Mistakes in interior design

Unless each of us, making repairs in your apartment, seek the services of designers? No, far from it! Today women’s site sympaty.net tells about the major mistakes that many make in interior design.

By the way, get it wrong sometimes and professionals. Therefore, the article will be useful for those who have the opportunity to invite a designer who wants to check whether all did well.

What should be the interior, I think that every answer will be your. But many people want:

  • originality
  • best meet the needs.

1: the Monotone

Interior design in a modern style, many people understand fully how plain the walls, ceiling, furniture, no bright “spots”. And 90% of interior work including neutral and even “fresh”. This is a serious mistake, because the living room should be fresh, lively, a bit festive. A few bright accents will dilute the sad atmosphere.

2: Excessive diversity

It is the opposite, but a very common mistake in interior design. After all, when a lot of sorts of souvenir, carcinogen – everything that makes a colorful interior – it is simply impossible to stay long. But at home you need to relax.

3: Inappropriate curtains

How many people are thinking about how to choose curtains for interior design? Do first bought the curtains on the principle of “like”, then do a repair, but all together it looks ridiculous. Modern interior does not tolerate such negligence in the selection window “dresses”. Cotton and tulle from my grandmother’s trunk let it remain there exactly the same as the heavy curtains. Not always the most expensive = the best for your interior.

The website sympaty.net recommends to carefully consider the decoration of Windows. It is important that curtains look organic and not interfere with the sunlight to enter the room.

4: Interior in a uniform style

Paradoxically, but “pure” style found only in magazines about interior design. And if you take a closer look, you can see that now fashion is more eclectic. It is the combination of different styles, given the fact that you are guided by taste and sense of proportion, and gives your interior personality.

5: Improper lighting

The light makes the interior such that the spirit grasps. Poor lighting, improperly placed lighting accents – and all for nothing. Even if you have the best Wallpaper for walls, which you can think of, with the wrong lighting, the color may not look nice and stylish.

6: Deliberate rigor

Residential interior and residential on the fact that it must be nice to relax. It’s not the office, where all the strictly, serious. Remember that when you design the interior you have to understand that he is for real your life.

The abundance of gray and strict is a common mistake in interior design!

And yet – many design “blunders”

To list the errors can be long, highlight several of them:

  • “zabarrikadirovatsya” apartment furniture
  • the lack of symmetry in furniture – sofas in weird shapes is not always convenient for them corny you could sit,
  • “inherited” from my grandmother – a variety of old things that outlived its time, but “sorry” thrown away
  • the carpets in the “open swimming” – it is not about the carpets on the walls, this is a real “not cool” funny pictures in social networks. Speaking of such rugs that are not fixed by the legs of furniture. Get washed away in the corners, which adds to the untidiness in the interior.

Of course, this is not a complete list of all errors that can be done in interior design. Lists only the most flagrant shortcomings. Try to think about decor in a residential building so that it was nice and comfortable to live in the first place! Do not forget about the aesthetics, but do not deprive the interior of originality!

Author – Eva the rainbow site ToKnow365.top

Mistakes in interior design

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