On what date do you sleep with a man?

Each story of the relationship between man and woman is unique. There are good marriages that began with sex on the day of Dating, and are very troubled relationship where the sex happened after six months of going by the handle…

The website “ToKnow365.top” won’t give you one right answer, on what date do you sleep with a man but will give some idea about male psychology!

How men perceive a woman’s consent to sex?

I want to warn young women against this stereotype, which supposedly guides all men. Let’s formulate it like this: what decent woman (and generally better), the later she must agree to sex.

But this is a mistake!!! Men argue a little differently. The fact that the man, being interested in a girl, naturally dreams about having sex with her, and her consent to the exercise of his dreams does not spoil her reputation in his eyes!

Good (or bad) the woman in the vision of men do very different things – their character, philosophy, mind, even the quality of sex (not the date of consent!).

But… even with that woman, which man considers splendid, disposable sex and can remain disposable. Even if a man sooo much!

Why? Because the approach to sex as such different men different ways. Some men prefer a sort of “sexy freelance” (in this case they can appreciate and respect their short-term partners, not considering them bad and unworthy!).

Others are looking for a long-term relationship (and sometimes agree to “mediocre” options, if only in life there was a constant woman).

If the original purpose of men do not coincide with yours, then hope for a miracle is not necessary – it is unlikely that the pick-up suddenly, you begin to dream about marriage and children just because you’re three months had refused him sex! And potentially ready for a serious relationship a man can propose to a girl who slept with on the first date….

Why, then, worry about at what date do you sleep with a guy? Because it is the only true filter that allows you to avoid relationships with those whose goals are fundamentally different from yours!

First sex with a new woman for any man is always something special, “the beat”.

Classic ladies ‘ men change women, not because all previous passions seem bad, but for the sake of the thrill, the novelty effect! So don’t sell yourself short, if you happen to unpleasant story and the guy will not stay with you after one night – the thing is that he needs another new girl (and actually not the fact that it will be better!). The novelty effect makes any partner much better in the eyes of men, than all the previous ones – so don’t be afraid of loss of reputation!

On what date do you sleep: psychology of men

So, how does it work? Clearly defining your goals – what date do you sleep with a man? Let us consider four possible period of consent to sex.

  • The first three dates. During this period you can agree to have sex if you clearly understand one thing – these relationships may be terminated at any time! After one night, after a few nights, a few months later – it shouldn’t matter. Three dates is the time (max) give yourself to the seduction of girls the charge. Three Dating any of the men can not say with certainty that he is seriously in love and really wants a lasting relationship. Yes, there are pleasant exceptions – you may be ahead of the wedding and four kids, but… for the first three dates any dreams about this can be equated to the money.
  • 3-10 dates. Usually this period lasts one to two months (assuming you don’t see each other more often than once in three days). If the man agreed to wait longer than 3 dates, the interest it does not go off – then we can talk about his intention to be with you for a long time, and not just for sex… But to completely eliminate the option to “hit them and quit them” is still not allowed!
  • 10 and more dates. If a man waits more than two months (in this case, you are regularly seen, and he steadfastly render you with attention) – then he is in love and serious. Most often it is 10 visits cited as the answer to the question “on what date do you sleep with a guy”?
  • Six months relationships and more. If a man agrees to a Platonic relationship for half a year or even more – then be wary! If there are no additional circumstances (for example, forced separation, religious beliefs prohibiting premarital sex, young age of the partners), then it may not good to characterize a man. Either he is completely blinded by his feelings and willing to tolerate all the whims and antics of a girl, or have low self esteem and therefore are willing to spend time on difficult and unpromising for a relationship (as I am convinced that more agreeable and less cranky ladies he is unworthy and such in his life will not appear)… the Third option and not optimistic at all – he doesn’t care what date it is possible to have sex with you, because he has one (or more than one!) female partner and to have sex with all of them in order…
  • So on what date do you sleep with a man?

    The main condition – that you wanted this! Sex does not have to become a “sweet reward” the patient is supposed to happen when you it will be a joy and a pleasure!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    On what date do you sleep with a man?

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