Olive oil for hair benefits, how to apply, recipes for growth and strengthening

Gorgeous hair is the decoration of women. If the girl is lush, shiny, well-groomed hair, then it will certainly be the center of attention of men. To have a beautiful hair, not enough time to wash my hair and do the styling, the curls need to be healthy from the inside out. And here comes the beautiful natural cosmetics. For example, you can try olive oil for hair.

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The content of the article

  • 1 the composition of the product and how it affects hair
  • 2: Cosmetics, essential and edible: how olive oil is good for hair
  • 3 Recipes for dry strands
    • 3.1 honey
    • 3.2 With esters
    • 3.3 With vinegar and egg yolk
  • 4 Masks to grow a braid
    • 4.1 Energy of hot pepper
    • 4.2 Onion-honey cocktail
  • 5 Universal restorative blend
    • 5.1 Egg-cognac
    • 5.2 oil Oil
    • 5.3 henna
  • 6 Tricks to enhance the effect
  • 7 Reviews: “the Result shocked me”

The use of “liquid gold” for women’s health was “studied” in the middle ages. Ladies first squeezed the fruit of an evergreen tree, and then used the extract inside, used for the treatment of skin and hair. Women moistened in olive extract combs and combed the curls. After this procedure, the hair shone, became thicker.

The experience of the ancestors of modern beauties used until now: the easiest method of application is to apply olive oil on the hair overnight. Just pour the contents into palm and apply on hair. Cover your head with plastic and then cloth. In the morning wash the head as usual.

It is better to apply olive oil on the hair in heated form, the temperature increase activates nutrients so they are faster and “more reliable” sneak into the base and into hair.The composition of the product and how it affects hair

The beneficial properties of the oil of the fruit evergreen plants can be estimated from the chemical composition of the product. It contains the largest number (in comparison with other oils) fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, and others. Such acids are responsible for immune defense, characterized by anti-inflammatory properties and even reduce the risk of cancer.

Among other important substances in the composition can be called phytosterols — they give the strands elasticity, “is opposed to” dandruff and even save you from baldness.
Finally, essential is E — “vitamin of youth”, his role for strengthening and stimulating hair growth and giving a natural Shine it is hard to overestimate.

These substances give olive oil the ability to comprehensively improve the condition of hair. So, the product:

  • nourishes;
  • moisturizes;
  • restores;
  • protects from negative influence of weather factors;
  • protects from thermal and chemical damage (hair dryer, flat iron, coloring);
  • enhances the growth.

Before you begin to actively use olive oil for hair treatment, check to see if you are allergic to it. For this test the oil on your wrist, and if within a quarter of an hour the skin will not undergo change, safely proceed to home treatments.Cosmetics, essential and edible: how olive oil is good for hair

Vegetable olive oil is a culinary, cosmetic and essential. Cosmetics and essential often used for the face. And the fact that is sold in grocery stores, for the hair, since the flow more. In this case olive oil are two varieties, refined and unrefined. What is suitable for the treatment of strands?

  • Refined. Usually on the bottle refined oil is refined marking. The oil is subjected to different degrees of purification, is exposed to high temperatures because of the action of nutrients in it are much lower than in the unrefined “fellow”. Oil is almost odorless, has neutral taste with a slight smell of olives, so it is more suitable for food than to restore hair.
  • Unrefined. On the bottle with this product you see the words virgin or extra-virgin. This means that the oil passed chemical treatment, it is more than 80% of Italian olive oil. It preserved all the useful properties of the fruit of an evergreen tree.

Some girls used to care even the expired olive oil. For example, arrange curls “bath”. To do this, heat the oil, add a few drops of ether or lemon juice. After applying wrap your head with a towel made of cotton fabric. So go for one hour, and then wash the hair.Recipes for dry strands

Squeeze out the fruit of the olive tree refers to the number of vehicles of “first aid” for dry hair and split and lifeless ends. Try making masks with olive oil for the hair, and after a month of regular use you will see how the tresses transformed.

With honey

  • Take six teaspoons of olive extract and mix with two teaspoons of honey, not candied.
  • Warm the mixture on a water bath, stirring occasionally.
  • Apply on hair, without forgetting carefully to handle the roots.
  • Leave for influence for half an hour.
  • With esters

  • Take 40 ml of olive oil, heat.
  • Add five drops of oil of ylang-ylang and the same santalovo.
  • Apply on hair, soak for 40 minutes.
  • Then wash the head.
  • With vinegar and egg yolk

  • Mix 45 ml olive oil, 20 ml of Apple vinegar and egg yolk.
  • Heat ingredients in the microwave.
  • First, apply liberally to dry hair, then remains spread throughout the hair.
  • Do this procedure once-twice a week.
  • Olive mask will also help to get rid of dandruff and itching. These symptoms often arise for those who have skin prone to excessive dryness.Mask to grow a braid

    Judging by the reviews beauties on the Internet, has been proven olive oil for hair growth. Adding to the basis of the other components that stimulate the hair follicles, it is possible to achieve a good result and relatively fast to grow a braid. To achieve the effect, most importantly, as with all treatments homemade hair care masks done regularly, at least two to three months.

