Nicotinic acid: instructions for use for hair growth in tablets, injections, in the form of masks + reviews

How much effort and money girls spend to grow the luxurious locks? But no fancy procedures, no expensive cosmetic products usually fall short. If more women knew about this inexpensive and effective tool like Niacin, producers of caregivers for head of hair would suffer a financial collapse. The drug is mere penny, but the effect is difficult to Express in monetary units. Instructions for use of nicotinic acid for hair growth is very easy.

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  • 1 Nicotinic acid for hair: what you need to know
    • 1.1 the Expected effect
    • 1.2 Contraindications
  • 2 Stimulate growth: how to use externally
    • 2.1 As a standalone tool
    • 2.2 the shampoo
    • 2.3 rinse
    • 2.4 In masks
    • 2.5 In the form of scrub
    • 2.6 In the form of a spray
  • 3 the vitamin inside
  • 4 Subcutaneous administration
  • 5 What the experts say
  • 6 Reviews: “Even the hairdresser was in shock!!!”

Niacin — is vitamin B3, which is also called vitamin PP, nicotinamide, Niacin. The lack of this substance is the cause of lipid disorders and deterioration of the structure of all tissues, including hair. Partially vitamin B3 is synthesized by own forces of the organism, but the lion’s share goes to the cells with nutrition and drugs.

Nicotinic acid for hair: what you need to know

Niacin is the most powerful substance that helps to revive the hair at home. Most prevalent the drug got in the post-war time when women are thoroughly undertook the restoration of its beauty tarnished by the turmoil of the troubled time. Today “nicotine” is not so popular. But, desperate to restore the hair with the help of cosmetics, many beauty girls resorted to pharmacy drugs.

The expected effect

The benefit is the vasodilating properties of the substance. Skillfully taking advantage of this effect, you can not only grow hair but also to give them an unprecedented density. Vitamin B3 will help to achieve the following results.

  • The increased blood flow. The tool expands blood vessels and accelerates blood circulation. This allows you to stop hair loss and significantly accelerate their growth.
  • Reduction of fat. In exchange use the opportunity to wash my hair less often, because the hair remains longer fresh.
  • The cell renewal. It improves the functional state of the skin, begin to grow new hairs.
  • To strengthen hair roots. Is the treatment of damaged follicles and stimulating healthy.
  • Pigment production. Strands become shiny and gain a deeper tint. The tool allows to significantly delay the onset of gray hair.

Don’t expect mind-blowing effect after the first application. Positive changes will come somewhere towards the end of the first year. Although expressed in basal volume and healthy Shine will appear after three to five sessions.Contraindications

Vitamin B3 is, first and foremost, a drug. Sold over the counter. The average cost of a package of 10 vials — 40 roubles (in August 2017). Before you begin use, make sure that you have no contraindications to this.

  • Allergy to vitamins of group B. This is the main cause of side effects in the form of itching, rashes and redness.
  • Diseases of the liver. The presence in the blood of a large number of substances can cause increased load on the liver.
  • High or low pressure. The drug expands the blood vessels, which can cause discomfort, and headaches.
  • Peptic ulcer disease. Vitamin B3 irritant effect on mucous membranes that may cause worsening of the condition.
  • Skin diseases. If there is any rash, inflammation or injury, increased blood flow can complicate the problem.
  • Pregnancy. In one form or another, the drug is often administered to expectant mothers, as the substance has a positive effect on the development of a fetus. But uncontrolled use can have a negative impact on the course of pregnancy. In HS we should also refrain from such procedures, as the blood of a substance can penetrate into the milk and hurt the baby.

Even if you are physically healthy, before using the tool, you need to try for portability. If after ten minutes after I applied the liquid to the skin of the wrist, not an unpleasant sensation, start the procedure. For a start, limit yourself to half of the ampoule.Stimulate growth: how to use externally

Nicotinic acid has already saved many hair. It is effective even with hair loss. It is important to choose a suitable method of application.

As a standalone tool

Hair treatment nicotinic acid held courses for one month with the same duration of breaks. Every day, spend the session in three phases.

  • Wash and dry your hair with a towel. Shampoo should be without content of silicones, or in the skin film is formed that impedes the penetration means.
  • Apply. Open vial immediately before use. If scalp is dry, it is better to dilute the injectable solution with water in ratio 1:1.
    Spread the contents of the ampoule on the scalp, gently rubbing the product with fingertips. If one vial was not enough, the second do not use, so as not to lead to a glut or allergies. The next day, start the session, which remained untreated before.
  • Dry your hair naturally. In any case, do not use a Hairdryer. The high temperature counteracts the effect of vitamin, and all your efforts will be in vain.
  • Shake out the liquid from the ampoule into a separate container difficult. In addition, there is the risk of injury from sharp edges. To make the procedure as comfortable as possible and safe, pull the tool from the ampoule into a syringe and be sure to loosen it from the needle. Now it is easier to squeeze the vitamin on your fingers or directly on the hairline.

