Onion hair mask against hair loss: how often to do much to hold the recipes with garlic, yogurt, honey + feedback

Onion is the most popular vegetable in the world. Libya, Senegal, Britain and France – the undisputed leaders in the consumption of this product. In the culinary traditions of other countries bitter vegetable also stands in the place of honor. This is not surprising, because in addition to taste, he is credited with properties of antibiotic, aphrodisiac, antioxidant, analgesic and fat burner. And onions from ancient times used in cosmetics. Rough corns, dull skin, weak curls – all the problems he is subject. And today does not lose relevance onion hair mask against hair loss.

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The content of the article

  • 1 Benefits of bitter vegetables: chemical composition
  • 2 Onion hair mask against hair loss: choose the type of strands
    • 2.1 For normal
    • 2.2 For oily
    • 2.3 dry
  • 3 How to achieve the effect, and not to harm: 6 tips
  • 4 Fight with a specific smell
    • 4.1 Herbal decoction
    • 4.2 Acidified water
    • 4.3 Colorless henna and coffee
    • 4.4 Cosmetic clay
  • 5 do Not throw away the husk
  • 6 Reviews and results

Onion is a versatile fighter. On the internal organs, and the curls he has a complex effect, solving several pressing problems. You just need a mask of onions for hair if:

  • hair grows slowly;
  • lost healthy Shine and volume;
  • there is a strong cross-section and brittle;
  • the curls fall out heavily;
  • haunted by the dandruff.

Benefits of bitter vegetables: chemical composition

More than one generation of hair saved onion mask for hair growth. By accelerating blood circulation aktiviziruyutsya vital processes in the hair follicles. Hair becomes longer, thicker and healthier. And it happens thanks to the rich chemical composition of the product.

  • Niacin. Strengthens the roots and makes your own hair color more intense. Prevents premature appearance of gray hair.
  • Volatile. Have a disinfecting effect. This is important when dealing with seborrhea. And they help to get rid of lice.
  • Organic acids. Prevent breaking and splitting of the hair shaft.
  • Ascorbic acid. Saturate the hair follicles with oxygen. Vitamin C slows down the process of aging and dying roots.
  • Potassium. Normalizes the production of sebum, due to which tresses remain fresh longer.
  • Sulfur. It is the activator of regenerative processes. Improves the condition of skin and awakens your dormant follicles, helps in the treatment of alopecia.
  • Essential oil. Irritate the epidermis, stimulating active blood flow. Thus, the roots get more vitamins and minerals.

The composition of the onion comes lacrimator. It also makes a person “cry” while working with vegetable. To neutralize the effect of lacrimator and make the treatment more comfortable, soak the vegetable in the freezer for 10 minutes.Onion hair mask against hair loss: choose the type of strands

A classic recipe onion mask for the hair includes the juice of a bitter vegetable and warm water in the same amount. This means the people were saved from baldness since time immemorial. Later, the masks began to introduce all of the new features. It is possible to reduce unpleasant feelings during the procedure and to expand the scope of the funds.

For normal

Frequent stress, poor nutrition, improper care – all these and more harm the hair. And even common cause of hair loss is pregnancy and breastfeeding. To solve problems will help the onion hair mask at home. Effective formulations for normal type curls collected in a table.

Table – Recipes onion masks for normal hair

AppointmentBasisSupplementTime, minutes
Healing2 tablespoons onion juice– 2 tablespoons of carrot juice;
– same amount of lemon juice;
– teaspoon of burdock oil
Dandruff– The juice of a large cloves garlic;
– 2 tablespoons of yogurt;
– egg yolk
Firming– Tablespoon of honey;
– the same amount of burdock oil;
– same amount of lemon juice;
– 2 tablespoons of cognac;
– egg yolk
For rapid growthOne – third Cup of olive oil;
– 5 drops of cinnamon air
For density– 2 eggs;
– tablespoon of the oil of wheat germ;
– 2 drops of tangerine air
For volume– A tablespoon of lemon juice;
– 2 capsules “Evita”;
– 2 drops of cedar live

For home remedies you can use and juice, and puree the onions. But most women prefer the first option. Mask from the juice easier to wash, besides it has a less pungent odor.For oily

Greasy hair, lack of volume and quickly lose their freshness after washing. And sebaceous plugs clog the pores and hinder the penetration of oxygen and nutrients in the skin, which inevitably leads to hair loss. To cope with the problem, you need to regularly make an onion mask for strengthening of hair. The compositions of solving this and other problems can be taken from the table.

