Moisturizing facial mask at home for all skin types

Dehydrated skin even resembles a desert. It appear dry grooves, cracks. To fight effectively against loss of moisture will help moisturizing face mask at home. Moisture is needed not only dry, but also oily, and combination skin. Mandatory rule is the use of masks with different compositions for each type.

Dryness of the epidermis leads to a mimic, and then of fine lines and wrinkles. The complexion becomes greyish, you look tired. Therefore, we need a mask to hydrate the face. Skin care should be a constant at any time of the year. But it is necessary to highlight autumn and winter when the homes heating, and the air is especially dry. Women immediately notice negative changes occurring with the skin. It was during this period the skin is exposed to a sharp loss of moisture, so you need to have a course of homemade moisturizing facial masks.

The choice of an appropriate mask depending on skin type

Before you begin procedures, you need to determine what your skin type and what components are most suitable for you. There are four common types: normal, oily, dry, combo. You can add a separate item on problem skin, prone to inflammation.

  • Normal. The skin is the dream of any girl. She looks always clean, with a smooth uniform color over the entire surface, free of redness and Shine. Pores are not enlarged, skin is supple and smooth, has a pinkish hue.
  • Fat. Holders of this type suffer from oily sheen. The skin suffers from excessive greasiness, clogged pores and blackheads. But not worth much to be sad in this type there is a plus — due to excessive fat creates a protective film, which retains moisture, wrinkles appear much later and are not as deep as in representatives of other types. With years of oily skin goes into a state of mixed. It is important to thoroughly clean the top layer of the epidermis and do a moisturizing mask.
  • Dry. This type is not prone to inflammation, has a smooth color. The disadvantage appears in the cold season. But with age, the woman will experience dryness, tightness, and becomes more noticeable wrinkles. The main disadvantage of dry skin is lack of moisture. She is the necessary nourishing and moisturizing face mask. Should reconsider your diet. Cause dryness can lack of vitamins a, E And C.
  • Combined. Skin care as simple. After all, this is a combination of oily and normal (sometimes dry) type. Bold part is the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead). In this area the skin is often glossy and shiny, at the same time, in the cheeks can be normal, some women have even dry. These areas require different care. For cheeks the necessary nutritional means and T-zone need to cleanse and moisturize (meal triggers the secretion of fat). Therefore, in the Arsenal of your cosmetics should be two options of care, the masks should also be of two types: moisturizer to T-zone and nutrient zone of the cheeks (in the mask, add olive oil, it softens and smoothes the skin, prone to dryness).
  • Problem. Although it is not isolated as a separate type, but to remain silent about it would be a mistake. Many women believe their skin problem. Someone concerned about freckles, someone spots. And the main problem is inflammation and rash of pimples. The causes of their appearance — not only the period of growing up and hormonal changes, but stress, unbalanced nutrition, environmental effects. It is best to treatment from a competent specialist, who will tell you what program cleanse and moisturize to choose. If the problem is serious, do not self-medicate for reviews of friends of any effective means is you can hurt. If the situation is not serious, you can handle yourself with a thorough skin care, nutrition and emotional state.

Skin care face — a simple and pleasant experience. It is also a relaxing treatment. Mask to moisturize the face at home is best done in the evening, especially in winter. Skin after cleansing and applying the mask needs to relax and to soak up the moisture. Should not expose it to frost, UV rays and exhaust fumes.

Once you are able to understand and to determine which of the five groups you belong to, you should begin to work to improve the appearance. Oily skin is to remove a bad Shine, dry to moisturize and nourish the epidermis with moisture, combination requires a deep care depending on areas of the face, and the problem should be thoroughly clean. Each type needs hydration.


Before you read the recipes and begin to apply them in practice, check whether you have contraindications to these procedures. So you decide the best moisturizing mask for your face suit you best.

  • Self-procedure in case of serious problems with the skin. If you have an impressive rash, sores, vasodilatation, mandatory consultation with a specialist. The problem may lie inside, so it is necessary comprehensive treatment. A failure to comply with sterility, it is possible to aggravate the situation.
  • Allergic reactions. Even if you can confidently say that you are not allergic to the herbs and citrus, make a trial test before applying the mask. Put on the elbow. Observe the skin for about 30 minutes. If you do not find redness or rashes — so all is well and it is safe to apply on face.

Masks for normal kosogornaya with starch

The mask is similar to that of Botox, this effect is created by adding starch. Smooth out wrinkles, evens the complexion.

  • Take half a cucumber, add the yolk of one egg and one tablespoon of starch.
  • Mix thoroughly and apply on face for 20-25 minutes.
  • Fruit: kiwi, Apple and strawberry

    Delicious and easy to prepare. Can mix all the fruits in equal proportions, or to stop the choice on one thing. The mask not only moisturizes but also nourishes the skin with vitamins.