    The shampoo

    The easiest way to use nicotinic acid in ampoules for hair growth, mixing with shampoo. After four weeks you can significantly improve the appearance of hair. The procedure is extremely simple and consists of three stages.

  • Mix with shampoo. Immediately before use, mix cleanser with vitamin e in a separate plastic container.
  • Apply. Spread the composition on wet hair and lather well.
  • Soak and rinse. Leave it for three to five minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Choosing a shampoo, ensure that composition was the most natural. Chemical components of the detergent to neutralize the action of vitamin.Rinse

    The herbal rinse will help prevent hair loss. If you still faced this problem, add the broth nicotinic acid. Per litre of the fluid taken one ampoule. After 30 days of use definitely take a break of similar duration.

    Vitamin B3 works best in conjunction with decoctions of chamomile, calendula, nettle, ginger and burdock root. Plants can be brewed separately or combined.In masks

    If, in addition to the loss, do you worry about the associated problems of hair, it is most reasonable to use a mask with nicotinic acid for hair growth. They are used in courses of five treatments at intervals of three days. Any recipe will help you to choose the table.

    Table — Recipes hair masks with vitamin B3

    AppointmentBasisAdditional componentsTimeRecommendations
    FirmingAmpoule nicotinic acid— A quarter Cup of Flaxseed oil;
    — tablespoon Eleutherococcus tincture;
    — vitamin E
    60 minutes—To insulate the head;
    — to wash sulfate-free shampoo
    Nutritional— 3 tablespoons of henna;
    — half a Cup of boiling water (to dissolve the grass);
    — teaspoon of fresh yeast;
    — tablespoon of water;
    — 5 drops of ether verbena
    40 minutes— Henna and yeast diluted with water separately, and then combine
    For Shine— Yolk;
    — tablespoon of honey (if necessary to melt);
    — the same olive oil;
    capsule of vitamin E
    1 hour— Apply not only roots, but also on the entire length
    Greasy— Ampoule aloe Vera;
    — a tablespoon of tincture of propolis
    20 minutes— Aloe Vera from the ampoule can be replaced with a tablespoon of aloe juice
    For dry hair— 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil;
    — tablespoon of honey (if necessary to melt);
    — 2 capsules of vitamin E;
    — egg yolk
    40 minutes— After the procedure rinse hair with water, acidified with Apple cider vinegar
    From alopeciaCapsule “Evita”;
    — 3 tablespoons of burdock oil
    20 minutes— To insulate the head
    For thick hair— 2 capsules “Evita”;
    — a slice of rye bread;
    — a third Cup of strong infusion of chamomile
    1 hour— Steamed bread hot chamomile infusion;
    — to insulate the head
    For volume— Teaspoon grated ginger;
    — 2 tablespoons of olive oil;
    capsule of vitamin A
    15 minutes— Apply only on the skin
    Universal— A quarter Cup of Flaxseed oil;
    — tablespoon Eleutherococcus tincture;
    — vitamin E 60 minutes to Warm the head;
    — to wash sulfate-free shampoo
    45 minutes— To insulate the head;
    — do not rinse
    From split endsPuree large peach (peeled);
    — tablespoon of olive oil;
    — the same amount of honey
    45 minutesInstead of peach you can use avocado

    Apply the mask with nicotinic acid on hair in two ways. The easiest way to connect components in one mass. For a more pronounced effect of the drug is applied separately, and after 30 minutes the remaining components are mixed together.In the form of scrub

    If worried about dandruff or increased oiliness of hair, try once a week to treat the hair scrub with Vitamin B3. Previously the head should be washed. Follow three simple steps.

  • Mix composition. In a ceramic container connect a tablespoon of fine salt, the contents of one ampoule of “nicotine” and a couple of drops of essential oil of any citrus.
  • Apply. While hair is still damp, gently apply and massage your scalp composition.
  • Wash. After three to five minutes, rinse hair with cool or warm water.
  • In spray form

    Another good use is the spray form. Its preparation and use can be described in three points.

  • Prepare water. In a container with a sprayer, pour a third of a glass of purified or mineral water without gas.
  • Add the feature. Add the contents of the ampoule of vitamin B3 and one drop of esters of thyme, sage, pine and rosemary.
  • Use. After washing your hair, spray the spray to the roots.
  • Store home spray is better on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. This will save the use funds for up to three days.The vitamin inside

    Substance in the form of compresses or masks affect hair growth, but the saturation of the organism with vitamins is not happening. Therefore, the effect cannot be long-term. To strengthen the follicles inside recommended nicotinic acid tablets for hair growth.

