Nursing pillow: comfort for mom, safe for baby

Feeding baby breast – a process that invokes emotion in all who were lucky enough it at least once to see. At this time, the mother and her baby seemed to again merge. The importance of this action is difficult to overestimate, therefore, to provide a nursing mother and her baby comfortable and safe conditions for performing this process is a direct need. Exercise is capable of special nursing pillows is practical and convenient devices that greatly facilitate the life of the young mother. So, what is the pillow for feeding, what they are and what to consider to make a reasonable choice?

Solid pros — any cons

Very often fagged out mom is so tense while feeding the baby, since it does not bring pleasure neither she nor her baby. Fatigue has a negative impact on the health of women, and the baby feels the mother’s mood, can not concentrate on your lunch. And that’s where the woman comes sacudase simple, but very functional device pillow for feeding.

The main purpose of it lies in the fact, to support the child in a comfortable position and let mom be placed in a comfortable position. First and foremost, a nursing pillow gives you the ability to attach the baby to your breast not strictly fixed in one position and at different angles of inclination. This not only facilitates the child access to the breast, but also allows to prevent stagnation of milk.

In addition, the mother can hold baby with one hand, freeing the second. It is important that a woman can sit as it is convenient as a comfortable position during the breast-feeding plays a major role. And finally, the use of nursing pillows gives you the opportunity to enjoy it practically anywhere.

By purchasing a nursing pillow before the baby is born, you can solve some problems. In an interesting position it can be used as support for the stomach during sleep. Well, after breast feeding is finished, the pillow can be adapted as a seat for the grown up kid. As you can see, a nursing pillow multi-functional and practical!

Types of pillows for feeding

Shape and size of these accessories can be very different. U-like pillow is one of the most common. It is characterized by the fact that when feeding it can be wrapped around the body. The C-shaped pillow also comfortable. Pillows in the shape of the letter d is good because they can sleep while pregnant, conveniently tucked under the neck. Well, I-this pillow gives you the opportunity to stretch out next to her full height. They are all suitable for use during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby — feeding.

Choose a nursing pillow: what to pay attention

This accessory must be made of quality components that would not damage the health of the baby and its mother. The nursing pillow needs to have a removable pillow case – because the baby may regurgitate milk residues directly on the pillow, so no washing there is not enough. In addition, the pillowcase needs to be soft to the touch, made of natural materials. The ratio of filler to say that it can be of different types, for example, is often used as filler hollofayber, polystyrene balls or komforel. The main requirement – that it does not absorb odors and does not cause allergic reactions.


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