Mosquito repellent for children under one year and older: traditional insect repellents and “Naturodoc Zooglea”

Children’s skin instantly reacts on contact with mosquitoes are: blisters, bumps, allergic reactions. As a result, the child is not sleeping, cranky, refuses to eat. Protection a bit since the use of “chemistry” is not acceptable. The solution offers the Russian company “Sachara Honey”, a manufacturer of Wellness products from vegetable raw materials of Gorny Altai. In her catalog presents new product — cream spray for children and adults “Naturodoc zooglea”. It repels insects, eliminates the effects of bites. And also protects the skin from sunburn. How effective is mosquito repellent for children, and what medicinal properties it possesses?

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The content of the article

  • 1 Children’s “mosquito” kit
    • 1.1 regulations for the safe choice
    • 1.2 Why modern repellents do not act
  • 2 mosquito repellent for kids “Naturodoc zooglea”: what features of
    • 2.1 Useful natural ingredients
    • 2.2 Evaluation of effectiveness
    • 2.3 Additional therapeutic and cosmetic properties
  • 3 How to apply and where to buy

The temperature is 10°With a magic marker for mosquitoes: they Wake up after winter hibernation from may to October inclusive bother people. Annoying squeak, painful bites and itches can turn into a nightmare camping or an evening family walk. And toddlers, whose skin is tender and thin, are vulnerable to acute mosquito proboscis. Therefore, the summer free from mosquitoes, is the dream of parents.

Children’s “mosquito” kit

In tropical and subtropical climate, mosquitoes can carry viruses, bacteria and even protozoa. Insects can infect a person with malaria, encephalitis, fevers of a different nature. In our area such cases are exceptional, however be wary of their bites still stands. Especially if we are talking about kids. Their skin instantly gives a reaction: inflammation, swelling, red bumps, itching, petechiae. There are more serious consequences: strong tumor or abscess at the site of the bite, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, drowsiness. This is a reason for immediate treatment to doctors. And in General — you never know who a mosquito bite to you.

To protect the baby from mosquitoes, the parents use drugs repellent action. There are two main types of funds, saving the annoying buzz.

  • Repellent. Available in form of creams, milks, ointments, lotions, aerosols, patches, bracelets, pencils. Their task is to repel mosquitoes safe for human distance. These funds are primarily used on the street.
  • The fumigators. These are devices which are filled with a special anti-mosquito formulations, or operate with ultrasound. There are spiral, lights, lamps-traps of different radius. Destroy not only mosquitoes, but other bugs. Used outdoors and at home.
  • The most environmentally safe way to save your baby from mosquito bites to hang a mosquito net over the pram or bed. However, it does not give 100% guarantees the individuals particularly nimble ways to penetrate into the smallest gaps. Also insect repellents moms use essential oils such as orange or vanilla. Efficiency of: 50 to 50.Regulations for the safe choice

    Children over years easier to pick up a tool for fighting against annoying insects. But how to protect your baby from mosquitoes, if it is newly born? In this case, the choice becomes more complicated. The use of “chemistry” is excluded: it will hurt the baby more than the mosquito. In this case, consider the following recommendations:

    • do not buy insect repellents for children up to two months;
    • drugs must meet the age of the child;
    • “adult” series can be used not earlier than 12 years of age;
    • choose children to protect against mosquitoes on the plant components;
    • animals and aerosols use when newborn child is not in the room;
    • turn on the devices for a few hours before sleep and on the distance of 1 m from the bed;
    • aerosols treat clothing and mosquito nets on the Windows;
    • the application of repellent — exposed areas of the body and clothing;
    • do not use more cream than specified in the regulations;
    • you can’t miss repellents on wounds and scratches;
    • after use be sure to wash the repellent from the skin and clothes, wash;
    • do not use the drug with expired date.

    If the mosquito has bitten a child, make lotions of vinegar or soda solution, lubricate the inflamed area tea tree oil, apply tea bags, use an antihistamine “Fenistil”. As a “local anesthesia” is used ice.Why modern repellents do not act

    Judging by the reviews on the parent forums, difficult to find safe and effective remedy for mosquitoes and midges for children. The basis of many products of different manufacturers are, as a rule, similar active substances. They may not be appropriate for two reasons.

