MYscara: the reviews, the pros and cons of the new semi-permanent mascara

Know why makeup paying special attention to the eyes? Because they speak louder than words, and your eyelashes make them the most expressive part of the face. That is why every year the cosmetics market is replenished with new goods and services for the care of eyelashes. Today will tell you about the new semi-permanent mascara MYscara.

One of the latest inventions that rapidly enters the market, has its supporters and demand in beauty salons, is recognized today as a semi permanent mascara myscara (Mascara).

How does it differ from regular mascara, MYscara how much rests on the eyelashes and what is the expected effect from the application of what the reviews say about the service, why Mascara you can’t see in the free market – these and other questions we will discuss in detail on the women’s website ““.

Papermania ink Musaga: General characteristics

MYscara is the ink long lasting durability.

What does the word “semi-permanent”? English “permanent” is translated as “the permanent, that which always remains in the same condition in which you will visit in the moment”, “extradiegetically”.

Mascara myscara has such properties – it rests on the eyelashes and it looks like you only it was put on the lashes, about 20 days since the application before withdrawing from them.

One small caveat — it propertyentry: “constancy” MYscara still limited in the time interval.

But 20 days to forget about what to wear mascara, wash it to prevent spreading and to have it always perfectly painted eyelashes – isn’t that the dream of each of us? You can 2 – 3 weeks with mascara applied to eyelashes, to wash, to shower, to sauna, to cry while watching soap operas, laugh to tears and not be afraid that she’ll run and leave dark circles under your eyes — your lashes will be as if you have put on them the ink just.

It looks like an advertisement, but the developers promise mascara myscara. Reviews by real users, although as yet insignificant, since this is quite a new product on the market of cosmetology, mostly positive and confirm this.

  • “My eyelashes are light. For this reason, I often turn to the salon to do their painting. My beautician told me about a new mascara of Mascara. Said it was what I needed. If applied to the eyelashes, it will be for them to stay at least 2 weeks. Moreover, it possesses all the properties of the best mascara – lengthens lashes, evenly distributed, is not sticky and does not crumble. Well, how can we not agree? I asked how much for a mascara but it turns out that it is impossible to buy. Apply it on the lashes should only be a specialist who has been trained, because this procedure requires a special approach. I agreed. I all at a cost of $ 20. For the past week I can’t get enough of. I don’t have to put on makeup every morning to torture your eyelashes, taking down every evening with their mascara. I get up and already my eyes are beautiful. I am very pleased. Lena.”

As you can see from the review, there is one feature, which is endowed with a semi-permanent mascara myscara – you will not be able to find it in the free market. It refers to a specialized cosmetic products, which guests can use craftsmen who were trained.

Application technique has its own characteristics, which we describe next.

As applied mascara on the lashes?

The procedure for the application of mascara on the lashes MYscara is not difficult, especially for those who work with eyelash extensions. But in the home quickly and carefully to make this work is impossible, as there are some nuances.

One of them is that the ink dries quickly, so for a short period of time you need to have time to share with forceps cilia, so they are not stuck together.

Otherwise the result will be deplorable. The whole procedure takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the experience of the master and the desired result.

Goes all the way:

  • The client lies on a couch.
  • First with eyelash remove makeup with tools that do not contain oil.
  • Applied under the lower eyelid halogen lining so that the eyes were covered. The aim is to separate the lower lashes and protect the delicate skin under the eyes.
  • Upper lashes using microstock and the special tools – primer, degreased. This will ensure a strong bond eyelash semi-permanent mascara of Mascara.
  • The wizard then scrolling movements brushing her eyelashes with a disposable brush.
  • If the client wishes at this stage is done eyelash perms special Curling irons that are heated to the desired temperature. Eyelash comb again.
  • Apply mascara on the inner part of the eyelashes from roots to ends using microstock. Roots are not affected. This is done very quickly, as ink dries instantly.
  • After this fine forceps separate the lashes so they don’t stick together. The tweezers are periodically cleaned from the carcass.
  • Next put mascara myscara on the outer surface of the upper eyelashes.
  • Share them with tweezers and allowed to dry for 2 – 3 minutes.
  • If necessary, create additional volume, at the request of the client, you can apply repeated layers of ink several times.
  • Next, myscara semi-permanent mascara applied on lower lashes. To do this, put them under halogen lining and carry out all the steps as if applying mascara on the upper lashes: degreased, comb, apply the mascara on the inner surface of the eyelashes, separated with tweezers and give 2 – 3 minutes to dry. Before applying each new layer should wait for it to dry.
  • Remove the remains of microsemi and wipe the skin with means that does not contain fat.
  • Mascara can be applied or only on the lower or on the upper lashes. The procedure is combined with the eyelash: can be applied semi-permanent mascara on the lower lashes after extension top. Also compatible with biozavivka eyelashes: mascara can be applied immediately after the procedure of perming eyelashes.

    Like any newcomers on the market, today service refers to expensive.

    The question price ranges from 20 to 90 dollars, depending on the city where the artist works and the prestige of the salon.


    Attention! “Iron” rule of the first two days for those who have used this service from the master.

    • Do not touch your eyes the first 2 hours.
    • Avoid contact with water and steam during the first two days and avoid physical exertion.

    To ensure long lasting effect, there are also some limitations:

    • It is advisable to sleep face down and not rubbing much eye.
    • You should not use a fat-containing means caring for eyes.
    • After 2 – 3 weeks is recommended to contact the webmaster to remove the mascara from the eyelashes. Yourself to do it at home are not allowed. Immediately after that you can re-use the service, but after 3 sessions you should take a break for a week.

    But what’s inside?

    When we dealt with its visible positive aspects, which we promised the developers MYscara, let’s look for a secret door.

