Nocturnal enuresis in children: causes, treatment, folk remedies

Today women’s site “” we’ll talk about the night enuresis in children. This problem was faced my friend, whose 11-year-old daughter never spent a night outside the walls of the house.

Because the girl often at night opisyvaetsya, wouldn’t let her go to sleepovers, she doesn’t go to summer camp and hardly a class goes on a hike with an overnight stay, if we don’t help solve the problem of incontinence. We hope that our article will help practical advice, and many will find answers to the question, what is nocturnal enuresis how to treat it, what are the known effective treatment of nocturnal enuresis.

What is this disease?

About enuresis say that if the child does not control the process of daytime or nighttime urination. This subject is so delicate that some parents are embarrassed to talk about it even with a doctor.

Many children even wet the bed sheet does not interfere, they can Wake up in the morning.

My friend to the doctors appealed, no abnormalities of the genitourinary system doctors have not revealed. Just said the bladder fills with urine, but in the brain signal is not received, and the urine finds a way. Child does not notice and not waking up – his mind is not yet ripe to control the process of urination. When it becomes an adult, the system usovershenstvuetsya and it will stop at night to pee. You need to wait.

Is this the only way? Let’s see what happens if you have a child 8-11 years of nocturnal enuresis.

What age do kids need a night stand in the toilet?

Many parents are asking up to what age night urinary incontinence are the norm? A certain age which at night “would trigger the alarm.” All individually.

Most physicians are inclined to believe that in 4 years the child should control the urge to go to the bathroom to pee in the daytime, and after 6-7 years at night. Before this age, nighttime urination is not considered a deviation and pathology. It is important to listen in this matter to the opinion of Dr. Komarovsky, who tells about what is more important not to follow the age and disease dynamics.

For example, if 4-year-old kid for the month the night was pee 20 times, and at the age of 5 the number of dry nights has not increased, it’s bad. That is, the positive dynamics is not observed.

If a child age night opisyvaetsya less, it’s good. In this case, there is a positive trend: the situation is changing, not standing still or getting worse.

That is, the number of failed nights with age should happen less and less.

Primary and secondary enuresis

The doctors share the bedwetting primary and secondary.

  • If your son or daughter ever night didn’t Wake up to go to the toilet, they have primary nocturnal enuresis.
  • If you’ve used that your child wakes up dry in the morning or without your reminder gets up to go to the bathroom at night, and suddenly in my sleep regularly began to happen in the heats, we are talking about the secondary form of the disease. The secondary form of enuresis can occur on the basis of nervous shock, stress and other reasons.

No matter your son or daughter the primary or secondary form of enuresis the child’s treatment will be the same. Below we will explain how you can overcome enuresis, the causes of this pathology and get acquainted with the reviews of those who have successfully coped with this problem.

Causes of enuresis

According to statistics, in girls enuresis is not as common, boys. Of course, parents worry, triggering the bedwetting, especially if we are talking about the secondary form of the disease.

It’s nobody’s fault that your child night can’t Wake up and go to the toilet, of course not. The psyche of the kid needs to Mature so that he alone in the night he started to get up to the toilet. Blame for night swims in any case impossible. This will only intimidate the kid.

  • The most important and common cause of nocturnal enuresis – the immaturity of the nervous system that with age should improve. In 90% of cases of nocturnal enuresis most children he needs to go, or at least during adolescence without any treatment.
  • Sometimes the cause of nocturnal enuresis can be a pathology of urinary system: a small amount of the bladder, disturbed urinary tract, etc. If you go to doctors, the patient will be assigned to the study: you will need to measure the volume of daily urine, prescribe ultrasound of the bladder, etc. Based on the results of the studies will be prescribed treatment bedwetting medication or recommendations on how to cope with this problem.
  • By the way, enuresis on the background of pathologies of the urinary tract is uncommon. Often just the psyche of the child is not matured to the night awakenings.
  • Next, we will tell about the best ways to help cure bed wetting in children.

    How to treat?

    As previously noted on the main reason is the immaturity of the psyche of the baby. He need to really want to get up at night to pee. Do not Wake the son or daughter at night, as do many parents. Yes, the child needs a push.

    But if you regularly Wake the baby, so he went to the toilet on his own business, his mind and will wait for your clean and jerk – I got to Wake up. This is the main mistake that many adults who are trying to treat children nocturnal enuresis at home.

    Drinking regime

    All the physicians are advised to revise the water your baby. For the first half of the day should have 40% of fluid you drink, another 40% drink to 17.00, and the remaining 20% after 17.00. After lunch, especially in the evening, you should limit drinking beverages with caffeine.

    Bladder training

    One of the techniques that helps a bit to solve the problem – training the bladder. If the child asked for a toilet, ask him to wait a minute – hold the urine. This method is auxiliary, but can be one of the methods of treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children.

    Motivational therapy

    Your task is to praise and encourage the child. To apply this method you can start with 5 – 6 years of age. Moreover, this method will be effective if the family has unity. No one should scold or punish a toddler for wet pajamas.

    The method, which we describe next, is called motivational therapy.

    The bottom line is this: if the night was dry, the child should not only praise, but to encourage! Developed the whole technique of promotion. Here’s how to tell about this in one review:

    • Son is already 6 years old, and he was all night opisyvaetsya. Beginning to agree with him: for every dry night he gets a sticker. If they are going to 10 – change in the present that he wants. Girls, it worked! Incidents began to happen less and less. So he got a big truck as a gift. Katya.

    Some moms who cured the enuresis of the child, talk about what your calendars marked sun dry night, and the cloud is wet. It all depends on how your imagination works. This method works if your children 5-7 years.

    And what to do with those who have bed wetting occurs at an older age?

    Enuresis (urinary) service

    Another method of treatment, which why-that are silent to us, but all over the world have long practiced the application of anuranga alarm. This method is 100% effective. If you are looking for how to cure bed wetting child 8 years or older, be sure to look for the information about what bladder alarm clock.

    The bottom line is this: in panties child is placed a sensor that responds to moisture. The sensor connects to the alarm clock. As soon as pants gets a first drop of fluid, the alarm starts to vibrate and ring. Baby wakes up to turn off the alarm and go to the toilet. In 2-3 months the child is cured of enuresis. Talking about this reviews of enureses the alarm clock, which confirm the effectiveness of the method.

    • Sensor us in panties not interfere. We cured for 3 weeks. Previously suffered for a few years. Why have I never heard of this alarm? Elena.
    • Cool reward system goes with the clock. A special calendar where my daughter (9 years old) pointed out all her “overnight successes”. The treatment turned into a game. We were helped. All-all advise. Igor.
    • The son at first was freaking out when the alarm woke him at night, and then resigned. Vibration will not frighten the child, as they feared our grandmother. Everything is cool. Only the first alarm clock we got with the marriage. Be careful when you purchase. It is better to take comprises of one bedroom. It really works. Faith.

    As you can see, to cure nocturnal enuresis the child is quite real in our time. The main thing — your desire to help your child and find the way that suits you.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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