Nourishing face mask at home: tips for use

When nourishing face mask at home really necessary? What tasks does it perform? How to choose a suitable makeup for oily and dry skin? What tools can I use? And whether they have an alternative among the natural cosmetics? The peculiarities of nutrition of the skin with masks.

We often hear that the skin to moisturize and nourish. What a day and night cream perform these functions: fluorescent composition saturates the skin with moisture and night — nutrients. Such judgments are supported and cosmetics manufacturers. On the packaging of cosmetic products, especially in the segment of mass-market, often the function of the cream or mask and are denoted by: moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes wrinkles.

But such judgment is fundamentally not true. And the need to supply the skin there is not always.

A professional approach to skin nutrition

“Modern cosmetics makes a clear distinction between the moisturizing and nourishing means, says beautician Tina Orasmaa Meder. The first is made on the basis of hyaluronic acid, second is rich in lipids. But the drugs with pronounced properties of hydration or nutrition necessary for the skin is extremely rare.”

Purely nutritional means can be used only if the skin is damaged and the natural lipid barrier is destroyed. This happens, for example, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, severe manifestations of atopic dermatitis. In these States, in the skin there is a deficit of ceramides and fatty acids. Efficiently to fill it can be a means of nutritional purposes.

The only indication for regular use nourishing masks is the care of Mature skin of women in menopause. At this time, in the body there is a natural decline in the production of lipids. Therefore, after the age of 45 years it is important to mask for the face included in the list of resources for additional care.

Women of young age, as a rule, extremely nourishing products is not needed. And in the market. Most beauty products combine the functions of hydration and nutrition because a number of cosmetic ingredients to work in both directions.

For example, kernel oil are considered to be powerful nutrients. But at the same time they contribute to moisture retention in the epidermis, respectively, should be attributed to the moisturizing components. And hyaluronic acid, which today is the basis for a good moisturizer at the same time stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen. This property should be attributed to nutrients.

“The correct approach to determining nutrient cosmetics is the predominance of the functions of power over moisture, says Tina Orasmaa Meder”.

The composition of these funds needs to be the main components.

  • Vitamins D and E. fat-soluble substance that restores the lipid barrier of the skin.
  • Lipids. Substances, the residual structural elements of the natural lipid layer. In cosmetics, low price segment is still used as a synthetic lipid bases: petrolatum and lanolin. High quality cosmetics have abandoned them in favor of natural analogues, such as palmitic acid. In nutrient composition of lipids can be combined with peptides — active proteins.
  • Fatty acids. The presence of omega 3,6 9 in the age makeup meets a number of needs of the skin. They are qualitatively nourish it, in severe dryness of the skin renew the lipid barrier. And that, in turn, helps retain moisture, making wrinkles less noticeable and your epidermis look healthy and fit. Also fatty acids are a powerful antioxidants that reduce the intensity of the effects of free radicals.

Cosmetologist Olga FEM recommends to choose tools with a high content of lipids and fatty acids for dry skin. “When you put on a skin moisturizer, and within twenty minutes you have the feeling of tightness, the properties of the lipid barrier is broken. You need to use active nutritional means”.

Requirements for cosmetic products

The mask is a means of extra care, i.e. it can be used not daily, but regularly. To get a good effect from any means, it is important to set up a proper skin care includes daily cleansing, tonification and hydration.

  • Purification. For Mature, dry skin it is recommended to use a cleanser that does not violate the lipid barrier. Such tools are very gently cleanse the skin and at the same time providing moisturizing effect.
  • Tonification. Is performed after washing with water and helps to normalize the acid-alkaline balance on the surface of the skin. The predominance of alkali, which remains after contact of the epidermis with tap water, disastrous for dry epidermis. You can use tonic or salted mineral water.
  • Hydration. Is performed using a day cream morning and night night. The product is applied to cleansed and treated with toner the skin along the massage lines.

Nourishing and moisturizing face mask is used twice a week. It is applied after cleansing and tonification. It restores the lipid barrier, helps to preserve moisture in the dermis, improves the condition of dry, Mature, aging skin.

For home care, choose tools depending on age.

  • Young skin is prone to dryness, sensitive. Formulations based on oil of wheat germ, rose, Jasmine, sandalwood. A good Supplement will be lecithin, antioxidant: tocopherol — vitamin E, which prevents photoaging of the skin, chamomile extract.
  • Mature skin after 40 years. Use the formulations based on oils of grapeseed, sandalwood, myrrh, peppermint, verbena. Will maintain the tone of the epidermis phytohormones, vitamins.

High-quality cosmetic compounds with nutritional properties is usually no need to rinse. They are absorbed by the skin completely. It is sufficient to apply the gel in the evening after cleansing the skin, easy to massage until completely absorbed. In the morning the skin will look fresh, smooth and radiant.

Popular myths about nourishing masks

There are several common stereotypes characterizing nutritional means, but does not meet reality.

Myth 1. The nutritional compositions necessarily fat.

