New Year’s eve: how to celebrate good company. The Script Of The New Year

I’m having fun gathering for the New Year… Tell me how to mention its really fun to remember everything?

You love the noisy company? Can’t live without your friends, but do not know how to organize a fun and unforgettable holiday? Then I want to offer you and your friends a new idea of the New Year!

What New Year without fun contests and entertainment? And without father Frost and snow maiden. No-ka-to-Ho! Therefore, in our celebrations, there will be contests, and costumes.

Step 1

Determined by the place where we will celebrate the New Year. Well, if anyone have a free apartment. If not, you can rent an apartment for 1 day — ad now the sea. Although I had friends who celebrated the New Year in the basement of the store ?
So, having defined the place, proceed to the next step.

Step 2.

Do you have the company wound up man? If Yes, then join him in a “conspiracy” and appoint him Santa Clauswho knows EVERYTHING about sex.

If the men in your company is not too lively, then think about who could be the snow Maiden, who is looking for this Santa Claus. Bear in mind that some of them will suit all of the evening’s entertainment.
No one is? Become the snow Maiden herself!

Just remember, the others must not know that something is being prepared. Let them think that this is an ordinary party.

Step 3. Decorate the house

Need to decorate the house. Cut hearts from pink and blue paper (red astrologists do not recommend to use). In stores, on the organization of holidays, you can buy confetti hearts and stars — they can decorate a table, vysypat in tracks around the dishes. Cut out hearts to hang on the chandelier, on the walls, on the tree (don’t overdo it). Don’t forget the rain, tinsel and other paraphernalia of the New year.

Step 4. Festive table

Think about what to put on the table. Here everything is limited by your own imagination and possibilities. You can casually put on the table aphrodisiac — for example, bananas, almonds, pistachios… make something of avocado.

Step 5. Entertainment

I advise you to start mass cultural entertainment after 12: 00 noon, people will drink, and some contests are executed with difficulty, but more readily than sober ?

With Santa Claus or the snow Maiden, think and choose your contests and don’t forget that competitions need music, is cheerful.

If you have a Santa Claus, then we need conteststhat will help him to choose the snow maiden. You can not very decent, for example, competition to the one which has the most beautiful ass and breast ?

We do the next contest (this is if all the beautiful Breasts and butt): take a certain number of girls and an equal number of chairs. Each must bring in at first boot (or sock… it come from anywhere) and sit in this one chair had been removed so that one weed out. Next round – bring a shirt, all the girls rushing, and again one chair is removed… Then you should have brought pants. The number of removed items is limited by the number of girls. The winner is the snow Maiden.

If Santa Claus yet, let the snow maiden will spend a couple of contests.

For example, you can determine the contenders for the title of the omniscient Santa Claus – every man should keep the maiden in his hands for 3 minutes. As you know, there are no winners, and male pride amuse!

Then applicants have to solve puzzles. For example:

  • About 40 million people do IT at night. What is IT? (Answer: Internet)
  • In the teeth of plaque, in the eyes of longing (Answer: the man is happiness)
  • and so on (check the Internet).

The main thing here — not even to guess, and give the most creative answer.

This is a great contest – who will inflate the ball, but not round, but oval or elongated. Round inflated too boring ?

And another contest. Take a broom and a roll of toilet paper with a hole. Maiden holds a roll of toilet paper with his feet, and challengers — the broom handle forward. Who is faster and more agile will fall into the hole of the paper roll — and the winner ?

The most worthy of the contenders becomes Santa Claus and dons the appropriate costume (it is necessary to prepare in advance). Here you have a set of snow maiden and Grandfather frost!

In advance can do other things. For example, puzzles for the snow Maiden, you can write in advance, and once Santa Claus will choose a maiden, just to give her a piece of paper: let asks people riddles.

Step 6. Have fun on!

Here Grandfather frost and snow maiden United, now everyone’s having fun and enjoying yourself. Dance (you can pre-make music 5 hours of commercials).

Preferably between dancing and relevantly hold various competitions: for example, the competition of the selection of synonyms or dancing on the sheet of paper… mass Competitions on the Internet — is to find and choose those that are appropriate for your company.

Don’t forget to stock up on candy (a Lollipop, or just buy a pound of delicious chocolates) — to award the winners and as a consolation prize if you select the snow Maiden/Santa Claus. And, of course, the camera ready — what a New Year without interesting pictures?

Merry New Year to you!

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