Table – Recipes onion masks for oily hair

AppointmentBasisSupplementTime, minutes
Firming2 tablespoons onion juice– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice;
– same amount of aloe juice;
– the same amount of brandy
For long lasting freshness– 3 tablespoons of sea buckthorn juice;
– a tablespoon of black clay
For rapid growth– Tablespoon of natural yeast;
– the same amount of honey;
– 2 tablespoons of warm water
For density– A slice of stale rye bread;
one – third Cup of warm whey
Dandruff– Tablespoon fine sea salt;
– 2 drops pink ether;
– the same orange ether;
– the same ginger air
Cleansing– Teaspoon of baking soda;
– 3 tablets of activated charcoal

For dry

Owners of dry hair is not recommended the use of onion mask. The juice, when applied to the skin and hair, leads to more intense moisture loss. But how then to deal with the hair loss and brittle? It is sufficient to enter some components that neutralize the aggressive action of onion and moisturize the hair. Effective recipes collected in the table.

Table – Recipes onion masks for dry hair

AppointmentBasisSupplementTime, minutes
Moisturizing2 tablespoons onion juice– Teaspoon of olive oil;
the same Flaxseed oil;
– the same sea buckthorn oil;
– 2 drops of lavender ether
Dandruff– Tablespoon of aloe juice;
– the same amount of honey
Against hair loss– Teaspoon of honey;
– the same amount of mayonnaise;
– the same olive oil
Nutritional– 2 tablespoons of sour cream20
Healing– Tablespoon of coconut oil;
– egg yolk

Onions often cause allergies, and may also cause irritation of sensitive skin. To ensure that you suitable means, apply a DAB of juice on your wrist or temple area. If there is severe redness or itching, it means that the bow is not your tool.

How to achieve the effect, and not to harm: 6 tips

Warming and, as a consequence, the increased blood flow is the main principle of bow. This effect provokes active feeding roots and quick growth of hair. But careless use of home-made cosmetics can cause the skin and hair from irreparable harm. Examine reviews about the onion mask, it is possible to allocate six recommendations, following which you will achieve the maximum effect without harm to hair.

  • Apply only on the skin. Avoid contact with compounds on the hair and especially the ends. Onion juice dry out hair shaft. To minimize the impact of money on hair, apply the mask on partings with cotton pad.
  • Use before shampooing. Fat is a protective barrier that will protect the skin from burns and irritation. Well enough to comb out hair before the procedure to remove excess fat.
  • Do not wet the curls. Water is a catalyst for chemical processes. If before the procedure you wet your hair, the onions will burn significantly stronger.
  • Insulate the head. To ingredients deep into the cells, the desired “greenhouse effect”. Use plastic wrap and a warm towel.
  • Not peredergivaete. Keep onion mask on your hair can be no longer than half an hour, depending on the availability and composition of softening components. Especially it is impossible to leave the vehicle overnight. Otherwise, you can earn a burn.
  • Listen to feelings. If you feel the burning becomes unbearable, an urgent need to wash the composition from the head, without waiting for the expiration of the allotted time.
  • Rinse with warm water. High temperature will increase the burning, as well as contribute to the consolidation of the peculiar smell on the hair.
  • To obtain a stable effect you need to take the full course of ten treatments. The optimal interval between application of masks to five days. Often make the procedure impossible. You need to give the skin time to recover.

    Struggle with a specific smell

    There is no doubt in the benefits of onions for health and beauty of hair. But a specific odor, which is absorbed into the skin and hair, causes discomfort and makes feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, to combat this phenomenon there are several effective means.

    Herbal decoction

    Features. To rid the hair from unpleasant onion odor and to further strengthen the roots, use decoctions of medicinal plants. Suitable chamomile, nettle, hops, calendula, and other herbs, or combinations thereof. For each tablespoon of dried raw material should have a glass of water. The amount is determined individually based on the length and thickness of hair. Heat the broth for ten minutes after boiling. When the medium has cooled, it should drain.

    How to use

  • After the procedure, the onion, rinse the mask with warm water with shampoo.
  • Blot tresses with a towel and rinse them herbal decoction.
  • Leave the hair for five to ten minutes. The broth needs to dry out.
  • Rinse the hair with water.
  • When you strain the broth, wring herbal aftertaste. This is to ensure that as many useful essential oils came in ready means.Acidified water

    Features. To give hair volume and lightness, the hair is commonly rinsed with water, acidified with vinegar or lemon juice. In addition to the conditioning effect, these products have the unique ability to neutralize unpleasant odors. Quite a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice per liter of water.

