Office flu: how to confront the epidemic at work?

Women’s website “” today will help readers survive the long and cold winter in good health. We will focus on this type of cold pandemic as an office flu. What are the conditions to create a working dream, to avoid infection? How to protect yourself from indiscriminate infection, if sneezing colleagues persistently go to work instead of sick at home. What to do if the epidemic has affected you, and why is always more expensive “hrypuvaty” in the workplace?

The cold or inflammation tricks?

First of all, understand the values.

The office “sample” the flu is not one that employees of all the companies and affiliates, regardless of their size and specific activity, “sick” more often on Fridays, Mondays or the day after a corporate party.

It’s not that easy malaise that occurs when you look at a bunch of not disassembled documents on the desktop, and which requires immediate teleportation home and a few hours of sleep.

A “disease” is not described in medical books, not amenable to vaccination and does not require medical treatment. For full recovery of the employee is often enough a weekend or a single call “on the carpet” by the authorities.

Office, real flu is a real disease, the worst of which is the so – called chain reactionwhere all staff begin to fall ill one by one. In addition, in the case of infection in the office is not so easy to isolate yourself from sick people, because to go to work anyway.

And the more the company where you work, the more likely you will be subjected to attack of viruses because you never know what colleagues will bring from neighboring units or from the street.

Office flu will not work: precautions

Statistics show that the majority of our countrymen catch a cold during seasonal exacerbations of the disease in the country, that is twice a year: in late November – early December and mid-January.

Office employees, thanks to the work in a stuffy room and a sedentary lifestyle can be sick up to six times a year.

It is in such “periods of risk” advised to take maximum precautions in order not to get sick with office flu. (By the way, you can trap and other office disease!)

A strong immune system – the guarantee of health

Naturally, after the fight too late to wave their fists, that is, if you are already sick, weakened immunity are obvious. Its strengthening should take care in advance, for example, in the fall.

Ensure sufficient intake of vitamins (to drink a course before the onset of winter is a must), begin to harden, be sure to do morning exercises, eat more fresh vegetables and less sweet, have a negative impact on the immune system.


If there were the bearers of office flu, several times a day propulsive mucous hypertonic (salted) solution.

As often as possible my hands, try not to touch to the face (especially harmful to rubbing your eyes) during the day. Buy for office use antibacterial soap or stocks of antiseptic spray. Powerfully prevents the bacteria oxolinic ointment.

Bacteria, out!

When the first signs of office flu effectively frequent airing of the room. Make the Cabinet strong, but short-lived draft – bacteria disappear as quickly as possible.

Do it with colleagues after the departure of each visitor or, if the office really is the source of the virus about five times a day.

Ruin the virus life

Frequent cleaning naturally wet is one of the most effective ways of dealing with the spread of the flu.

In General, the air in the workroom should not be too dry. To increase the humidity “ruined” the authorities in the humidifier or just occasionally spray water from a spray bottle.

If in the office it’s “season” office epidemic of the flu, be sure to opolskiy boiling your personal dishes before each use.

An impenetrable shield

Wrap itself the cocoon of aromatic oils, especially citrus, which will chase away the virus. You can also use the spray aerobically.

Bring from home or buy in a supermarket pot of geraniums and put it on his Desk. The leaves of this plant contain substances – natural antibiotics, which will fight bacteria.

No one is indispensable

Whatever acute the need for your presence in the workplace, doctors strongly recommend to stay home sick. Hardly your heroic transfer of the disease “on their feet” will be appreciated by your superiors, if you will give the office the flu to other employees, start a chain reaction.

To all, working through the flu, healing only the symptoms, you risk to get complications, which are known to be much more serious than the flu – bronchitis, otitis media, pneumonia and even heart disease and Central nervous system.

Healthy you winter!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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