My husband doesn’t like girlfriend wife: how to build relationships

The husband, of course — the native and the closest person. But the friendship is quite worthy to cherish her and support her! And what to do in a situation when beloved husband is showing dissatisfaction with your communication with friends and friends?

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Why men sometimes don’t like girlfriend wife?

“” knows the most typical reasons:

  • Marrying you, the man promised not to test a sincere affection to all your friends and girlfriends. They can indeed be alien, incomprehensible and unpleasant people. Not argue, not about that talk, unsympathetic (or Vice versa, “glamorous chicken”) – but at least “not breathe”: you never know why may inspire antipathy some random person?
  • If you need friends a lot of time paying much attention to your friendship, the husband may be offended that receives less attention he with him and your marriage. What to do with it and how bad it is – we’ll talk later.
  • Husband brought up that he believes that once married, a woman needs to break away from all of the companies and to leave girlhood in all gatherings with friends. If you got the couple in this character – sorry! Fortunately, there are options to persuade him…
  • Her husband it seems that a friend is bad for you: inspire you it’s a bad idea to impose their world, or is just using you. And you know, sometimes a spouse can be right – side it can be noticeable that you have understood would not soon: for example, that a friend can lower your bar desires, generally to underestimate you self esteem in any way pulls you “into the swamp” and not pushing for development, or that she often asks for help, but rarely helps herself…

What if between your husband and girlfriends “cold war”?

The right decision, if your girlfriend cause the faithful frown and a bad mood – just less likely to push their face-to-face. It is not too difficult – it is unlikely that there is an urgent need to constantly invite friends to visit and sit in the company of your husband. Frankly, few women are comfortable to discuss in the presence of another spouse all the girl stuff, and even more is under the ban of the theme of personal life…

So, bring the ladies sitting in the café or make them at home with some single friends.

In the presence of a spouse less likely to try to mention your lady friends: do without phrases like “And here she says…” “Oh, Kate praised this detergent!”, etc Absolute taboo – comparing your family to the families of friends (in all aspects – finances, children, gifts husband wife, relationships with mothers-in-law-mothers-in-law, etc.).

And of course, sensible rate, don’t deprive you a spouse’s attention, if he has objective reasons to feel like a supporting character in your life and be offended over this?

Agree, not every man will calmly to your friends if you are ready for them to cancel family plans for the weekend (and it happens often), vacation eager to go to any trip with the girlfriend, not with her husband, podroikina problems are solved, roll up their sleeves, and the problems of the spouse to provide a rake only to himself, etc.

How to behave, if the husband openly expresses dissatisfaction with your communication with friends?

Of course, you need to talk and figure out the maximum claims. And be ready not only to be angry at her husband and to defend their right to friendship (of course, you have it, as any man!), and listen to your loved one – it can to see any “imperfection”, the destructiveness of your friendship…

For example, it happens that the old friend without any malice in it “cuts the wings”, prevents to develop and move forward – for example, advises you to stay home instead to try out a new profession or stick with a safe place of work instead of having to leave and get more perspective and better paid, etc. Or the husband may notice that a friend is not improves your life and mood, and Vice versa – “sucks” of you time, vitality, focus, energy, and sometimes finances…

If you feel that the claims of the husband is truth, try to arrange a trial period for friendship, for some time, limit your communication with a friend and watch – did not become any easier for you to live, did you feel some new freedom by ceasing the painful friendship?..

Quarrel for this experiment with a friend is not worth it – just to refer to business and family plans.

What to do if you definitely need this friendship, but her husband speaks strongly against? Tell me that you are an adult and you are his wife not a slave, respectively, have the right to be friends with whomever you want. So as not to irritate him once again, you have to arrange it so that he had no contact with your girlfriend, and don’t mention her too often in conversations.

If you irritate your husband suddenly emerging plans associated with meetings with a friend, try to make – select one day or evening, who’ll be with friends the traditional day for a bachelorette party. Preferably not Friday night and not the day that your husband has a day off, and he usually wants to be with you. Or promise never to sacrifice for the sake of get-togethers with her friends, those plans that you and your husband have agreed previously.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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