Indeed, before cosmetic products to supply the skin was dense and thick. They were made based oils, petrolatum, lanolin. Today such funds do not cause discomfort during use. The new structure turned the once fat cream and mask in a light emulsion that is easily absorbed by the skin and does not aggravate it.

Myth 2. That mask is fed, it should create a film on the surface of the skin. And the thicker the film the longer it lasts, the better.

Fatty mask, indeed, forming a dense film that does not go away even after washing with water. But the use of such tools is not only useful for dry and aging skin, but also dangerous. The fact that the presence of the film reacts with the basal layer of the skin, which is responsible for the production of new cells, rejuvenation of the dermis and epidermis.

If the surface is covered with a semi-breathable layer, the basal Foundation of “sleep”: the exchange processes are slower and cells are not as active as expected for age. So at thirty women cells of the epidermis in normal are updated within twenty-four to twenty-eight days. In the presence of the airtight layer is already thirty — five, thirty-six days.

Using tight compositions, forming a thick fatty film on the skin surface, you provoke a decrease in the intensity of regeneration and premature aging.

That is why the skin should not use oil in its pure form. And finished formulations is better to choose those that are literally “fall” into the pores. Are substances on the basis of microfocal, microemulsions, lamellar emulsion.

Myth 3. Nourishing mask should be used constantly. Otherwise there will be “withdrawal”.

In medicine, a syndrome is the phenomenon when after completion of reception of a drug the patient’s condition returned to baseline or become worse. “In cosmetology syndrome — nothing more than a myth, says beautician Svetlana Poluektova. Just when you use a good nourishing mask that works for you, improves skin condition, you happy with their appearance. But when the tool ends and you don’t buy a new bottle, do not find him appropriate alternatives, the skin condition is deteriorating.”

But you need to use one nutrition constantly, no. It is important to focus on the skin condition at the moment. For example, in normal skin in the winter, there may be a tendency to dryness. So instead of the usual moisturizing mask that you use during summer and autumn, you can purchase the skin tone. When spring comes, extra care can again be adjusted.

Myth 4. A hydrating mask is not suitable for oily skin.

In separate conditions oily skin may need food. It leads to excessive drying means that drying up the epidermis, and the lack of sufficient moisture. To Deplete the skin may misuse peels, after which there is a violation of the stratum corneum, and the lack of restorative care.

Finally, with age, the skin takes on the features of dryness, but in fact, its properties do not change. It can continue to Shine in the T-zone to keep large pores, but can cause discomfort feeling of tightness and flaking. In this case, it is important to use nourishing products for oily skin that will help her to normalize the lipid barrier and restore its ability to retain moisture.

“A hydrating mask is a strictly special, says therapist Julia Korshunova. They are selected based on skin condition and existing problems. And always contain high concentration of components.”

Formulations for home use

Recipes of nourishing masks for the face, recommended for use in the home, usually include fat components. They decided to prepare, on the basis of vegetable oils, fatty sour cream. But reviews of beauticians, such care is not justified, as the benefits only in the short term. In the long-term worsens the condition of the epidermis, causing premature aging.

The author of the book “New cosmetology” Elena Hernandez recommends another approach to the preparation of nutritional compositions at home.

The basis of nourishing masks should serve as a fruit or vegetable puree. These compounds enrich the skin with vitamins. Also useful nourishing mask for face with honey, protein or egg yolk, depending on skin type and existing problems. It is useful to use clay, rice & oatmeal algae. Each composition must enrich one or two drops of essential oil.

For every skin type you can choose one or more of the foundations for a hydrating mask. Mix all the ingredients makes no sense, moreover, it is desirable to combine in one composition no more than three components, one of which is an essential oil.

  • Dry, sensitive skin. A hydrating mask is prepared on the basis of the decoction of oatmeal, fruit purees, yogurt or kefir, honey, mashed potatoes. They should add 1-2 drops of oils of rose, Jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli. If the basis used buckwheat flour, steamed with boiling water, add to the composition of jojoba oil, avocado or wheat germ.
  • Oily, porous skin. As a basic nutritional composition use honey, clay, yogurt or yogurt, steamed with boiling water rice flour. Add part of the chopped seaweed. Suitable essential oils of grapefruit, rosemary, lemon, bergamot, in the amount of 3-4 drops of the composition.
  • Age, tired skin. For Foundation, choose a hydrating mask with jojoba oil or wheat germ, clay, fruit purees, honey. The good regenerative effect has mush of brewed oat, rice, flour, with egg white. It add 5-7 drops of essential oil of verbena, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, rose, neroli.

Before applying makeup it is important to cleanse the skin. After applying you need to lie down and hold in a horizontal position fifteen minutes. After removing the mask brush skin moisturizer for evening care.

Proper care of skin suffering from dryness, signs of aging involves regular food. Ready-made cosmetic and home remedies to help restore the lipid barrier and solve the problems arising from its violation as early formation of wrinkles, hyperkeratosis, formation of pigment spots. Nourishing face mask should be used at a young age according to the testimony, in the presence of dry skin or dehydration. In adulthood after the age of 45 are encouraged to include such funds in regular care.

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