Model panties: what are underwear for women: Thong Tanga briefs shorts

Today on the website we continue to choose pants. But what panties to buy, because their great variety?

For this, we turn our attention to model panties for women, their strengths and weaknesses. So, what are underpants for women, and how women are what models?

Boy shorts

Perhaps, the most closed model pant. The front and sides of the shorts have the same height.

Shorts visually shorten the leg and make the hips bigger, so they is perfect for you if your legs are long and thin. If not, then stay away from them.

Ordinary briefs or panties

Wondering what are cowards, we mean the regular panties. The advantage of this model of underpants that it covers the buttocks, not clogging between them, and the cover narrow enough not to roll, when we wear tight clothes.

Slips can be any height: how high (slips-Maxi) and low (slips-mini), so they are easy to match any clothes. Slips are also more conservative cut – higher and closed.


Thong owe their name not the string – string and an Indian loincloth – geestring, but the appearance of the strings is directly related to the Striptease.

Thong more open than closed, and in the classic version are a triangle in front of and rope back. Experts distinguish between G-string, T-string, V-string and Y-Thong. They differ in the size and shape of the rear part.

Men love thongs, so even if you have imperfect forms, and in ordinary life, you can’t wear them, then enjoy at least sometimes of the elect!

Thong (Tonga)

Briefs Thong was invented by designer Rudy Genriha in 1975. They differ from strings that are more closed. The Creator just tried to get rid of the sidewalls.

They look about as well as thongs, but due to more pronounced cut-out legs look longer. Yes, and according to most women, the Tanga Thongsince wider tapes prevent them to hide you-know-where.

The most comfortable panty model considered Tanga Thong 4811 (see photo). Due to the soft and wide elastic bands they will not ride up and does not bite!


Bikini are extremely low rise and triangles front and rear. Classic bikini – beach briefs with side ties For everyday wear, the sidewall can be represented by a string or narrow strip of cloth. In principle, the model pant bikini is very easily confused with the low slips.


An interesting model of women’s underwear, which begins as a pair of shorts, and ends up as a Thong.

Has the same shortcomings as its ancestors: shorter legs and rammed where it is not necessary. Dignity is a very romantic model.

Panties Brazilian

Brazilian-cut – panty model, which is a merger of briefs and Tanga. These panties have a V-shaped cut covering the back of the buttocks is only half. Perfectly accentuate the buttocks.

Fit girls who have the buttocks of a relatively small or flat, otherwise they run the risk to hide you know where to turn to ordinary Thong.

Do not wear Brazilian knickers under tight clothing because the seams are guaranteed to Shine through.

Seamless panties

The edges of these panties treated with a laser. Model these panties are different: usually it is either a Thong, or panties, but in any case, they absolutely, well absolutely not visible under clothing!

The lack of seamless panties that they are made from synthetic materials (I personally have never seen the seamless underwear made of cotton). Hence, they cannot be worn all the time.

Sexy panties

Models of sexy panties can be quite different, but the basic model is usually one – string or Tanga. There are slips, and bikini, but much less frequently. Bells and whistles may be the decor, cut: beads, buttons, lace, slits in intimate places… the Imagination of designers is simply endless!

Minus such cowards that they are only suitable for games, as due to its unusual stand out under clothing. And uncomfortable they’re not the point.

Here we have considered what are cowards. Perhaps you’ve already picked out a certain model. Last point: don’t limit yourself! If you have never tried to wear some underpants model – be sure to try, suddenly it’s yours?

The author – Olga Sympaty, site

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