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Ancient Greek myth States that the great Cypriot artist Pygmalion created out of ivory girl of unprecedented beauty. The master managed to create perfection due to the fact that ivory gives the opportunity to freely change its shape. To work with the contours of the human body is not as easy but still possible. Because the human body contains a unique substance – the fatty tissue redistribution which allows to model lines any body parts.

A procedure designed to transplant the patient’s own fat in certain areas of the body, is called lipofilling. Modern medical technique made it possible to realize the dream of opportunity to improve the shape and return a youthful appearance to the face without artificial prostheses and alien substances to the body. Want a perfect, chiseled figure, full Breasts, rounded buttocks, beautiful legs or a six-pack and a relief chest? To fulfill Your desires using the liposculpture!

What is liposculpture

Liposculpture is a surgical intervention that involves combining two operations in one, namely a combination of liposuction and lipofilling. During the operation first removes unwanted fat deposits in certain areas of the body and then received by a fat filled those anatomical areas that need more volume. Doctor performing the lipo-filling, or lipomodulina of the body, like the sculptor, he “grinds” the perfect figure, eliminating all superfluous and adding what is missing.

Liposculpture: when is it needed?

Liposculpture is a unique procedure that has no analogues, is the only real way to make the figure more feminine or more masculine. Thanks to lipomodelling women get the opportunity to get a beautiful body with tempting curves. The man gives the operation a chance to become an athlete causes the admiration of the fair sex with abs, impressive biceps and an embossed chest.

  • Beautiful slender legs and would have remained a dream for many, if not lipofilling. Even sports can’t help fix genetically inherent curve of the foot. Due to the redistribution of adipose tissue it is possible to change the shape of the legs, to improve the contours and volume of the legs, which are known to be poorly amenable to correction through exercise. Note to athletes: if after 3 – 4 months after the lipofilling of the lower legs to return to training, the volume of the lower legs will definitely increase! This magical effect provide stem cells but about them later.
  • Athletes years regular squat with a barbell to gain the coveted “Brazilian” ass. Unfortunately, if there is no genetic predisposition to build muscle in this area, the desired effect is not achieved even with maximum weight. Lipofilling gives the opportunity to become the owner of a petite, perfectly rounded buttocks without grueling workouts, as well as to eliminate lateral depressions in the area atrocinerea fossa, which is absolutely impossible to “pump”.
  • Fat is an ideal filler (filler) and all the healthier alternative to silicone. If you dream about a big chest perfect shape, which would look totally natural, then lipofilling is exactly what you need. After the procedure, it is impossible to determine even feels that the new bust size was obtained as the result of surgical intervention. During the same surgery, the doctor will perform a liposuction that allows you to attain a graceful, chiseled arms, wasp waist, shapely legs.
  • Fat transplantation is used for treatment of congenital and acquired soft tissue defects and scars. Fat, which has unique healing properties, heals chronic ulcers, including those resulting from the irradiation. The introduction of the own fat tissue of the patient is an effective way to eliminate scarring of the larynx, and, accordingly, the treatment of Athos – state, which has lost the sonority of the voice.
  • Lipofilling makes the impossible possible – lets take back the youthful attraction to the person without a single postoperative scar. With this technique manages to smooth out wrinkles, to give skin fullness and elasticity, to get rid of the tapered cheekbones, sunken cheeks and temples, adding a visual age. Transplantation of own fat cells effectively cope with issues such as thin lips and the ageing contours of the face.

Fat can not only make up for the missing volume of a particular anatomical region, but to produce a rejuvenating effect. The fact that the adipose tissue contained in a large number of stem cells. Any stressful to the body situation (such is the transplantation of fat) causes their activation. Stem cells begin to produce new cells and blood vessels, thereby stimulating the recovery process, update the surrounding tissue and rejuvenate the skin.

Lipofilling can act as a stand-alone operations, and can complement other surgery or procedure designed to correct aesthetic defects:

  • filling lipofilling temples, podpolnyh areas, cheeks, lips, oval will make a more pronounced anti-aging effect of a surgical facelift and blepharoplasty;
  • a well-proven combination of lower and/or upper blepharoplasty and fat injection to the area of the cheek, nasolacrimal grooves and/or podpolnuyu oblast;
  • combining fractional rejuvenation with lipofilling of the face gives you the opportunity to permanently postpone the need for a surgical facelift;
  • lipofilling held during endoprotezirovanie breast, to avoid recurrence of fibrous capsular contracture;
  • through the introduction fat in the breast can be eliminated is too large mikrobnoe distance, improve the shape of a tubular breast, adjust the funnel shape of the chest, etc.;
  • fat is an excellent material that replaces artificial gluteal implants. It is also suitable for “masking” the contours of the prostheses implanted in the buttocks;
  • lipofilling is widely used to give the legs a nice round shape, filling the fossa behind the knee, correction too thin ankles. In addition, a patient’s own fat can help to eliminate the contouring of the prosthetic lower leg.

How is liposculpture

Most often, lipomodulina performed under General anesthesia, but if necessary, transplantation of a small amount of fat in the face area can be used local anesthesia. Introduction adipose tissue is made using microprotol, traces of which disappear completely after a while after surgery. Just a few weeks nobody will know that your new sexy body or resilient a person is the result of the skill of the surgeon.

A large part of the transplanted fat tissue survives in the body, sprouting vessels. It is not rejected by the body and does not provoke allergies, since it is not alien or artificial material. Lipomodulina does not require a long rehabilitation period, does not cause serious complications, providing, however, long-term stable result. Being at the same weight, You will look perfect. Even if you lose weight, the buttocks or the Breasts will not return to the original volume, and will remain appetizing and tempting. And if You will gain weight in the first place will increase the field of lipofilling, i.e. breast, calf or buttocks!

Liposculpture is an effective and safe method of body contouring and facial rejuvenation, which will emphasize your natural beauty, giving a different perception, like the same, however, in fact, renewed and rejuvenated appearance.

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