Natural dyes for hair – tricks and subtleties of application

Today on the website “” article about how to change hair color using natural dyes. If you only want to slightly transform my image, not drastically change the color of the hair while damaging them from chemical paints, this article is just for you. Which natural hair colours give a dark or light shades? How to use them correctly and in what quantities? How to achieve the desired result?

A new color, and hair health

The popularity of natural dyes among Amateurs of natural logical: such paints do not harm the hair, work on them gently and even take care of your curls, give them a more natural and healthy look.

So, if you want to improve your hair, try to color them using natural components.

Just remember that after the “plant” painting store-bought chemicals will not work for about three weeks.

Leaders of natural dyeing: henna and Basma

Henna (dried lawsonia) and Basma (powder from the dried leaves of indigofera dye) is the most popular of all natural dyes for my hair. Henna pure will give your hair vivid red in color, but most often it is used together with Basma – so you can achieve a larger palette of colors ranging from blonde to dark chestnut and black.

Experts advise to buy Indian henna in stores Eastern theme, so your chances of buying a quality product will increase.

Choose the classic color henna, as Basma, mixed with colorless henna will make you the owner of a unique blue-green hair.

Depending on the desired color mix:

  • henna and Basma 50×50 – brown
  • henna and Basma 1 to 2 black color
  • henna and Basma 2 to 1 – bronze color

Focusing on the length of the hair, take 25-100 grams. mixture of natural dyes for hair (Basma henna). Hot water (but not boiling) to dissolve powder and grind in a glass container until the consistency of porridge. Wash your hair, lightly dry it with a towel and spread paint all the hair. advises to carry out the entire procedure gloves and to lubricate the scalp fat cream or vaseline to not stain the skin.

If you dilute the henna with yogurt at room temperature or add a little shampoo, then the mixture will be easier to apply and more evenly.

Hair hidden under plastic and come with a towel. For bright colors will be enough to keep the composition about 40 minutesfor darker – about an hour and a half. After the procedure rinse hair with warm water.

Natural hair tinting

As for other natural dyes for hair, they are not so radically affect the original hair colour, so can be used to maintain the color after chemical dyeing, or to give the strands of a shade.

  • Peel onions, infused for several hours, give your hair a light reddish hue.
  • To paint the gray hair helps a decoction of the leaves of the quince.
  • A decoction of walnut leaves give brown color.
  • Chamomile flowers (regular pharmacy) give a Golden hue.
  • Brown strands can be achieved using a broth of lime leaves.
  • Natural straw color will work if rinse hair with a decoction of rhubarb root.

The amount of boiling water required to prepare a decoction for dyeing hair with natural dyes must be such that you have enough to rinse hair. But the number of “raw material” will depend on the final colour saturation of the hair. If this broth rinse hair after washing, the color will change gradually. For faster paint you need to wet the hair in the broth, cover with plastic and towel to hold about an hour and rinse with warm water.

Tea, coffee, paint?

Many girls dye their hair also, using black tea, coffee and even cocoa powder. To do this, take three tablespoons of black tea, poured a Cup of boiling water. The tea should be boiled for about 25 minutes, and then add a teaspoon of cocoa and coffee.

In order to hair does not become stiff, you can add such a dye mask of a teaspoon of glycerin – it softens the hair and helps them retain moisture.

Drench the hair in this mixture, wrap with cellophane and a towel and hold it for 20 to 40 minutes depending on how dark of color you want to achieve. This mix paints well the gray, giving the hair a natural brown color.

It is worth saying that hair coloring with natural dyes – but rather the result will depend not only on the original tone of your hair, but also on their structure, density and even the individual susceptibility. So maybe to start is to experiment on individual strands of hair.

In contrast to the “industrial” paints, natural dyes for hair are washed away much faster (not including henna). So, if the color you don’t like, get bored or painting will not be able to wait to grow your natural hair, don’t have to. To extend the life of natural colour, use a mild shampoo that cleanses the hair delicately.

Successful experiments!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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