Natural products for washing hair, eco-friendly and useful

Shampooing is the most common and important component of hair care. For the health and beauty of hair is very important to choose the right tool. Surely many women have their preferences as to the shampoos and other chemicals to wash it. Are you sure that the shampoo is safe for your hair? Let’s find an excellent analogue of the shampoos and consider the website safe natural products for washing hair.

Before we proceed to the enumeration of specific natural products for washing hair, consider their main advantages:

  • noticeable benefits for beauty and healthy hair;
  • vitaminization, treatment and prevention of many diseases;
  • minor bleaching (in some cases);
  • the availability and low cost.

It is also noteworthy that using natural remedies to wash your hair less often to make masks and treatments for hair care.

Dairy products to wash your hair

More appropriate yogurt, yogurt and whey. Fat products choose, based on the state of your hair. The drier the hair, the greater the percentage of fat.

Kefir and yogurt

In this case you can use as yogurt (purchased or homemade) and sour milk. In both cases, the result will make you happy – the hair becomes strong, soft and unbreakable.

So, prepare selected natural products for hair washing and a shower cap. The amount of yogurt or sour milk determine based on the length of your hair. Heat the dairy product in a water bath. Yogurt or sour milk should be slightly warm. Then comb through wet hair and massage into your hair “shampoo”. Don’t forget to massage the roots. And after 20 minutes rinse hair.


It is a natural remedy for washing your hair also you need to heat and distribute evenly through the hair. You need to keep 25 to 30 minutes, then rinse and let the hair naturally dry.

Soda and Apple cider vinegar for hair

The website “” has already talked about the benefits of Apple cider vinegar for your hair. If you still rinsing with vinegar before wash hair baking soda, the effect will be even more noticeable.

Ways to use baking soda quite a lot. The easiest is to dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of hot water. After mixing the solution should be applied on hair, massage into head and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Also 2 tablespoons of baking soda, you can add honey and lemon juice (1 tablespoon). This means you can slightly lighten and strengthen fine hair.

After washing, use baking soda and vinegar you will be surprised how sturdy steel your hair. Also you will be pleased with how they are pleasant to the touch.

Important! Follow the dosage of soda – a maximum of 2 tablespoons. If you felt itching and other negative sensations after washing, next time, add only 2 teaspoons of such a valuable product. No more!

Rye flour for hair

For the preparation of “shampoo” mix:

  • flour – 2 tablespoons;
  • chicken yolk;
  • your favorite essential oil.

Also need to add a little warm water, so it turned out the consistency of sour cream. The resulting dough should be applied to the roots and massage thoroughly into the scalp for a few minutes, then rinse with water. Don’t worry about the stickiness – the hair is rinsed.

It is also recommended to rinse hair decoction of herbs. For example, for the hair is perfect decoction of chamomile flowers for dark of nettle leaves.

If you are too lazy to cook the dough, you can use rye bread crumb. It requires a little soak in warm water and apply on hair roots. After a few minutes the hair should be rinsed with water.

After using rye homemade “shampoo” hair becomes more durable and light. They look so attractive look, it can seem as though you just visited a beauty salon.

Eggs for hair

If you feel that your hair lacks vitality, then safely wash the head chicken eggs. Usually one egg is enough for medium length hair. It is noteworthy that the eggs you can wash the hair of any type and color.

Before washing it is recommended to mix the protein with egg yolk. And then comb wet hair. Apply egg and wash it off.

Don’t forget that the water should be slightly warm. Otherwise, your hair will be fried.


In eggs for the hair it is recommended to add few drops of essential oil. For example, geranium oil or lemon will make the washing procedure more enjoyable. And the hair will be strengthened and will become even more attractive.

Also after the eggs are fine to rinse hair decoction of pine.

For cooking you need 5 tablespoons of pine needles pour half a liter of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. After this procedure the hair will be strong. And with regular use natural remedies to wash your hair guaranteed prevention of many diseases.

How to use natural remedies to wash your hair?

Whatever tool you choose, try to use them regularly. Especially in spring and autumn natural “shampoos” will maintain your hair in good shape, raising your spirits.

Also not recommended along with natural remedies to use the usual chemicals. However, if you start to wash hair with food, you will soon discover their usefulness and comparative advantages.

Dear readers, we told you about a simple, affordable and effective natural ways to wash hair. Make your hair healthy and beautiful!

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