Must-buy for winter 2018/19: 6 fashion trends

Animal print

Trendy animal colors this fall gradually turned into winter trend. If you do not dare to wear a leopard print skirt or a coat with a Zebra print, take at least a scarf or bag with the current color.


The new trends came in and bulky items, multi-layered outfit. It is expressed in free coat, down jacket 3 sizes larger than usual, voluminous skirts. Do not be afraid to combine several bulk items together. Actually even to wear a warm mini-skirt under the Maxi.

Leather clothing

A striking trend that allows women to look mysterious and at the same time sexy. Please note actual dress from faux leather in purple, brown, black, grey colours, short skirts and pants.

Scarves of all colors

Even if your wardrobe consists of monochrome things, a new trend is a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Wear colorful, bright and noticeable accessory on the neck. This will allow you to change the image.


Winter is difficult to imagine without concise tweed suit for work. But this should not be limited. Includes jackets, coats, skirts and coats. These products will stand in good stead.

Outfit 80s

Many times in fashion shows of the season autumn-winter 2018/19 was seen the equivocation in the ‘ 80s: animal tights, headbands, and bright fabrics, solid shoulders. As you can see, this year’s winter will not be boring. The General rule is: gently combine bright colors and accessories.

Helen Sinko, an expert in the field of fashion and beauty
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