    The energy of hot pepper

    Features. The composition of this mask is simple but effective. Juice, olive nourishes the hair follicles, preventing hair loss, and is responsible for strengthening the hair. And pepper extract improves blood circulation at the roots, stimulating the growth of tresses.

    How to do

  • Take the same quantity of tincture of hot pepper and olive oil, mix.
  • If your hair is dry, you can add one chicken egg yolk.
  • Apply on the hair roots.
  • To achieve the effect is enough to hold the mask on your head 10-20 minutes, but if the pepper does not cause you extreme discomfort then you can increase the time to half an hour.
  • Onion-honey cocktail

    Features. The therapeutic properties of hair masks with olive oil, honey and onions are as follows. Honey is a source of minerals and vitamins that feed the hair roots. And onion juice improves blood flow to the roots and strengthens them.

    How to do

  • Take a tablespoon of olive oil, dilute the juice of one onion and combine with a tablespoon of liquid honey.
  • Apply this cocktail on slightly damp hair for 30 minutes.
  • Wash your head with shampoo.
  • Universal restorative blend

    Every time, adding to olive the basis of different ingredients, you can find many unique recipes of masks that will be suitable for your hair and solve your specific problem. Below are the most popular options for cooking a versatile olive hair masks.

    Egg and brandy

  • In an enamel bowl pour a tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Add the egg, whisk the contents.
  • Pour a tablespoon of brandy.
  • The mask is applied to wet hair, leave for 40-60 minutes.
  • Oil oil

  • Take two tablespoons of olive oil and any of the suggested base oils: jojoba, sesame, linseed.
  • Slightly heat the mixture of oils in the microwave.
  • Apply to dry hair before shampooing, keep an hour.
  • You have to flush it with warm water and after washing your hair with shampoo.
  • Henna

  • Mix in a bowl one tablespoon of olive oil and the same colourless henna.
  • To drive in a mixture of one egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice.
  • The exposure time is one hour.
  • Tricks to enhance the effect

    To mask with olive oil for hair had the desired effect, remember some recommendations for its preparation and application.

    • Heat. Use the mask better in a heated, but not in the case, if there is white or the yolk of the egg.
    • Apply from the roots. Gently RUB the mask when applying it, first with fingertips into the scalp at the roots, and then distribute the entire length, paying special attention to your hair. If your hair is dry at the ends, but greasy at the roots, apply olive mask only on the ends of the strands.
    • Observe periodicity. Make a mask with olive at home once a week. This will be enough to ensure that hair receives the necessary nutrition. If your hair is oily, carry out the procedure no more than twice per month.

    The benefits of olive oil for the hair is achieved not only by applying home masks, but also in the use of “liquid gold” inside. One tablespoon of olive oil daily on an empty stomach (if there is no medical contraindication to receive the product) nourish the body with healthy omega acids that are beneficial to the whole female body in General, and on the skin, nails and hair in particular. Many ladies that employed the “liquid gold” for hair care, have felt its beneficial effect. This is evidenced by reviews of girls on websites dedicated to beauty.

    Reviews: “the Result shocked me”

    Useful properties of olive hair oil I discovered recently and I want to say that I’m surprised. I only once tried to make a mask and my hair shiny as after a series of expensive hair care products. Now I want to try argan oil, though olive in comparison with it already wins.

    With your hands, http://narodnayamedicina.com/olivkovoe-maslo-dlya-volos-primenenie-polza-maski/

    Olive oil is truly a gift of nature! And in cosmetics it is often used, especially in the Mediterranean countries, and Eastern beauties.I really like it too. And the skin looks great and my hair after using it.

    Irina, http://narodnayamedicina.com/olivkovoe-maslo-dlya-volos-primenenie-polza-maski/

    Olive oil I use to moisturize your dry hair. In combination with jojoba oil in equal proportions, the effect is simply magical, happens also strengthen the roots.

    Golubova, http://voloslove.ru/masla/olivkovoe-maslo-dlya-volos

    Olive oil is considered liquid gold. And I know this from my experience of its use. There was a problem with the hair, it was dull and brittle. Could not manage to improve their condition. Saved me a mask with olive oil, cinnamon and honey. Did the mask 3 times a week. A month later, the result shocked me. My hair had become shiny, flowing, soft.

    Lily, http://evehealth.ru/olivkovoe-maslo-dlya-volos-ukreplenie-v-domashnih-usloviyah/

    Olive oil for hair benefits, how to apply, recipes for growth and strengthening

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