Mustard wrap for weight loss: reviews, recipes, efficiency

In every beauty salon for a correction you recommend healing wraps. They help to get rid of extra inches in the “problem areas”, improves skin condition. But whether it is capable of a mustard wrap for weight loss: reviews about the procedure will help to figure it out!

For wraps use a regular mustard powder, which is diluted with warm water or add a few additional components for skin care. The beauty of this way of dealing with the flaws that it can be easily used at home.

You should not consider it a panacea for excess weight: considerably to lose weight with mustard you will not succeed. Possible burning preservatives are quite different.

How useful mustard wraps

Mustard is known for its warming effect. You surely remember the mother in childhood you put mustard plasters on his chest and sprinkled the powder in your socks to be warmer? Today, the famous spice used in a more civilized manner. It has found its application in cosmetics, as it helps to fight a number of problems.

  • With the cellulite. The unfortunate “orange peel” occurs on the thighs, not because they get fat. The reason for the development is a violation of tissue exchange, which in the subcutaneous layer there is a delay of a liquid. Over time, the amount of increase so that these “tubercles” are visible to the naked eye. To resolve the problem, it is necessary to normalize the metabolism, what copes mustard. It helps to increase the rate of metabolic processes, make them more active and more intense, thereby removing unwanted water and leveling the skin relief.
  • With the extra volumes. The principle of operation here is similar to the application of mustard from cellulite. Rather, it is more like the first stage of its development, when the orange peel is still there, but the fluid retention in the tissues has emerged. You were, waking up in the morning, you suddenly noticed in the mirror that somehow increased, unusual “broke”? This feeling serves as a signal that it is time to try a mustard wrap for weight loss. Because the longer you wear under your skin “excess water”, the more serious will be the consequences.
  • With problem skin. The slimming wrap with mustard helps to improve skin condition. After the procedure, it becomes soft, smooth and supple. The active ingredients of the composition and remove the keratinized layer of cells, allowing moisturizing and anti-cellulite means that you use after the treatment to penetrate deeper and act more effectively.

The procedure of mustard wraps at home

It should be performed in the evening, before bedtime. Take a Spa session is about 1 hour. The steps in the procedure following.

  • Prepare a mixture of mustard wraps for weight loss. Prescription you can choose from the suggestions below.
  • Take a warm shower, a little wet skin, apply scrub. Instead of ready-made compositions, you can use honey with sea salt. After peeling rinse off with warm water and Pat dry.
  • Spread the mixture on dry skin in a thin layer. Cover it with plastic wrap, put on warm clothes.
  • Be sure to move: dance, jump, do exercises. At this time you should feel a slight burning sensation.
  • The duration of the composition — about 20-30 minutes. If the burning sensation becomes too noticeable, remove the mixture, as it can get burned. Often this occurs in women with sensitive skin who are advised not pure mustard, but honey mustard wrap.
  • Remove the mixture with a napkin and take a shower. Then apply to the skin moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream. Reviews on mustard wrap for weight loss confirm that in this case its effect will be more pronounced, and the skin quickly get rid of the redness.
  • You can’t apply this method to women suffering from cardio-vascular, gynecological and oncological diseases, varicose veins. It is also not recommended for pregnant and nursing moms.

    Recipes formulations for mustard wraps

    • Tool with a light peeling effect. Mix 200 grams of mustard powder with warm water. It should be enough so that the mixture resembled a thick cream.

    • Remedy with moisturizing effect. 200 grams of mustard powder mix with 300ml of olive oil. The active components of the oil penetrate the skin, making it smooth and silky.
    • A remedy with a rejuvenating effect. 200 grams of mustard powder mix with 300 grams of thick cream. Packing time can be reduced to 15-20 minutes. Sour cream contains lactic serum that nourishes the skin with nutrients. It is well to combat dryness of the skin, helps to eliminate visible stretch marks.
    • Delicate for sensitive skin. If you are worried that the impact of mustard will be too aggressive, try to make a mixture: 50 grams of mustard powder mix with 200 grams of starch. Pour a mixture of 300 ml of warm milk and mix well. This composition will help to fight cellulite and is safe for sensitive skin.

    As you can see, there is nothing difficult to try at home mustard wraps for weight loss reviews, procedures allow to consider them an excellent remedy that helps to maintain the body in good shape. Frequency of sessions is determined individually. On average, you need to perform them 2-3 times a week. After 10-12 treatments, the intensity can be reduced. The main thing — to monitor the condition of the skin and stop the wrapping if it is for a long time been reddened and dry.

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