Neyrobika exercise for the brain

What is neyrobika than it is useful and how to practice – today I’ll tell you women’s website ““.

When your job involves mental work (and even if not), you certainly would not refuse as long as possible to retain flexibility of mind. But it is the opposite: over time, weakened memory, reduced concentration, worsening the perception of new information. Exercises for the brain will help to avoid this.

The name of the method, which will be discussed in the article, comes from two words – “neuro” and “aerobics”. It is a fitness for the brain, because our main computer, too, needs exercise, just like muscles of the body.

To such conclusion came Lorenz Katz, a neuroscientist at one of the universities of the United States, and the psychologist manning Rubin. They began to promote the use neurobic brain and published their book “Keep your brain alive”.

The technique is based on the results of studies in which it was found that memory, attention, concentration and other properties of the mind are declining with age because of deterioration of the interconnections between neurons.

This is because dendrites – processes of nerve cells through which nerve impulses – thinning. Stimulation of nerve cells allows the dendrites to retain its shape and even causes the growth of new shoots. This discovery received the name of “neuroplasty”.

Therefore, performing simple exercises, you can increase your mental potential, to preserve clarity of thought and be more efficient at work.

Neyrobika – exercises for the brain

The goal of gymnastics is to create more associative relations between different types of information we collect through the basic five senses. It is necessary that the path from the sense organ to the brain “overgrown”. Because people use them to varying degrees, often only the vision and hearing, touch, smell and taste are used less, and therefore weaken.

The combination of sensations in different variations leads to the development of special substances – neurotrophin, which leads to the development of new dendrites.

Away templates!

Best charging for the brain (neyrobika) is to diversify the daily routine actions. To perform them, including as many different senses.

I remember the restaurant, where visitors eat meals in the dark? Why not arrange a dinner at home? How about “home theater without pictures”? Try to “hear” a strange film, imagining how look the main characters and what situation they are in.

Be sure to get several bottles of the new essential oils.

As the best exercises experts advise to regularly perform usual actions with their eyes closed:

  • to walk around the house
  • buttoning
  • to tie the laces
  • take a shower
  • brush your teeth

To synchronize right and left hemispheres of the brain, it is useful to perform habitual actions redominantly hand, for example, closes the door key, print to SMS, or flipping the tape, write, eat – in short, everything you used to do right or left hand.

As neyrobika – exercise for the mind, try it as “Wake”. For example, what you used to do slowly, do it now at high speed or reverse order. not gonna advise you to choose new routes to familiar trips around the city. Surely you and without us doing so. Meanwhile, it is not only one of the exercises for the brain, but also a great way to get rid of routine and spleen.

Every morning, remember the location of the 5-10 items in the house, and in the middle of the day try to remember.

Rhetorical question

More precisely, the answer. So the brain has always remained in good shape, try to communicate more and come up with non-standard answers to standard questions. You will develop Verince area and Broca’s – areas of the cerebral cortex responsible for understanding and reproduction of speech.

I agree, very useful skills ?

How to make neurobiol

  • to solve puzzles
  • read aloud
  • writing poetry
  • learning passages by heart
  • play Board games
  • to count
  • memorize mobile phone numbers
  • to remember shopping lists
  • to learn new languages
  • start a new hobby

A new experience for the brain

Habit, automaticity relax the brain, which leads to its premature aging. It is because neyrobika useful for seniors and young people.

Allow yourself more creativity and novelty in clothing, makeup, perfumes, relationships, in the end. Let the special app on your smartphone every morning you change the screensaver on the screen. Move most furniture, including office. Use ordinary items of interior non-standard way, do not throw away your old things and find new uses for them.

All you need to the brain remains young and alive is to surprise him with novelty and off everyday “autopilot”. As you can see, neyrobika does not require much effort, because the exercises can be performed anytime and anywhere!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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