Occisis: what is it?

Every year the number of people suffering from excess weight, growing, and with them a growing number of various diets and workouts. Progress does not stand still, and already figured out how to lose weight by using air! All over the world wanting to learn this type of weight loss grows, because something new always gives hope for the achievement of results.

Ready to try a new method of losing weight – Occisis? Then the women’s website sympaty.net will bring you up to speed.

A little about the oxygen…

Jill Ronson — founder slimming system Occisis — claims that everyone can lose weight without exhausting exercise, diets, pills and other things. All they need is oxygen. Odd, isn’t it?

It would seem that we all breathe a lot and every day. So why is the pounds do not go away? And from what we breathe incorrectly! In order to check how you use your breathing possible, place one hand on your chest and other on stomach. Many will notice that the amount of air inhaled is small.

By the way, scientists have proven that the average person uses only 20% of the provision of his lungs (so that the brain is not to the end use, then the lungs). And the founders of this theory argue that because of the fact that we breathe properly, we have the stress and extra weight.

The essence of the program Occisis

The core of the program Occisis laid down the theory that the more air we inhale, the faster we lose weight. However, exercise reduced not only by breathing exercises. The program Occisis designed to train different muscle groups. Exercises are static, so jumping you do not have. The idea is that these two components should give a good result.

The fact that you must breathe a lot and successfully, we understand. But what about physical activity?

Those types of exercises that have been developed for training, takes no more than 15 minutes. Moreover, to do all at once 15 minutes is not necessary. In addition, absolutely no matter what age you are, weight and gender.

To do Axisitp can be standing, sitting, and even lying down. You won’t sweat, won’t pull a muscle, and will have fun!

According to some (vague) research conducted at several universities, was obtained from the following figure. Occisis allows you to burn 140% more caloriesthan exercise bikes.

Moreover, classes Occisis provide an opportunity to simultaneously train multiple muscle groups, which saves time.

By and large, this is the breathing technique using the diaphragm with simultaneous stretching.

What good Occisis?

  • Is a more rapid burning of calories compared to regular physical exercise.
  • Occisis gives you the opportunity to get rid of fat and cellulite
  • to lose weight
  • to enhance the appearance.
  • It increases stamina and flexibility,
  • saves time and money
  • helps to fight stress,
  • strengthens joints and muscles,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • easily helps to regain lost shape.

Now there are allowances for this type of training. Why you should watch and read? The thing is that Occisis was developed specific scheme of breathing. In order to understand it better, you have to consider the source.

By the way after studying this type of training, I came to the conclusion that Occisis reminiscent of Pilates with the complicated system of breathing. Dynamic jumps you will not find here.

Many speak positively about this form of weight loss. Others are viewed with scepticism. But in any case, why not try? At least, even if you can lose weight, then at least get rid of the stress ?

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Occisis: what is it?

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