden the household chores and the difficulties of life, it is not what the harsh daily life, and something that complements her personal celebration of life!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Minodier bag: what to wear?

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