    You wonder what is included in extrastyle mascara, after application, where they look painted more than 2 weeks, does require daily care for application and removal? “” is also interested in this question, as the contact of the cilia with a foreign substance is having an impact.

    That’s the kind of information managed to find:

    • “Mascara produced in the United Kingdom. The brand is owned by Caledonian therapy Academy. The idea to create a semi-permanent mascara appeared after the invention of adhesive Flexi Glue, which dries after application on the eyelashes, maintaining their natural form and flexibility. To create a semi-permanent mascara that is enriched with rubber base was added a few types of fibers that give volume to eyelashes, and a black pigment. It is the only product that combines water resistance and the volume at such a crucial properties for the carcass. The ingredients have been tested for safety and meet the standards of ISO 9001 and 1907/2006/EC.”.

    As you know, are plotted on the 2 – 3 week mascara on the lashes envelops them, the maximum shielding from external factors – this could be hiding the danger.

    Some consider it a negative thing, and they have every right to be.

    • “Eyelashes need to breathe! How can they do this if they sapat in mascara for 3 weeks? After all, even ordinary ink, it is recommended to wash every day, so as not to hurt the eyes. And what is so useful part, you can remove the mascara with eye can only be in the salon using the same chemicals? I would not advise anyone to use mascara MYscara. Purely my IMHO. Eugene”.

    If you are a supporter of naturalness, it is better to grow eyelashes — how to do it, we told earlier on the website — and to use quality ink.

    Ink musaga: reviews

    Semi-permanent mascara MYscara occupies an intermediate position between the ordinary ink, painting and eyelash extensions. Therefore it is not necessary to expect from its use supernatural lengthening of the eyelashes, which can be obtained from the procedure of artificial building, or the appearance of bending which is achieved by biozavivka.

    Do not forget it — ink!

    • “It should be noted that the external effect from the use of mascara MYscara is no different from a very good quality mascara. No clumping, no “lumps”, does not crumble and does not spread — the lashes look natural. You should not expect from the procedure the addition of more eyelashes, as when building. Also they are not particularly elongated. Look at yourself in the mirror after the makeup eyelash mascara that you like. The same effect of using myscara. Negative reviews, basically stating that “I expect amazing long lashes, and they look like regular painted”. The convenience of semi-permanent mascara that you don’t have to put on makeup every morning and carry in my pocket curved brush. I like it a lot, so I would this service. Lara”.
    • “My girlfriend tried the mascara MYscara on vacation. Was very pleased. Says that convenient and bathed in the sea, and does not bother about “I’m on the beach don’t wear makeup”. This service must be in the list of those masters who work with eyelashes. Permanent I would not be spent, but not for long, for some time, e.g. on rest time, perhaps, Yes. Katya”

    There are also negative reviews about myscara from girls who didn’t like the result, so how eyelashes turned glued and looked sloppy. Master comment such comments about myscara fact that a bad result from using it may happen only to Amateurs, as was the case with eyelash extensions.

    The first “craftsmen” is so spoiled the view on this service that some still believe that the extended eyelashes – it is ugly and unnatural.

    You know now that is a MYscara, as they say, and the outside and inside — so the decision to use this new product or not, is not difficult.

    Summing up, we can assume that this mascara will appeal to many women. Especially will love this busy lady, who, with minimal time want to look beautiful, and those who go on vacation. As mentioned in a review – “this mascara was invented for me — lazy!”

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

    Opinion about MYscara from Sympaty

    “Mascara” the market is quite new. 2 weeks ago I heard about this story, instructed Julia to write the article and rushed to the salon. So, what can I say:

    1. The result is “Miscarry” depends on the skills of the master. My not very experienced, divided as follows cilia did not. I try to paint their lashes better))

    2. The pros of this mascara in the article says a lot, and I’ll tell you about the noticed disadvantages:

    • Falls under “Mascara” tune. Oil she is afraid — so to the eye you cannot use anything oil. Rubbing your eyes and sleeping face down in the pillow is not recommended because it is trite and erased the eyelashes. The cilia are stiff and can sometimes prick the eyes (I’ve had it with the inner corner of the eye).
    • “MYscara” is always the same. If you are used to wear make-up to work less intensively, and the party is over, “Mascaras”, alas, will not.
    • It prevents the use of shadows, since they settle on the eyelashes. Conventional makeup we all painted with ink, and then will not work. Exit — do not use shadows at all? Sad…

    3. What happened with MYscara in 2 weeks

    • Dried them on the outer corners of the eyes (but then I have myself to blame — could be neater)
    • Some lashes began to stick out in different directions. Reason: still not ideal to separate eyelashes, and some stuck together in small bundles. But since eyelashes fall out all the time, some of the bottom came off, and the top hold, that’s the entire strand and warps.
    • Eyelashes grow back, so over time the roots appear “naked” lashes. And well for those who have they are by nature black. I, for example, significantly!

    But in General, as “Miscarry” 2 weeks is not critical, you can live.

    4. How to remove MYscara at home

    My beautician said that the mascara can be removed at home itself, because it is afraid of oil. And here to write this review, I set to work. To begin, I went back to using oil-based cosmetics. However, just because “MYscara” I never left, and hot oil compresses on the eye a little that gave. Cilia become not smooth, but rough, I seemed to have erased 1 coat of this mascara.

    After half a day, I spat on it and began to live a normal life. It turned out that “Mascara” you can paint on top of regular mascara, use oil-based creams, it will not fall off immediately. I live in a normal mode already 3rd day and my lashes still “Miscare”.

    My verdict: MYscara — a great way to travel and for those who don’t like/can’t paint. For all other in regular mascara much more advantages.

    With love, yours Olga Sympaty ?

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