Myostimulation face: pros and cons

Those females who are faced with the problems of decrease in skin turgor, women’s website “” refers to this procedure, the muscle toning of the face.

Cosmetologists say that stimulating the facial muscles weak electrical pulses has a beneficial effect on the skin and does not cause any harm to the body. This method helps you easily resolve a number of aesthetic defects, which is difficult to fight in more traditional ways:

  • Second chin.
  • “Bulldog cheeks”.
  • Floated oval face.
  • Expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Bags under the eyes.
  • Decrease in skin turgor.
  • The overhang of the upper eyelid.
  • Swelling of the face.

Muscle toning is also an excellent prevention of age-related skin changes, because during the procedure, start the natural mechanisms of rejuvenation.

Muscle toning facial muscles: the essence of the procedure

Once the electric current of small amplitude is used exclusively in physical therapy to restore muscle tone. During this procedure the electric pulse replaces the natural nerve signal that causes the muscle to contract. Because of the impact of current muscles are then contracted, relaxed. This allows you to strengthen them and improve circulation in them.

The muscles of the face and neck is quite difficult to train with any exercise, since they have a special structure: some of their ends are attached to the bones, and others connected with the skin. A course of electrical stimulation allows you to make muscular frame of the face more sturdy. The duration of the course can range from 10 to 20 treatments with an interval in couple of days. Repeat the training a couple of times a year.

Myostimulation face and neck in the cabin: how is it performed

Each session of electrostimulation in the medical center consists of several stages:

  • Makeup removal, degreasing of the skin.
  • To enhance the effect of the procedure specialist before the procedure myostimulation often makes the patient peeling.
  • Mask or conductive gel.
  • Securing the stationary electrodes, or skin treatment with the help of movable electrodes.
  • Myostimulation.
  • The removal of the electrodes, cleansing face gel or face mask.
  • The website found out that the pass miostimuljatsii better in the medical center. To perform this procedure should be exclusively a medical professional. Only he will be able to set the electrodes at the correct points and to select the amperage depending on the sensitivity and condition of the patient’s skin.

    Home muscle toning of the face, according to beauticians, can not only not very effective, but safe.

    So before purchasing a muscle stimulator for home use, any woman must consult a doctor-cosmetologist.

    Facial massager: muscle toning at home

    The procedure of electrical stimulation in the cabin is not available to everyone. Therefore, many ladies decide to purchase massagers for home electrostimulation of the muscles of skin and face. The most popular among such devices are models of the French brand Gezatone:

    • Biolift4 m703. The device operates from two batteries, has 4 levels of power.
    • “Myostimulation+Electroplating” Biolift4 m701 model similar to the previous one. From m703 “muscle toning+Electroplating” is designed to combine muscle toning neck and facial with galvanic iontophoresis.
    • Gezatone m115 “Ultrasound+Stimulation” allows you to at home procedures for rejuvenating the face using ultrasound and electrical impulses. In the apparatus there are as many as 3 programs myostimulation for relaxation, exercise and strengthen the muscles.
    • Perfect Face Gezatone. Ergonomic design of the device allows it to be used during execution of some other things, to control the device by using handy remote control with LCD display. Perfect Face allows you to care for the face for 6 different programs.

    The cost of all these listed devices Geston ranges from 3.5 – 6 thousand rubles. For home myostimulation of a person becoming also such devices as Rio 60 Second Face Lift and Slendertone Face. These devices are more expensive models of the brand Gezatone, and find them in the sale more difficult.

    Today it is very widely advertised cheap Chinese muscle stimulation.

    However, such devices beauticians do not recommend to buy, because they are considered unreliable: they have no relevant certificates, so when using them there is a considerable risk of getting burns to his face instead of the anti-aging effect.

    Muscle toning facial at home: pros and cons

    To use home muscle stimulation has several advantages:

  • The ability to perform the procedure at any time.
  • Small overhead (duration home treatments myostimulation face is about 3 minutes).
  • The chance to save on the procedure.
  • Massagers for home microcurrent therapy differ from those of professional devices lower power and efficiency. Of course, this minus home treatments. The disadvantages of home myostimulation can also be called:

  • The short duration of effect. If the result from a course of salon treatments can persist for about six months, then maintain the effect after myostimulation to use the special device it is necessary almost constantly.
  • Less pronounced result. When referring to a procedure salon visible changes usually occur after the first session. To achieve a good result in the home some women need 3 or even 4 week course myostimulation.
  • The disadvantages of muscular stimulation by electrical impulses both for home and salon can also be attributed to a number of contraindications to this procedure.

    Myostimulation face.

    This procedure does not allow for the presence of diseases such as tuberculosis, malignancy, epilepsy, sinusitis, neuralgia of ternary nerve. It is forbidden to resort to stimulation of face muscles by electrical impulses in various heart diseases, blood diseases and thyroid cancer, infectious diseases, kidney and liver failure, pregnancy, purulent processes in the skin or in the subcutaneous tissue, the presence of gold threads implanted under the skin.

    Not recommended for muscle toning of the face and neck during menstruation (the procedure can cause increased pain in the abdomen), after injection of Botox (electrical impulses can recover the muscles that are blocked by botulinum toxin) in the presence of gel fillers (stimulation contributes to their breakdown and excretion from the body).

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