Music for boys: whether it is necessary for the harmonious development

It is no secret that every mother wants to provide their child with a full aesthetic and emotional development, to attach it to the beautiful, to broaden their horizons and, perhaps, to reveal creative potential.

Women’s website “” already told, how to develop abilities of the child. And today talk about how important music is for boys, and whether to send their son to a music school.

What does music for boys?

Secret dream of all parents to grow their child exclusive a bright and creative personality. Educating the boy and the girl mother’s dream about one and the same, but as children get older, views on education are changing.

This is due, first and foremost, stereotypes.

It is considered that boys are more inclined to sports, active games, sessions with a mathematical or technical bias. Skills acquired in this class are considered to be more promising in the future. It is music for boys fades somewhere into the background.

And the girls, on the contrary, in the General opinion, more prone to embroidering, music, ballet, dancing and similar pursuits.

In fairness it should be noted that the share of rationality in that choice is. However, these days we increasingly understand that we need each child to be individual. If you are not sure which circle or section for your child, then take the test from a psychologist.

It may be advisable to be more attentive to the Hobbies of the kid, noticing his or her preferences and to make an idea about the temperament of the child.

Be thoughtful parents. A few hours spent with the baby every night at home or on the Playground, will give you the opportunity to have complete knowledge of the inclinations of your child.

I must say that the music classes is useful for boys and girls, not only because they give them a sense of beauty and taste in music, but also because they develop the fine motor skills of the fingers.

The development of fine motor skills very effectively affects the intellectual abilities of the child.

There are special exercises to develop fine motor skills, but they are quickly bored. And on music lessons fine motor skills training – the inevitable. That is why noble families mandatory from early childhood taught the offspring to play the piano.

In addition, the music education important for the boy because they associate with the discipline, organization, concentration, educate the will.

I would say that these qualities are mandatory for men in his future. My son, for example, performed at the competition, he played the flute with a temperature of 38, but he finished the speech, and it was his victory over himself. In the contest, he certainly didn’t win, but I was struck by his endurance.

What gives music school boys?

Let’s go back to noble upbringing.

What else did the children of nobles? Dancing!

Dancing is exercise, developing a musical ear and sense of rhythm, breathing exercise, aesthetic education. Did you pay attention to the posture of those who are engaged in dancing?

Maybe in that secret special way, and gait, which distinguish from a dozen other from the first glance. Dancing in childhood are still good that you’ll remember the rest of his life, reviewing photos and videos from competitions and concerts.

Vocal lessons I would recommend that those children, regardless of sex, who are often sick. You will be surprised to find out that your kid was rarely sick with colds.

And when the baby gets a taste for the classes, it will have sports interest in singing, he wants to sing better and better. Maybe he will be someday a soloist of the first child, and then teen musical group.

I would like to note that almost no child begins the class with a special hunt because it is challenging, it forces him to think, to communicate and not be afraid of communication.

Therefore, parents should find a special way to convince a kid into the usefulness of these studies is that music for boys – it’s fun, exciting, useful. Of course, you won’t get the boy to sit at the instrument with a stick, and that’s exactly what the Russian nobility and received. For their children then they were grateful, I must say.

A lot depends on the teacher. So be careful man, who will have to overcome the psychological barrier erected by your child.

What else can give music school boys?

The advantages include the fact that children involved in music, whether choir, music school, dance club, and similar occupations where there are staff, receive invaluable experience of communication, overcoming shyness, improvement of communication skills.

But if music band and even field, that is touring the cities and even countries, then those of travel and will be in the future happy childhood memories that your youngster will be happy to share with you. And, of course, he’ll forget about that once not wanted to go to music school.

Author Maria Novikova, site

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