  • Allergy in children. Infants are highly sensitive to the composition of many funds. Before using any drug advise to be tested. Need to spread a little bit of money on the elbow or the knee bend. If you see irritation, itching or watery eyes — this tool must be abandoned.
  • Immunity in insects. Over the years, insects have developed immunity, tolerance to modern repellents.
  • Mosquito repellent for children “Naturodoc zooglea”: what features of

    The situation was proposed by the Russian company “Casera Med”, releasing natural insect repellent for children (including babies up to a year) and adults. It is allowed to use, even for pregnant women. The drug is no coincidence logotypemaker dragonfly. This insect is the main enemy of mosquitoes. And it is the larvae of dragonflies are one of the main active components of the cream-spray “Naturodoc Zooglea”.

    Useful natural ingredients

    Protection for children and adults from mosquitoes, “Naturodoc Zooglea” provides thanks to its unique composition. More than 30 natural ingredients have combined the makers of the drug, to obtain safe and effective formula. Are the two main substances.

  • Zooglea. This mucous mass, formed by the accumulation of cells of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. Known Kombucha is one of the types of zooglea. The substance has powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.
  • The larvae of dragonflies. They emerge from the eggs of a dragonfly are placed on aquatic plants. Interestingly, the dragonfly in the larval stage does not cease to hunt and destroy hordes of blood-sucking insects. In a cream-spray “Naturodoc zooglea” this component provides mosquito repellent effect.
  • In addition to these substances, the composition contains extracts and oils of Basil, peppermint, horsetail, sea buckthorn, geranium, clover, mulberry, propolis, musk beaver and other natural ingredients. How is this useful? Judge for yourself: only one geranium is used in the treatment of burns, purulent wounds, runny nose, headache and muscle pain, depression, to improve mood and overall tone. And volatile plant decontaminate the air and are also repellent against mosquitoes and midges.

    “Naturodoc of zooglea” harmless to humans. It does not contain toxic, chemical, genetically modified, hormonal substances. The product does not accumulate in the tissues, does not affect the function of the brain.Evaluation of the effectiveness

    “Naturodoc zooglea” repels mosquitoes, by acting on their nerve endings. The effect lasts for two hours after application, even if during this period you were bathing in the pond. The cream is recommended to:

    • to deter insects in addition to mosquitoes, it’s gnats, ticks, fleas, bedbugs;
    • to relieve inflammation as well as swelling, itching, allergic reaction at the bite location;
    • prevent infection — remedy neutralizes viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, which can carry mosquitoes.

    Additional therapeutic and cosmetic properties

    Unique organic composition protivotumanok means “Naturodoc zooglea” offers additional therapeutic effect of the product. Medium:

    • heals wounds, cuts, burns;
    • eliminates bleeding;
    • weakens the toxic effects of poisonous plants;
    • neutralizes the effect of poison in snake bites;
    • addresses a variety of edema, including through the bites of stinging insects;
    • used for the prevention and healing Zayed;
    • it is used to treat rashes herpes;
    • normalizes the psychological and emotional state.

    Soap and has cosmetic effect. So mom use it for beauty. The tool moisturizes and nourishes the skin, prevents pigmentation, rosacea and acne. Having properties UV protection cream spray will protect you and your baby from sunburn. Do not rush to hide “Naturodoc zooglea” with the arrival of winter — the drug saves the skin from frostbite, dryness and cracks.

    How to apply and where to buy

    “Naturodoc zooglea” is sold in handy bottles with a volume of 60 ml with dispenser. Price — 260 rubles (as of July 2017). Cream spray goes a long way, leaves no sticky residue. Storage conditions two years in a dry, dark place at temperatures not above 25°C. the Product is easy to use. To protect yourself and your child from mosquitoes and sun, you need to perform only three steps.

  • To apply. Cream spray smear open and closed areas of the body. If you go for a walk, then a procedure needs to spend ten minutes before going outside.
  • To distribute. The product is applied thin and uniform layer on the potentially vulnerable places. Including on the eyelids, lips, hair and scalp.
  • Repeat. If prolonged exposure to the air and to prevent the procedure should be repeated in two hours.
  • In cold weather the cream-spray is applied to exposed areas of the body before going outside. After returning home is recommended to re-use the mixture — this will prevent drying of the skin and cracking.

    To purchase this safe mosquito repellent for children under one year on the company’s website

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