My husband hides his stash: what to do and how to behave?

“Hello, Married my husband for 10 years have two children. The salary husband gives me, and I insist that he not gave me a gift, because it is better money to the family to bear than the brooms of roses to buy.

And then it turned out that he carries the gifts of our mutual friend, hurt badly! And it’s a shame in the first place, not what has changed (in fact, he said that while there was nothing), and the fact that the stash is hidden! And your opinion on this bill?”

Your resentment is understandable. But I wouldn’t regard the sudden discovery of a fact as betrayal. The more that we, apparently, treason is not. Let’s see, what reasons could cause your marriage stash appeared ? , and whether to make it optional has caused an unpleasant feeling.

Your husband and finances

Personally, I think that the situation when a man gives his entire salary to his wife, is not entirely true. The feeling that he is subordinate. Or that such insurance, if, God forbid, the Almighty ? , the husband hadn’t put the money where it should not ?

Yeah, maybe he is here for such a practice. But this is not an argument! Enough men do agree, when the wife in the family manages what and who just did not happen, and it is the last word. But it is WRONG!

Sometimes I want to shout: dear ladies, with your emancipation and the restoration of violated rights of all women of past generations, the situation has long gone beyond common sense!

It is sometimes useful to be weak! Useful and correct (and of course) that the man took a final decision! So it was he who decided how much to spend on the family.

Yes, if men fool / Skinner / spender, he is unable to make the right decisions. But that is another question. First ask yourself, why choose such a husband?

Assuming that in a normal (traditional) family male head of that family created for some hierarchy, like any group of people, imagine that a boss/the owner pays all earnings to the employees, and then still have to hide the stash? How do You do? For me personally, is absurd.

Men also romance, there are

In Your case, it is evident such a fact. You yourself say that “insist that it has not given me a gift”. And again: “the broom of roses”. Not that it’s that bad, but tempting to certain reflections.

In a sense, I agree with You. In terms of what the money first needs to go for Essentials, and entertainment and treat yourself – this is, if there. BUT! You have to think about his own half. Such a rigid moral practicality bother!

Why are we even living for? It seems, in modern life, on the contrary have often pamper. And when someone denies (or strongly recommends) to do husband/wife a nice, even batter for Finance, is, of course, affects the relationship.

It’s a stereotype that only women want romance. From the floor of this, although the priority of women. The man too, sometimes you want to go as an attentive escort, even if he has been a wife.

Certainly Your husband of this and not enough of the gifts to the woman. If he was interested in with Your mutual friend just about sex, he would have safely passed ? this stage of courting.

Flexible tactics for smart wife

Just don’t blame your husband for gifts and stash! With this case it is better to do, like drugs in the Netherlands to legalize ? Will press – get a black market ? For example, prostitution, whatever tried to destroy, but in vain.

I hope that You have a sensible husband? Then give him more freedom! He is an adult and independent man? It contains family? Then the more he can dispose of personally-earned money. Not used to solve without You? Make it look as if he made decisions!

Think about what each person, no matter what gender or age, there is a private space, should be the time that he can devote himself exclusively, therefore, must be and Finance.

Do not try to find out where and how much Your husband has spent money. You will only trust, but the tight control hurt!

And the last one. To swap You and your friend ? , You need not so much. Just want sometimes to get away from her husband’s gifts! Allow yourself to relax! How much of that life to once injure yourself and in the details?!

The author – Igor Kolosov, site

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