    How to use

  • Prepare the required amount of conditioner depending on the length and thickness of hair.
  • After removing the mask rinse the hair acidified water.
  • Leave composition on hair for ten minutes.
  • Again rinse the locks with running water.
  • Colorless henna and coffee

    Features. A couple of teaspoons of colorless henna, diluted with half Cup of freshly brewed coffee works wonders. Grass will enhance the curls and give it volume, and the coffee will give the hair an unforgettable flavor.

    How to use

  • Twice wash the tresses with shampoo.
  • On wet hair, apply a coffee-herbal mask, massaging the skin.
  • After 20 minutes, rinse the part with warm water. You can additionally rinse herbal decoction.
  • If you are not sure that coffee will kill a strong onion smell, you can strengthen the team a couple of drops of essential oils. Works best rosemary or lavender in the air.Cosmetic clay

    Features. Clay has the unique ability to absorb odors. In addition, the tool also cleans the scalp. Suitable for both white and green, and blue.

    How to use

  • Dissolve the powder in water. Density of mass should be similar to sour cream.
  • Apply at the root zone.
  • When you feel the clay start to dry and pull the skin, wash with a small amount of shampoo.
  • Do not throw away the husk

    Of onion puree or juice make excellent masks, and onion peel prepare an effective broth for thickness and hair health. The peel is rich in quercetin, which, thanks to anti-inflammatory properties, is actively used in pharmacology. The best recipes are collected in the table. In the heart of each recipe contains onion peel in the amount of three large spoonfuls. The broth is filtered before use.

    Table – Recipes of decoction of onion peel

    FirmingCup of boiling water– To rinse the hair after shampooing;
    – to insulate the head
    – Boil for 5-7 minutes;
    – apply unlimited
    From alopecia– 3 large spoons
    oak bark;
    – 1,5 l of water
    – To heat;
    – RUB the scalp after washing
    – Boil for one hour;
    – apply at least 2 weeks
    For rapid growth– Big spoon of birch leaves;
    – 1.5 cups of water
    RUB it into the roots after washing– Boil for 10 minutes;
    – apply every 3 days to achieve the desired result
    For density– 3 big spoons of nettle;
    – 1.5 cups of water
    RUB into the roots for 1-2 hours before shampooing– Boil for 20 minutes;
    – apply unlimited

    Note that onion skins can give the strands a bit If you do not want the locks changed color, rinse them well with water half an hour after applying the broth.

    High humidity intensifies the smell of onion, which has been secured on the hair during the procedure. If dry hair does not smell, is the head to get wet in the rain or sweat in the hat, as you and others will feel a peculiar odor. So, if you are interested in mask of onions for hair, plan a course of treatments for the spring-summer period, when the established warm dry weather.

    Reviews and results

    In order to neutralize the unpleasant smell of onions after this mask, I rinse hair with a decoction of mint or parsley broth, whichever of these herbs you have on hand. I just don’t know whether it is possible to do so blondes still grass give a greenish tint.

    Kate green, http://hairhomecare.ru/kak-otrastit-volosi/sredstva/maski/domashnie/iz-luka.html

    Had a problem with hair loss. I remembered about Luke, too, when they heard about it. In General, it began to make masks, too, one or two times a week. But the mask interfered with everything that was at hand. Or rather : onion juice, pepper tincture, burdock oil, castor oil, olive oil and other which were available. Sometimes not all oil, onion juice and pepper tincture mandatory ingredients. Then pack on the hair and a warm hat and so an hour or two. Then just washed with shampoo with the addition of a few drops of ylang ylang, the smell was not felt. After a month of use because of departure, I stopped doing the mask. But back home in three weeks and happened to look closely at their hair roots with insane I was happy to find that my entire head (well, at least the part that was available to the gaze) has grown a lot “antennok” new hair centimeter by three and more. So I have all the merit attributed to onion juice and tincture of red pepper.

    Vika Lyubetskaya (Savenko), http://www.voloskova.ru/hair-mask/405-lukovaya-maska-dlya-volos.html

    I just bow and helped, his hair fell out in bunches, of rubbing onion juice+egg+burdock oil hair loss stopped after a week and then got new hair, and very quickly began to grow. Although the smell is awful, especially if you sweat

    Ty http://www.woman.ru/rest/freetime/thread/3848618/

    Onion hair mask against hair loss: how often to do much to hold the recipes with garlic, yogurt, honey + feedback

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