New year Feng Shui how to decorate a house

Where to put the Christmas tree? How to decorate the home to bring happiness, luck and prosperity? What’s on the table to put? Review these guidelines for Feng Shui will answer our questions.

Christmas tree – the most important and beautiful symbol of wealth, familiar to our sight, unlike dragons and mirrors with pebbles.
All the secrets of her setup is that she needs to stand in the wealth sector (Southeast), to be elegant, constantly watered. As soon as the tree standing in this sector is beginning to crumble and be covered with dust immediately disrupted flow of energies.

In the center, in the health sector needs to stand all the winter fruitsin a beautiful vase. No liquor or gift boxes with cigars.

In the Western part of the housing that would be fun to hang tinsel – metallic luster activates the creative force, or forces for posterity:).

Christmas table bursting with food and drinks, needs to be dismantled immediately after the feast, otherwise the accumulated negative energy is located later in the fridge in the room. Try to Wake up in the new year with a perfectly clean Desk – will see how it would be easier to start the year.

The symbol of the year – the rat, the creature is cunning, intelligent, tenacious. A figure or image of the rat is placed in the North-Western part of the house. It was there, hiding our patrons, and the rat will be the patron for the whole year.

In conclusion — a couple of questions-answers from interview with an expert on Feng Shui (for Feng Shui, a member of “Nizhny Novgorod Astrological Society” Larisa Sheremet):

– Larissa, how to decorate a Christmas treethat she brought to our house the best?

— It is possible even from small desktop Christmas trees to create a strong character. If the “put” her in silver, gold balls and place in the South-Eastern part of the house, she will play the role of a “money tree” and bring the house prosperity. You can dress up a beautiful new year in bright red balls or multi-colored toys and burning garlands. If you place so decorated a Christmas tree in the southern part of the apartment or room, it has a positive effect on the reputation, image and public opinion. Therefore, I recommend this option for corporate events. If the tree be placed in the Eastern part, it will turn into the tree of life and become a symbol of health, longevity and family good luck. In this case, it can be decorated as you like. For all these purposes you can use any tree – real, artificial. Most importantly – green. If we are talking about silver or gold Christmas tree, then it should be included in the North-West. Then it will bring the house financial well-being, higher patronage and success, especially it touches the strong half of the family.

Very good use of symbolism in Christmas decorations. To hang on the Christmas tree coin, toy gold bars (the higher the advantage the better), dragons, a couple of ducks (symbol of happiness), the Chinese characters symbolizing good luck, family happiness, the figures of the animal of the coming year, double fish with big eyes (a symbol of good luck). The figure of the little plump child means good opportunity. And if these babies carry the treasure chest of money, so they Herald the arrival of great wealth. If the child holds a huge fish, so the person caught by the tail a great success. Many characters do not exist. The more – the better.

It is desirable to decorate the Christmas tree with homemade toys. Only to do them it is necessary the whole family, with children. The course is everything: walnuts, crackers, tangerines, candy. They can be pasted foil, bright red paper. The more gold and silver colors, the more you attract in your home financial well-being.

— What should symbolize the gifts?

— Of course, all the best: happiness, love, prosperity. You can give a normal pen, but attach to it a coin. Most importantly, it is useful for both donor and recipient. It is better that the character have joined the gift of the red or gold thread.

The gifts you have to give in bright packaging, it is advisable to choose red. A great combination of red and gold. You should use various symbols protect the house, our property, welfare, personal space. For example, in China children mold in the house from snow, toothy, curly-haired Lion, which will stand until, until melted. It provides a home for the heavenly patronage and protection. Mandatory attribute New year firecrackers, firecrackers, sparklers. The more you create noise and brightness, the better. Thus, distills evil spirits and expressed the joy of the coming year.

— Has now become fashionable to decorate for the New year home candles. How can I make this jewelry a symbol?

The fire is always good, it warms, cleans our house. A burning candle can be placed in the “sector of love.” Do not post a sad or lonely figure of a woman, even if she is very beautiful – it is a symbol of loneliness. Better to put two ducks figurines or pairs of animals. Some people think that all these receptions – a fad that Feng Shui is contrary to Russian culture. But all the rules of Feng Shui are subject to natural laws by which the world lives. So they have their own wonderful effect on our lives, energy and internal state.

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