My husband likes my friend: how to behave to his wife in this case

This article on the website one could start with the fact that no woman wants husband began to feel sympathy for her friend. But… in life anything can happen, including suddenly noticed warm eyes of her husband’s friend…

How to behave if this happened in your case?

How can I tell if my husband likes your friend?

Of course, “” offers readers meticulously to track husbands, zealously tracking every move and weighing every word. If any suspicion at all-no, to force the air and “cheat” themselves unfounded jealousy is just silly and harmful for the trust relationship in the family.

But if something is confusing – how to check guesses that my husband liked a friend?

  • First, if the spouse is just being polite with her friends and treats them kindly, do not assume that there’s something not quite friendly sympathy. Much better if your friends become “friends of the family” than you will find yourself in a situation where her husband doesn’t like your friend (about it we already wrote).
  • Second, if the husband really is serious about changing (or already changed), he will do anything to it, nothing gave. You will not notice any “friendly” tokens, and it is unlikely your eyes will happen the obvious flirting. On the contrary, we would advise you to be wary of, if the spouse suddenly began to treat your girlfriend intensely and unnaturally timid in her presence (especially if he was acting of course).

Some conclusions can be drawn, after watching how my husband responds to your stories about a friend on the news related to it… And “a Smoking gun” may be increased attention, and the utmost indifference…

For example, try to tell some unseemly event, where your friend appears not in the best light – whether the husband to shield her, to persuade you that it is not so bad? Or say that don’t want to listen to this? Or say something like, “Oh, there I Anka this mountain of trouble, she certainly can not help but sympathize with…” — whether husband in detail and with enthusiasm to ask, eager to help?

Longer to watch him in this moment, can stretch the presentation of specific information – “Oh, I’ll tell you what we’re going to go into someone else’s life, anyway…”.

Another good test: start soulful tone to speak a phrase such as: “I’m Anya told me in secret one thing… only you’re not surprised that she says, we’re still close friends and always share everything….”.

Next, hold an effective pause, and rate the degree of emotion her husband… And let’s talk of something harmless, for example: “…in the tenth grade, she was in love with a bald maths teacher and he was 35, since then she likes a man with a bald spot!”.

Of course, all of these tests will not give a guaranteed 100% result, and you will not be able to say with certainty that “my husband likes my girlfriend.” It’s just an excuse to think and maybe to look for actual evidence of infidelity (or, more correctly, ways to prevent it at all).

What to do wise wife to avoid infidelity?

The correct tactic is not to show that you guess about something.

Just live a normal life, to please a loved one, try to keep the house everything was fine and in General my husband there was no reason for you to be annoyed. If you can think of some way to encourage him and strengthen your relationship – all excellent (and this may be appropriate enchanting sex, and some interesting trip, etc.). Preventing infidelity is just not in by no means “pilezh” husband and not the jealous surveillance of him (quietly, of course, trace is not bad, but very carefully!).

Of course, friend it should gently “separate from the house.” That is not to end the friendship, if it is valuable and reasons to suspect’s girlfriend, in mutual sympathy for a spouse there, but just not to meet in the presence of your faithful. My husband can tell what a wonderful man now found Anya, how she loved him, as they are all well what kind of dress she wants to wear to a wedding…

But of course, it is acceptable to tell only in the case when podroikina horizons and indeed there is some man.

By the way, you can approach the problem from the opposite side.

If you have suspicions, you can talk heart to heart with a friend. As a woman, you can honestly say – “an’ this thing, I think, my Petka got the hots for you…”. Further depends on the degree of your trust to a friend. Can agree with her about the testing experiment: for example, she asks your husband to her house, and if he agrees and does not notify the wife on the doorstep of his mistress after a failed ladies ‘ man meets the wife (in a very unfriendly mood).

If you suspect a girlfriend to maintain a relationship, you can just watch her reaction when you tell her about your suspicions…

And for the most daring lovers of experiments there is another option, what if the husband likes a friend to invite her to visit and have a Threesome! Of course, this solution is not for everyone, but you never know – maybe your pair is exactly what “shake” and will strengthen the marriage!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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