Mint green: what to wear?

Before you read about it on the website ““, let’s see, what is the color called mint? The most correct answer is a pale blue color with a hint of turquoise. If you like peppermint – what to wear with this color?

Colors that are combined with mint

So, let’s start a small excursion into the chromatics – the art of harmonious combination of colors. What to wear with a mint color?

Definitely a good combination:

  • With bright blue, dark blue.
  • With lemon (it’s opposite the mint color on the color wheel).
  • With orange. Generally a warm yellow-orange range to mint good in almost any variety of shades.
  • With crimson, fuchsia.
  • Coral.
  • With purple, violet, cobalt.
  • Brown – it is appropriate to absolutely all shades of that color!
  • With beige, ecru, Nude… All this shades of pale brown, and they are all good!
  • With black and white, of course.
  • With turquoise, turquoise is the colors on a couple of shades darker than mint. The only rule – because it is similar colors, they will certainly need to Supplement something else (we’ll cover that below).

In addition to the definitely successful combinations, there are some that may look interesting on specific things worn by a specific person.

What else to wear mint?

  • Mint and grey are the same colors. Mint can freshen the abundance of gray in the image, so it can introduce a focus.
  • Mint and various shades of dirty green (marsh, olive, herbaceous, etc.).
  • Mint and red. A very active combination! Better if these colours will be “diluted” by some dark or muted a third color. Also better not to take them in equal proportions – one dominates, and second it is possible to place small accents. For example, mint dress, you can take a red clutch bag and earrings, and shoes to let them be Nude. Instead of pure red it is always possible to get close to it colors – coral, wine-red, Bordeaux, fuchsia…
  • Mint with bright green (emerald, green). This is a beautiful, succulent combination, but be careful – there is a risk to look like a “parrot”. Razavi the image of the brown or grey.

Nesochetaemoe with mint color

Very unfortunate color combinations are few, but they are. The mint color can’t wear?

  • With pale pink. Too childish, “puppet”.
  • With the so-called neon colors. Tacky and tasteless.
  • With pale lettuce.
  • With pale lilac. Generally two pastel shades (except combinations with beige) “to make friends” is not easy.

However, if you really want to experiment with these combinations to come to the aid of prints, which can be “mixed” anything!

Combination of three colors in the image

Three colors is the max color variety in a single image, which prescribe rules of good taste.
You can always enter into the image as a third color gray, black, white, beige or brown you can’t go wrong!

Better not to wear mint with two other cold colors. But the right combination can be done as follows:

  • Mint + dark cool color + warm color light. For example: mint + Navy + sand; mint + purple + orange.
  • Mint + bright warm color + soft warm color. Options: mint + yellow + nut; mint + coral + chocolate.
  • Mint + any bright color (cold and warm) + achromatic or Nude. Achromatic colors is called “colorless” white, black and the full range of gray shades. Color Nude (beige) is not considered to be achromatic, but in the combinations of clothing can play a role chromatically neutral, because it repeats the color of human skin. Examples: mint + Nude + raspberry; mint + grey + deep purple.

Versions of the images with things mint color

And finally – some “tasty” images from the original women’s site!

  • Mint top with a light Maxi skirt, orange, colorful neck scarf, light brown sandals, eco bag with print.
  • White blouse, mint cardigan, Navy pencil skirt, red shoes and bag.
  • Trousers-chinos, mint color, coral top, black jacket, coral shoes or ballet flats.
  • Dark purple dress, brown boots, mint coat. What to wear with this kit? You can Supplement it with a beige scarf and gloves.

Mint – what to wear with it, a lot of options is a very fresh color! As a rule, he goes all, with any hair color and skin!

Author — Dasha Blinova, site

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