Of loans — not a woman’s face

Gender equality (gender equality) is not observed even in countries considered to be civilized and advanced. Women are more difficult to find a job and become a real leader, for example, the President of one of the world’s leading powers. Those few women to take on their fragile shoulders the burden of governance, as Angela Merkel — first female Chancellor in German history are more an exception than the norm.

The Russian Federation, the Constitution of which guarantees men and women equal rights, is no exception, and the women of the country is very difficult, sometimes even the most simple questions, the solution of which men take less time and effort. One of such directions is considered to be the market of microcrediting of individuals that are MFI — microfinance institution.

The difficulty of getting a loan for a woman

At first glance, the problems with getting loan in MFO for women does not exist. Moreover, the number of Russian microfinance institutions to potential female customers are more loyal requirements than men. For example, if we talk about the maximum age threshold for borrowers that many MFIs overstate it for women for several years.

Less demanding women not only microfinance major organization at the Federal level, as well as small regional companies that offer loans in cash results in one of their few offices. The competition among MFIs of various sizes such that a number of companies regularly target women of action, thus allowing women not only to obtain the loan, but also to win a valuable prize.

C the other hand, what, by the way, the statistics of some of the leaders of the microfinance market of individuals, the percentage of approved loan applications from women are much lower than those for representatives of a strong half of mankind. This situation is associated with the following features.

  • The number of unemployed women is higher than the number of unemployed men, the latter of which is in acute need can easily find low-paid and heavy, but still a formal job. MFIs are known to be more willing to approve an application for a loan from employed customers.
  • In most families in Russia the major part of the family budget is wages or business income of a spouse, then as his wife traditionally gets less money. As a result, the MFI loans at a relatively large amounts of women available, as their monthly income does not allow time to return the money.
  • In conclusion, it is worth noting that the above statistics major Russian MFIs have not said that to a woman a loan is more difficult than for a man. Of course, if it meets all the requirements that a specific microfinance organization makes to customers. Moreover, some MFIs, in General, I think the ladies responsible clients, who often have overdue loans.

    Of loans — not a woman’s face

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