Oil for stretch marks during pregnancy: what to choose

Today we talk about such a widespread problem as stretch marks. What is it and is it possible to get rid of them? How you can help in this oil for cellulite and stretch marks?

Which ones will be most effective? About all this, read our article.

What are stretch marks?

This trouble, unfortunately, no one is immune — neither the beauties nor the thin, neither young nor old ladies, neither men nor women. In fact it is the scars on the skin that arise not from external mechanical damage, and from severe stretching.

Despite its elasticity, the skin sometimes cannot withstand the strain, because her encounter microtrauma, which subsequently scars. Sometimes this trail can be white, and sometimes reddish or bluish (especially in the beginning after emergence), when the skin cells are injured capillaries.

Most of the stretch marks, which are also called “stretch marks”, seen after pregnancy in the abdomen and thighs, on the chest, that is, in places, the strong stretching of the dermis. Also, they can observe themselves, those who dropped many pounds.

How to prevent stretch marks or get rid of this unaesthetic defect? Can here to help natural remedies? And what kind of oil would suit best for stretch marks?

The website sympaty.net reveals the secrets.

How to use oil from a specific stretch marks during pregnancy?

Pregnant stretch marks that bother most. While the expectant mother may not notice anything until the baby’s out, and the body will not begin to come into form (and the skin, respectively, to shrink). And here are a few tips on how to apply oil for stretch marks during pregnancy.

  • Start using them to prevent need in the first trimester of pregnancy, paying special attention to the skin of the abdomen, thighs and Breasts. So the dermis is optimally moisturized and trauma will be much less.
  • It is not enough just to apply the oil onto the skin, it is necessary to properly allocate and make massage. It is best to pre-heat a small amount in a water bath and apply a light tingling and rubbing movements.
  • Especially careful you have to be pregnant with essential extracts that have a strong odor and having in its composition of active ingredients. It is better to use neutral products like olive, jojoba, coconut, almond, etc.

How to use oil against stretch marks?

There are certain types of oils that have proven themselves best. For example, oil against stretch marks during pregnancy it is better to take not essential, but if you want to rid also of cellulite, then you should use a strong smelling and warming extracts.

In any case, the essential oil in pure form and in large quantities is not recommended to anyone — it can cause severe allergic reaction, redness, rash, and even skin burns.

As the basis taken the base oil and added a few drops of your chosen essential — so-preparing the mixture for massage. You can cook it in advance and store in a bottle of dark glass in the refrigerator or prepare before each use.

Base oil for stretch marks

To the base are neutral oils, non-peculiar smell — this is usually plant.

It is best to take as a basis some of these are: olive, almond, peach, jojoba, avocado, wheat germ or coconut oil from severe stretch marks.

They have the ability to optimally moisten the skin, saturate it with vitamins A and E, to make it more supple and elastic. Take approximately 30 ml of base oil is added to it no more than 2-3 ml of ether, which is active component.

Essential oil stretch marks

But what kind of essential oil proved to be best even from the strong and old stretch marks?

  • Geranium. The ether extract of this plant will have a strong and specific smell. But it contains those components, which can save you not only from stretch marks, and cellulite. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” has already told you how to use geranium essential oil for beauty and health.
  • Citrus. Tangerine, orange, lemon or grapefruit extract contains acid that affects the outer layer of the epidermis, renews and regenerates him. But citrus oil stretch marks is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Cocoa. This product has the unique ability to heal injuries and soothe inflamed skin. However, in cocoa there are many active components that can run all the processes in the skin.
  • Castor. It can also be used as a base, but it is recommended to dilute to 50% strength ratio with olive or other vegetable.
  • Pink. It is well suited for the new, newly formed stretch marks, as rose has anti-inflammatory properties and may initially make stretch marks less noticeable.
  • Remember: for greater effect, it is best to do the massage regularly! Do it after a shower in the morning and evening for 14 to 21 days, and you will see how effective can be natural oils to stretch.

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site ToKnow365.top

    Oil for stretch marks during pregnancy: what to choose

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