Office illness: how to stay healthy in the workplace?

Women’s website “” will list the most common office illnesses and tells how to implement their prevention. It would seem that there are professions much harder work white collar, however, sedentary work inevitably affects our health.

These insidious diseases that develop over time and are not immediate. That is why prevention of diseases is much easier than to cure later.

The eyes of an eagle

The authorities suffer not only from harmful radiation of the computer monitor, but under the influence of dry air in the working room. Dry eye syndrome is a common disease of office workers – preceded by symptoms such as cramps, pain in the eyes and forehead, redness of the eyelids and even double vision “pictures”.

To maintain sharp vision, it is important to regularly moisturize the eyes. Of course, we can watch Titanic and have a good cry, but better to do it with a special drug that will recommend ophthalmologist.

Each hour of work at the computer take a break to intensive (15-20 seconds) blink eyes. Exercises for the organs of vision should include the rotation of the eyes, “painting” look of numbers and letters of the alphabet (20 of different shapes and daily allowance is made).

In between also couple of minutes look into the distance, focus on small details of the building, count the Windows on the floors.

Musculoskeletal system

Due to the long, and most importantly – wrong – seat in office workers can develop are office ailments and diseases as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, sciatica and even cracks in the intervertebral discs.

The main causes is incorrectly organized work area and lack of movement.

Basic settings hygiene of the workplace:

  • elbows should be placed on the table
  • knees to bend at an angle of 90 degrees
  • the back of the chair should repeat the curves of the back
  • the seat must be rigid
  • the monitor is positioned so that the chin was straight

If you want to prevent diseases of the spine, characteristic of office workers, advises not to underestimate the importance of the “production history”:

  • Spread your arms, interlock your them to the castle at the blade, look at right elbow. Then, switch hands and look at the left elbow.
  • Hands in the lock pull up carefully stretch and do a few smooth bends to the sides.
  • Not get up, do five of torso with divorced hands in different directions.
  • Put your hands on the shoulders, take five smooth twisting in different directions and spinning elbows.
  • Gradually roll your head (10 times in different directions).
  • Experts estimate that the minimum charging that is performed every hour 25% reduces the risk of office of syndromes and illnesses, and reduces the negative effects of inactivity. Consolidate the results of daily morning exercise, evening yoga or the swimming pool (thrice a week).

    The correct location of the elbows during work will save you from another unpleasant computer ailments – tunnel syndrome (a pinched nerve located in the wrist), which can later cause arthritis of the hands. His symptoms – pain and weakness in the wrist, numbness of fingers.

    Prevention is simple: periodically rotate the brush, squeeze and rasimi fingers.

    Prevent varicose veins

    If you are an experienced soldier of the front office, then surely you already have the first signs of problems with the veins of the legs – occasional swelling, pain, “pokracovanie” in the muscles or even convulsions. This is a professional disease, not only the couriers, but also office workers who walk very little.

    Sitting at work, don’t put the feet up and wear comfortable shoes instead of heels, if you’re not at the meeting.

    A regular ladder is the most affordable and effective training device against varicose blood stasis.

    If in your workday you have the opportunity to “put feet on the table”, make it home right after work and before sleep (five to ten minutes). Effective exercises is the rotation of the feet, straighten the legs, clenching of the fingers. Evening and morning contrast shower will also increase the tone of veins.

    Take care of the nerves

    Office lifestyle affects the nervous system is not less than physical condition. The list of office “nervous” diseases include professional burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, depression.

    Their main reason could be the only feature of modern man – the inability to relax.

    To deal with these ailments is long before that: learn meditative practice, increases the stress, learn to release tension, to relax before bedtime and leave work at the door of the office.

    Respiratory system and immunity

    The “weather” in the office – the reason of frequent illnesses and colds office workers. Too dry air, a rare airing, temperature differences, passive Smoking, air conditioning can lead to chronic bronchitis.

    There will have to negotiate with colleagues, but most importantly your weapon is fresh air, which should become a regular in any weather. Also mandatory should be the quarterly rate of vitamins as well as weekend in the country or at least in a nearby Park.

    There are special preventive sprays for the nose, but perhaps more aesthetically pleasing to have a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil or tea tree is a powerful antiseptic that will protect you from viruses.

    Remember that the office of the disease is insidious, and no one will take care of your health, except you. Work to live, not Vice versa – and then the occupation will bring you joy and satisfaction!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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