  • Finely chop and apply on face. To the fruits are not trickling down, it is better to lie.
  • Hold for 20 minutes.
  • Cottage cheese and honey

    Moisturizes and improves the texture of the skin, which feels smooth and velvety. Honey is better to take medium thickness, approximately two teaspoons.

  • Add the honey one tablespoon of cottage cheese.
  • Ready weight put on face for 30 minutes.
  • For oily corticeira

    The easiest to use, dries perfectly. For oily skin choose a yogurt with a minimum percentage of fat is one teaspoon.

  • Mix the yogurt, honey (1 tsp) and egg white.
  • Apply to a cotton pad, without rubbing spread it on your face lightly.
  • Vitamin lemon

    Moisturizes, vitaminiziruet the skin, a little bleach.

  • Squeeze lemon juice — one teaspoon, add the egg white.
  • Apply to face and hold for about 20 minutes.
  • Chamomile calm

    Chamomile is anti-inflammatory. Soothes, moisturizes, nourishes. Oily skin prone to pimples, so Daisy will be suited to deal with uninvited guests.

  • Chamomile (3 tbsp) of boiling water, strain, add vegetable (1 tbsp) or olive oil.
  • Prepare the cheesecloth, fold in 3-4 layers, half of the grease composition, and the second half cover.
  • Keep the compress on your face for 30-40 minutes.
  • For dry kozybayeva

    Nice consistency and easy to use. It will require single banana, egg yolk, one teaspoon olive oil. Moisturizes, softens and imparts radiance.

  • Mash the banana to a mushy state, mix with egg and olive oil (can be whipped in a blender).
  • Add the remaining ingredients and hold for 30 minutes.
  • Creamy cucumber

    Easy to prepare the mask consists of half a cucumber and two tablespoons of cream. Moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes.

  • Cucumber RUB on a coarse grater, add the cream. Can drop a little rose water.
  • Apply the mixture for 20-30 minutes.
  • Oatmeal

    To achieve instant results — make a mask from oatmeal. She will instantly transform and rejuvenate tired skin.

  • A glass of warm milk and pour over 2 tablespoons of flakes (let stand).
  • Apply to face and hold for 30 minutes to dry.
  • For dry skin the perfect hydration and softening if during the procedure will appear discomfort and tightness, immediately rinse with.

    For the combined type cogetmonorno-carrot composition

    This mask should be applied only on the cheeks where the skin is normal or prone to dryness (unlike the T-zone). Nourishes, moisturizes. You will need one teaspoon: cottage cheese, olive oil, carrots and milk.

  • Grate carrots, mash it with cottage cheese, pour the milk and olive oil.
  • Apply the mixture on face and keep for 15 minutes.
  • Light berry blend

    Mask berries with milk vitaminiziruet and rejuvenates the skin.

  • Crush berries and fruit (1 teaspoon) to a mushy consistency and add two tablespoons of warm milk.
  • Apply directly on face or moisten with a mixture of gauze and put on face and neck.
  • The duration of the mask — 15-20 minutes.
  • Potato

    Potatoes are rich in amino acids and has healing properties, it is used in the treatment of burns and boils

    Therefore, for oily skin potato mask — a real salvation, especially for the cheeks. Softens the face and does not cause an intense production of sebum.

  • Boil one medium sized potato.
  • Potato mash, add milk (2 tbsp).
  • Apply the mixture on face for 15 minutes.
  • For problem coregone fruit

    Salvation for enlarged pores. The mask creates a tightening effect. You’ll need half a pear and lemon juice.

  • Mash pears and add one teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • Apply to cleansed skin, keep 5-10 minutes.
  • An effective anti-inflammatory mask from a dandelion

    Dandelion, and chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, so is ideal for problem skin, prone to rashes.

  • Boil 100 g leaves of dandelion. Sued and add to the mixture one egg white.
  • Apply for 15 minutes, remove with a cotton pad.
  • Mint refreshing composition

    Mask moisturizing face visibly evens out skin tone, gives smooth skin and stimulates circulation in the epidermis.

  • Take three tablespoons of fresh mint leaves and fill with boiling water.
  • After thirty minutes, add miracle starch — one tablespoon.
  • A thick paste apply on face and keep 20 minutes.
  • The main rule when you use moisturizing masks — first the cleansing and then applying. For mild skin problems use these recipes no more than two times per week in more complex cases — help course of daily treatments for 1-2 weeks. Always apply the mask calm smooth movements from the center to the sides to the temples, remove gently. Do not pull or RUB your skin. Moisturizing face mask at home should be done only in sterile conditions.

    Plus, these home treatments cost effectiveness and naturalness. Spend time on the beauty, dedicate yourself a few minutes and you will see a noticeable transformation. After all, the beauty of the face is not hidden flaws by using makeup and a healthy, smooth and well-groomed skin with natural glow.

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