Monochrome clothes: how to dress stylishly?

To dress in the same color you need with great taste – that image was not monotonous and at the same time, not look flashy. Despite the difficulties with the selection of sets, monochrome clothing style wins page of the “gloss”, podiums and hearts of the fashionistas.

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Monochrome image: in what color?

Not all colors are equally good for the realization of the idea of monochrome.

  • First, the color should ideally be suitable for you – for example, if you to light-green, it makes no sense to choose the monochrome combination of colors in clothing based on it.
  • Second, all the colors have their own attitude and your associative array, it is necessary to consider that your clothes are appropriate for a particular occasion. For example, it is hardly necessary to go to work in the office around the red or for a party around the gray.

And then some useful tips for choosing colors:

  • Beige, Nude, powder color – monochrome colors in clothing really universal, because they are close to the tone of human skin. You can create both evening and casual look in one of these shades.
  • Universal white.

  • Black color is good for many monochrome images, but it is better not to choose it if you don’t want to look bad in the multi-layered, closed clothes. Black perfectly sets off the exposed parts of your body – beat it. For example, a mini-dress in black with the same black shoes and clutch bag is a great way, and black trousers+black shirt+black sweater+black accessories – very boring, almost funeral attire.
  • Grey is good if you need a modest, quiet way (e.g. for office).
  • Dressing in monochrome, using bright color is a very bold idea. This is good for festive attire, but in everyday life it is important not to fall into the outrageous and kitsch.

  • Muted colors (dark and light) are good if you can get some highlights in the image due to the different textures.
  • Pastel colors (one color with no add-ons) is good for warm time of year.

Monochromatic style: how to combine things?

Stylists and designers long ago came up with some General approaches to the combination of things in one color. Some of them will appeal to you – you decide for yourself, and the site only tell you about all the possibilities of combination one-color things.

  • The image with the minimum of items. Everything is simple – the basis is one thing (usually a dress), her matching shoes, bag and minimal jewelry. This can be laconic casual look, but under the same principle are the images of the evening: when the dress itself so effectively that it makes no sense to introduce more colors and make look right.
  • One colour and lots of textures. Monochrome clothing is very good if you know how to pick an interesting image of the different materials and textures. For example: cashmere sweater, chiffon skirt, suede shoes, ornaments with stones. Combine light and heavy, dense and delicate, smooth and fluffy… This approach should be applied when the image of many items and details to withstand them in one style and one texture and problematic, and rather boring.

  • Create an unusual silhouette. Show off your taste by creating an image with an interesting silhouette, but one color is not to divert attention from the lines. For example, use a dress with a fluffy skirt in the style of a new look or put on your evening dress silhouette “fish tail” with a turban as headgear to enrich this way the colours would be too!
  • The image on the basis of the suit. A simple but successful solution for business style – to take a suit (Trouser or skirt) and matched the color of the accessories to it.

What can vary a monochrome image? Metal! The decorations and details of accessories (buckles, chains, etc.) and will become desired accent.

In addition, if you combine the different textures already diversify the image of the hues, because our eyes perceive the difference between certain materials, because one thing we seem darker, the other lighter. Translucent things, besides, to add their own color tone of human skin. For example, you are dressed in knitted sweater and lace skirt with lining for a leather bag (all things of the same color!) – look in the mirror, squinting: you will see the difference of shades.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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