    Enough to drink one tablet at a dosage of 0.05 g daily. Better after eating, to avoid the possibility of stomach problems. Recommended course — a month. Repeated drug can after 30 days.

    Before drinking nicotinic acid for hair growth, discuss your decision with your doctor. After completing each course, be sure to donate blood for analysis to assess the impact of the drug on the body and expediency of its further reception.Subcutaneous administration

    If any liquid or in tablet form helps nicotinic acid for hair growth, can make a decision on subcutaneous injection of the drug. When hair loss trichologists often prescribe injections of vitamin B3. Also, the solution can be used for mesotherapy. Neither the first nor the second procedure, you cannot assign yourself and make your own. Only your physician can make a decision about the appropriateness of such treatment.

    What the experts say

    Reviews of doctors of nicotinic acid generally positive. Experts value the drug for its vasodilating and anti-inflammatory properties and a positive influence on metabolic processes. Thus, the beneficial effect of the skin is understandable. But this is true only in the absence of contraindications. Otherwise, itching, burning and allergic reactions can cause even more hair loss.

    Most trichologists insists that “nicotine” is not a salvation from hair loss. Its effect on the hair is not fully understood, and therefore one cannot argue that this is the cause of positive change. It is possible that it is only a consequence of the massage movements that you make when applied to the skin. Besides, it is impossible to ignore the psychological mood. Self-hypnosis and unconditional belief in the efficacy of therapy is also the reason for the positive dynamics.

    Doctors skeptical of claims that Niacin helps to grow up to 10 cm of hair in a month. With all the properties of the drug, you can expect no more than 1.5 cm in 30 days. You also need to understand that hair loss, usually associated with their natural renewal. To stop this process can not vitamin B3 or another drug. A vasodilator will only hasten the process.

    Nicotinic acid essential for the organism. Its deficiency leads not only to cosmetic problems, but also to serious digestive disorders and even dementia. It is therefore important not only external use of nicotinic acid for hair growth, but also to replenish its internal reserves in the body. Regularly eat rye bread, beans, buckwheat, green vegetables, milk, liver and nuts.

    Reviews: “Even the hairdresser was in shock!!!”

    Two months ago due to allergies to facial hair much hair fell out! Use nikatinka 3rd week daily,namely: after shampooing, not razbavlyat, apply 1-2 ampoules in the middle 5 cm cotton swab! I can confirm that the result is!!!that fell grows with surprising rapidity( even the hairdresser was in shock!!!), but whether thicker than 2 years ago will unsubscribe after 6 months))


    GROW up!!! Optionally Nikitenko directly to the skin to RUB, it is clear that 1 mg is not enough! I’m doing so! My head, then put: cheapest hair conditioner +1 NICOTINE+1 B1+1 B6+B12 1+1 ALOE(all sealed), put the package and walk 1.5-2 hours as time allows, and then just wash it! Enough to do in a day. Do already 2 month and very happy! The hair industry, become softer and less break of course density has not yet increased, but by reducing breakage, even as the tail became thicker.( Earlier in the bath after shampooing hair hand had to collect, and now I don’t even see them. PAH-PAH-PAH!!!) I’m happy!!!

    Christina Shtobbe,

    Rubbing a little more than a week for 1 ampoule every day to clean the head, my hair dyed, so the hair growth is noticeable regrown roots, to say exactly how many cm grown can not, because the roots were so outgrown (the first time I dyed it and no more-not much, decided to grow their native color), but clearly the roots are growing back faster than usual. Niacin I have, nothing smells, nothing is red, except that the itching and dandruff appeared, but only in the beginning, has less and less, apparently the skin gets used. Even my hair with shampoo with the addition of Shilajit (10 tablets in a 250 ml shampoo), thoroughly stirred, night shampoo stood until complete dissolution of tablets and everything. Maybe even mummy influenced the growth…I don’t know, do everything in the complex, you’ll never know what exactly helped


    Girls from nikotinovoi acid brand not everyone should be a burning scalp, I know from experience, it all depends on your sensitivity this drug! I also had no burning sensation, no headache, although they could even for the night to smear the head, it’s all individual,but I will ask to notice that the effect is not reduced in any way,only one more remark to describe : after reviewing a lot of videos on YouTube it promised almost straight to 30 cm, every month of hair growth,but do not take it literally, no one so fast the hair will not grow from any of the funds! simply, they you will begin to strengthen and you can 100% notice a new fuzz on his head it is called “baby hair”


    Nicotine thing excellent, itself use))) Just take only in vials manufacturer “OZON”. The best effect on it. But nikatinka in butuse I had an unpleasant reaction, do not buy. In a cardboard box is also a good drug, but I’m still a fan of ozone))) Course I have 30 days)))


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