New Korean cosmetics: essence for the face. What makes it so good?

Beauty essences for the face – a new product from South Korea that helps to further care for the skin. The tool presented in the form of transparent light liquid in bottle with dispenser, and many girls are not without the essence of his life.

The use of essences

The most important function of cosmetic products for the face – hydration, nutrition and hydration. In the composition you will find silicones or wax, which is so like to fill jars with creams manufacturers, but only glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Essence gently moisturizes the skin, does not clog the pores and forms a dense film on the face. Means is quickly absorbed, is of great concentration of active ingredients in comparison with serum or cream.To unsubscribe from creams, especially in summer impossible. They contain the necessary SPF protection, without which it is better not to seem to the bright sun. Another advantage of essence is the absence of alcohol, which tightens and dries the skin. Cosmetics comes with many additional features. There are means of wrinkles, dryness of skin, Anke and acne scars, redness, vascular network, with whitening effect.

When you use cosmetics

Apply the essence after cleansing and tonic. Cosmetics will prepare the epidermis to the active perception of the future, restores moisture balance of the skin. After that use the serum and cream. The tool is able to reduce the appearance of old wrinkles, to stop the emergence of new, helps soothe irritation, fight skin imperfections. Regular use of essence restores skin’s natural radiance.

It is not necessary to use a cotton cosmetic puff, or drives. To get the most beneficial effects from essential oils, apply the liquid on your fingertips and quickly spread to the face. Tap the product lightly Pat the pads of your fingers, not rubbing, until it is completely absorbed into the skin. It is recommended to use active fluid morning and evening.

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