“My husband wears my clothes”: how to treat this?

To wear underwear (and sometimes the clothes) of the opposite sex and to diversify their intimate life in such a way – a kind of fetishism. Some people refer to such disguises as to an acceptable way to fulfill secret fantasies, and others believe that if a man wears underwear wife – that is inexplicable, almost morbid oddity…

Who is right and how to treat if your husband is interested in fitting your panties are discussing on the website sympaty.net.

“Is this okay?!”

The first question that comes to mind, if my husband loves lingerie.

Let’s start with a few facts:

  • Stockings and suspenders, tights, leggings and even tight corsets in ancient times was part of the male wardrobe, and invented by men and for men. Also of men’s fashion occurred, the current women’s panties. If you look globally it is still a big question, one whose underwear is…
  • Men Sosnowiec in his interest in female underwear, the vast majority are not homosexuals, do not feel any attraction to men.
  • Men, sometimes wearing lingerie are not trangendered (that is, they are not intended to change their sex, resorting to medicine).
  • Also they are not transvestites (i.e. men, which best approximate their appearance to the female with the help of clothes and cosmetics).
  • It’s not a psychiatric disorder. No psychiatric diagnosis has no symptoms only dressing up – “the crazies” is determined by the mass of other complex traits. Even if persons with disabilities disguised as a woman, it behaves strangely in many other situations.

That is, in 99% of cases we are dealing with an ordinary man, with traditional orientation and some pretty standard views on relationships with a woman, sex, marriage, birth of children, etc. Even if you learned this fact about my own husband, do not rush to record it in the “questionable” 1%!!!

But why husband wears my underwear?!

Why? The amazing thing is that sometimes the husband is a fetishist himself can not give a plausible and sincere answer even very from complexes about it!

But the reasons for desire to wear items of women’s wardrobe can have very deep roots in the subconscious. For example:

  • Male unconscious “plays on the contrast” and emphasizes their masculinity! If in ordinary life it can feel successful enough, not strong enough, not confident nanochannel and received – that is, “not a man” — that lingerie sharply delineates his masculine traits of appearance and physique! Husband wears stockings and hairy mens legs look even hairier and broader genitals in tight panties – more, etc. It’s all psychological training – the goal is not to transform into a woman and Vice versa – to show myself that women’s role is not exactly his fit, he is 100% male!
  • Society at all times sternly herded men into the framework of gender behaviour. “Boys don’t cry”, “a real man should…”, “you’re a man…”, “well, you’re like a girl!”, “don’t be a pussy!” — that’s men get to hear all my life. But men too can have aspirations, emotions and experiences that are not traditionally considered “male”. If a man will begin to manifest them in real life – it threatens the loss of reputation, shame, and condemnation. It is easier sometimes to make a “game” is to give a harmless outlet for their “feminine essence”. This gives the dressing. If lingerie is worn for role-playing games with a partner, a man might be interested in “changing the sex” — a woman leading to sex, used a strap-on, etc. – so it can realize fake those emotions which in the male gender role to be impossible.
  • A subconscious desire to obtain from companies (or even from a partner) is something that men usually are not supposed to. For example – women are always more cherish, provide them with greater respect, a woman can legally be weak and defenseless! Of course, linen does not contribute to receiving from someone of care and protection, but it is an opportunity to feel weak and not be tormented by remorse for his weakness.
  • Feeling violated with impunity the ban generally is a very strong adrenaline. Dressing in women’s, large man violates social taboos – “don’t be a pussy!”. Perhaps for the sake of this man in tights under the pants can go “in people” — to all the time to feel that he tricked and overpowered all who cannot “replay” in different situations…

What if you found out husband wears women’s lingerie?

Not blame, not shame, is not considered a pervert, etc.

Talk quietly in an intimate setting – what it feels putting on women’s things, what is it? Try to do role play “trading floors” to try to play the role of “men” — you may want!

If the husband does not hide his addiction, but you don’t like it, and the husband in lingerie nasty – try to negotiate when and how can he wear women’s, not to get upset and stay attractive for you as a man.

For example – do not take linen of the wife, and buy myself a new, to wear when wives not home or she’s not looking, or – to wear under normal clothing, but not to play dress-up in bed…

Author — Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

“My husband wears my clothes”: how to treat this?

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