Office diet: how to save a figure in an office setting?

If you are lucky to work in a role where it is easy to combine sedentary work with physical activity, weight, scoliosis and so-called “office tan” you are not afraid. Other office workers are doomed, going outside, squinting from the bright sun, suffer from pain in the muscles of the back, and most importantly – constantly snacking on a variety of harmful “snacks”.

Female site prompt some ideas for office diet.

Fashion on a variety of candy bars, crackers, chips and eclairs among the office staff appeared, probably, even then, when the very notion of “office”. This is the place where it is simply impossible to refuse from eating all sorts of Goodies, when a colleague, so seductive rustling of candy wrappers. Looking into a computer monitor and don’t notice how to eat a bag of peanuts in chocolate.

How to overcome these temptations and to keep your body in conditions when you are surrounded by this unhealthy, but tasty food?

Change habits office supply

  • Simple rule — do not take it with you to work and don’t get in the way of chocolate, crackers or rolls. Replace all the apples, bananas, dried apricots and other fruits. Do not forget all these useful products to share with colleagues!
  • Office diet involves the mandatory hearty Breakfast. Protein food for Breakfast is very useful. Besides that you will have more strength to redo most of the work in the first half of the day, you’re not so hungry at lunch and eat a smaller portion.
    In addition, you will not have the desire to snack in between Breakfast and lunch.
  • Instead of harmful products get in the office with a bag of muesli. If there is a desire to have a bite, it’s a great way to “hang” until dinner, during which you again eat a lot less. Muesli can be prepared with milk, yogurt, kefir, or add plain hot water and jam.
  • Another secret office diet for lunch always outside of the office. And not to the nearest tent with hot dogs. Much more useful would be to eat a salad in a cafe or immediate food service than fast food.
  • Never overeat at work. Mental labor, though harder physically, but of the ability to burn all extra calories you may not be. May you enter into the habit of “snacking” only when you really feel hunger, but not always, and out of boredom or when someone buys.
  • Office diet – it is also the right drinks. Replace high-calorie sweet carbonated beverages with juicy fruits. One Apple or orange a great thirst quencher. Or drink regular purified water.

And quite a bit of physical activity

  • Do small physical exercises at least every hour. It will also give rest to your eyes. Of course, I do some exercise or yoga, but some manipulation it is possible to spend.
  • Office combine diet with any little bit of activity. Watered the office plants, not to overdo it with the moisture in the flowers, you can pour different colors on different days of the week.
  • In recent years it has become fashionable to have in the office animals. This not only helps staff to relieve stress, overcome in “a stupor”, but also a great way to warm up.
  • If you need to take the documents boss to buy a new office, send correspondence and resolve such office tasks, feel free to offer your services. Do not fear for your reputation, and use every opportunity to walk, climb stairs, etc.
  • Go to visit colleagues. Instead of having to call in the neighboring Department – go there.
  • Office diet – even outside the office! Do not be lazy to walk a few stops on foot and walk up to your floor.

If you stay in the office alone, you can do 10-minute exercises. Now there are many developed exercises for so-called “10-minutes” — for example, that charging at the workplace. Simple lunges on one leg, squats, warm neck, circular movements of hands your choice all that will allow you to make the office space and your outfit.

If thinking about a text or another work, do it. Walk to the window or walk down the corridor. Get out of the office during a personal call – it is also the rules of etiquette.

Remember that the one who does not want, looks for excuses and what he wants – possible. Use your imagination and make individual items to the office diet! You efficient work and good health!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, website – Beautiful and Successful

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