New year without a Christmas tree: how to decorate a house?

Holiday traditions is without a doubt wonderful, but… Some of the attributes of a favorite holiday may be inappropriate or too cumbersome for a small house.

And if it is about a Christmas tree, many people are trying to listen to the appeals of the defenders of wildlife, and refuse from the purchase of live coniferous trees. The website will tell you how to create a festive atmosphere and fun to celebrate the New Year without a Christmas tree!

How can I replace the tree in the interior?

To be honest, not many families can be completely without trees – to abandon the “main character” of the holiday often is not very desirable, especially if the family has children…

But you can look for a creative outlet and make something like a symbolic tree, not buying a “soulless” factory plastic tree and not ruining a living plant.

For example, it can be a mural on a wall in the form of a Christmas tree – make it with the kids. Of fabric, color felt, felt, or printed cardboard cut out silhouette of a Christmas tree (if you do crafts of sewing materials, it is best to sew a two piece and lay between them, inside polyester lining for volume). Contour sew shiny tinsel, and the tree can decorate as you like: applique or foil or shiny pieces, “rain”, paper “snowflakes” etc.

Can just aprisiate to the fabric tree panel loops and fix them, medium-sized Christmas decorations.

The silhouette of the tree, lined with glowing garland on a bare wall is “innovation” level of the rural shop or dining room at a vocational school, at home, it looks dull. If you really want to use garland – create some extravagant installation, inside which you can put transactions with multi-colored lights. For example, make a wire cone-frame, fit an its translucent fabric, decorate the outside with sequins, silver pine cones, small balls, or anything else, and a garland let it be inside.

And there’s the American tradition to make new year’s “tree” lights wrapped over a metal frame – certainly not in the house, and on the streets and in the courts.

With proper sense of humor you for a few days “to appoint a tree” some tall flower room – the main thing that this plant tolerated obveshivanie toys and tinsel. Professional decorators and florists, of course, would be horrified, but guests will laugh, and fun atmosphere of the evening will be provided!

What else to decorate the house for the New Year without a Christmas tree?

It all depends on how drastic changes in the interior you want to see and what it means to the décor. Several decorations from the “Beautiful and Successful” which will help to create the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year in the house:

  • Decor pine branches (natural or artificial). Of the branches can twist wall garlands, wreaths on the door, and make table arrangements. These decorative items can be decorated with small toys, tinsel and lights. It is an outlet for smaller apartments, where the Christmas tree would occupy a lot of space. In addition, hang around the house a separate Christmas toys, bells, balls, etc.
  • You can focus not on trinkets, and the “traditional Christmas” color scheme of the interior, for example, cover the table red skateryu, sofa cover cozy plaid blanket, window garnish green or red curtains, put cushions with applique or print the Christmas theme… Another variant of colors – white-blue or white-silver: get winter atmosphere associated with snow and ice. To beautify this interior you can a minimum of parts, e.g., decorative lights. Then you can do without the abundance of tinsel and no Christmas trees!

  • Exquisite decor with the help of herbal compositions in winter and Christmas themes. So you can decorate your dining room in a large house, where they will meet invited to Christmas dinner, living room or reception in office. On New Year’s instead of Christmas trees can be created with floor or table arrangement of plants, objects or even fruit associated with the winter holidays: separate branches of the pine, “sockets” poinsettia (“Christmas star” — a plant with a green bottom and red top leaves that ignorant people usually consider flowers), oranges, dried flowers or fresh flowers, etc In search of inspiration, I advise you to pay attention to the winter Japanese ikebana – the Japanese are very seasonal and strictly abide by the principle of selection and arrangement of plants in the compositions of the flower arrangements. For the stylish professional decor floral contact floral masters, because artisanal crafts which has got an exquisite are usually not called.

But in General, the rules in creating the Christmas atmosphere in the house can not be, because each family has its own views on the celebration: someone important abundant table, some creatively decorated house and some of the art-tree, and for someone the main thing – the selection of music for dancing and fun!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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