We live in a wonderful time when opportunities to come closer to their ideal of beauty more and more. And one of the most important applied results of our efforts – a beautiful and well-groomed hands.

Perhaps the most popular nail service is now a manicure with the gel Polish, gel Polish, shellac is the difference between them is not so great. This manicure gives a durable coating, but does not allow to model the shape of the nail. To solve this problem is possible only using the technology of nail gel or acrylic.

Why is it necessary?

Here’s a simple example: one of the most exquisite designs – French, some looks great, others, sorry, disfigures his hands. And if you look carefully at these two pictures, it becomes clear why.

Neat oval nails on the left picture looks much more aesthetically, neater and more elegant, reminiscent of a child’s shoulder nail plate on the right.

By the way, chiropractors consider oval and almond-shaped nails are a sign of the presence of artistic taste, of receptivity to the beautiful, ability to feel poetry, lyrics and the exceptional capacity for self-realization.

This, of course, only esoteric, but it reveals the current a long time the stereotype. As well as slim waist will always subconsciously associated with femininity, and marigolds, resembling in its form of almond nuts or ovals, will create a sense of intelligence, nobility and refinement of their owner.

Unfortunately, the shape of the nails is determined by our genetics, and we are almost independent. But come to the rescue of modern technology: nail gel allows not only to give the nails the length, but also to make them visually more harmonious.

What is the secret?

The fact that with gel nails, so-called camouflage gel. The color is virtually indistinguishable from the natural nail plate, and when applied allows you to move the smile line is closer to the free edge, thereby extending the body of the nail.

Moreover, if your master long specializiruetsya for gel nails and does everything professionally and properly, over time the natural shape of the nail will improve: the edges will grow more parallel to each other, thereby bringing the shape to oval.

Is it possible to use the gel at home?

The gel nails with his own hands – the process is quite difficult, but as they say, difficult, but possible. If you set out to master this procedure, the following information will be useful to you.

Patience and a little effort

Sound, of course, trite, but the first thing to do is to be patient: whatever the technology of gel nail you are using, quite possibly, the first time to achieve a perfect result is not obtained. Do not despair, everything comes with experience. Get rewarded with ideal handle while saving time and money compared to salon treatment.

Stored materials

The gel nail you can buy in specialized online stores, Russian or foreign. The choice is huge, the prices are different and the quality too, of course. For starters, you can just take the first online shop in the search for Yandex and study examples of existing systems gel nail (, and to make the final choice after online consultation with a specialist. Fortunately, any reputable online store such services.

So, let’s look at what materials and tools for building must sign in your, so to say, the starter kit.

  • Materials for nail gel
    • Sanitizer for degreasing and disinfection of the nail plate;
    • Basic acid-free coating;
    • Modeling gels of different colors for French quite pink (it will “camouflage”), and white gels;
    • The top gel coat for Shine and fixation;
    • Nail tips and glue or form.
  • Accessories and tools for nail
    • A set of saws of different abrasiveness;
    • Clipper for trimming artificial nails;
    • Brushes for nail modelling with gel;
    • Cuticle oil;
    • Sticks from orange wood manicure;
    • Lint-free cloth;
    • Towels.
  • What technology to choose?

    There are two technologies: gel nails on forms and on tips Both allow you to achieve the desired result.

    In short, with all narushenii nail will consist of gel, and tips will remain the base to the free edge of the nail.

    Tips it is better to use when nails are weak, and the free edge are almost there. Form fit for owners of strong and healthy nails with at least two-millimeter free edge.

    Tips, perhaps, more easy to use especially with self-build, unfortunately, they have strict size and guess the first time is unlikely to succeed. But if you ever do a build from master, you can know your size and don’t buy a complete set. Forms can be reusable or paper, but the main advantage of gel nail forms – very natural looking, they are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing.

    A few tips on the procedure of gel nail
    Step 1. Nail preparation

    • It is very important to disinfect hands and the nail plate. Disinfection should be performed as early in the procedure, and after each washed down material. It is better to use special drugs supplied to the gel system;
    • During processing the cuticle don’t forget to walk through it and along the side rollers nail file for natural nails to remove the Horny layer of the skin;
    • When using tips the free edge is cut completely, almost to a smile line, parallel to the nail;
    • For gel nail forms edge cut down the centre, so that in the middle of the small toe, which will serve as a support for the gel posted.
    • Before laying material be sure to remove with nail file for natural nails natural fatty film and gloss from the surface of the nail plate. It is necessary for the best coupling with a frozen nail.

    Step 2. The selection of materials.
    The gels come in three types

    • Three-phase system includes a base that protects the nail plate upon contact with artificial material, ensuring the best grip, Builder gel and top that protects the nail.
    • In a two-phase system in a single gel combines the functions of coupling and modeling.
    • In single-phase system, the gel is versatile and has all the necessary features.

    Nail tips come in a variety of colors and sizes. What is important to pay attention when choosing tips:

    • Transparent tips are probably universal option, but it all depends on your goal. There are special tips for the French, is very similar in color to your natural nails and color perfect for a quick manicure.
    • The side edges of the tips needs to be like a continuation of the side edges of the natural nail. It is necessary that the width of the tips necessarily coincide with the width of the nail plate!
    • Tips should lie approximately on one third of the body of the nail and perpendicular to it.

    Form, as mentioned above, are reusable or paper.

    • Reusable molds are more economical, but they must be sterilized before use.
    • The paper form is convenient because of its flexibility, which is suitable for any natural curve of the nail. In addition, some have markings, which is very convenient when the shape and the placement of the gel.

    Step 3. Display of material

    Process calculations material and then washed down – the most critical stages that, to paraphrase, better to see once, than hundred times to read. There are plenty of videos on this topic, you can search it on YouTube. Already mentioned above, the website posted a great video where the manicurist tells in detail how to increase the nails gel.

    Gel building forms

    Gel extensions on tips

    Washed down the material on tips and forms

    The final stage

    • After completing all necessary procedures, the cuticle and the nail lubricated with a special oil;
    • It is not recommended to wash your hands for 30 minutes after extension;
    • In the first month after extension correction will need to do it twice, then just once per month. The total lifespan of nails about 4 months.

    The road by walking

    As you can see, to understand the technology of gel nail, you need some time and effort, but the result is unambiguous. Go for it, and you will need to approach another step to perfection. Good luck!

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