Online store ASOS in Russian: European quality in Russia

Online shopping is active in our lives. To make purchases from online stores is convenient and fast! In addition, the prices here are much nicer and the range is much richer. Today we will tell you about the world-famous British online store ASOS!

ASOS is the largest and most popular British online store. It is a huge range of multi-brand clothes, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics for men and women. Thanks to the convenient service ASOS official website has won a high popularity all over the world. A good filter and sort by color, size, brand, clothing type and price makes even casual visitors to stay longer on the website. With ASOS, you can easily pick up a new style, listening to the advice of designers or dress like a Hollywood star. Here you just want to buy everything! Will find products for every taste and budget. Frequent sales and promotions give you the opportunity to save money and have fun from shopping.

What is the secret to great popularity? As ASOS in Russia has won a sea of fans? Delve into the history of the online store will tell you about the founder of the project. And you all will become clear soon, you will understand — or simply could not be!

The story of the creation of ASOS

Online store AO opened in June 2000. On its creation worked for Nick Robertson. He is the grandson of the famous in his time, the British tailor Austin reed. Nika felt drawn to the hereditary craft. With a friend Quentin Griffiths he had the idea of creating an online clothing store. And clothing of such style and style that flashed on the celebrities. AO the acronym stands for “As Seen Op Screen”, which means “As seen on screen”. Before the main feature of the website was to sell products seen on star owners. You can dress up like Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham or Lindsay Lohan for a minimal cost.

Nick Robertson started his business from scratch. The rapid increase in customers was due to proper marketing. The use of social platforms to attract the target audience played a good service. Tempting offers could not leave indifferent lovers of good dress. Satisfied customers have shared Internet links, and boasted of their outfits in real life. Reviews of ASOS flooded the social networks and forums that served as a good surge in the popularity of a website.

First store aimed at men and women 18 to 34 years, and it is effective and fashion-conscious audience. Success was inevitable! The first profit ASOS online store brought in 2004. The release of their own brand also dropped this year. Apparel under the brand name ASOS is sold at affordable prices and has established itself as a quality, keeping up with the times. And rave reviews from around the world give confidence to the brand.

The appearance of the online store ASOS in the Russian language, made it easier to fans of foreign shopping and has increased the number of new customers. in the Russian language appeared in may 2013. ASOS in ASOS in Moscow and St. Petersburg do not have any of its offices or departments, or stores. But clothing, often dresses ASOS can be randomly found in the retail trade, only the prices are wound to the obscene.

5 main advantages

This European quality

The main advantage of the online store ASOS is that it offers clothes of European quality. It’s not the clothes that are sold in our boutiques of famous brands, made specially for Russia in China. How sad it is to go to the store and selecting a model to detect SAG, uneven lines, rough or too thin fabric, spread the seams. A label bears the inscription “Made in China”. A similar model in Europe in comparison is not the quality that we sell. Things for a long time do not lose their shape, more wearable, and sometimes live a second life in Russia through the stores sekonhend. Are you still going shopping at boutiques in your city?

Free shipping

Regardless of the order amount ASOS is the order delivered absolutely free. Free shipping by Mail Russia, is in this case the parcel for about a month. Expensive purchase, the store sends a courier service that is also cost nil. Optionally, you can choose Express delivery, it is paid additionally, and the terms reduced significantly. To track the parcel sent to Russia on a special website. Simply enter your unique code and nice to see how the parcel travels around the world. As soon as it goes into the territory of the Russian Federation, it can be tracked on the website of the Russian post. If after three months you did not wait the parcel, you can contact ASOS via the official website to get money back or duplicated package.

Do not forget about the customs limits, so you don’t have to shell out extra money because of their own carelessness. Customs limits in accordance with the laws amount to 1 thousand euros or 31 kg per calendar month per person duty free. If you still wanted to buy almost the whole store, and the order amount or weight exceed duty-free limits, please fill out a parcel to her husband, mother, father or any other person, who then goes with you to the post. Otherwise you’ll have to pay a fee, which is 30% of the goods value, but not less than 4 euros per extra kilo. Please note that customs for calculation of duty charges real cost of goods, discounts on sales. Of oversubscription website alerts at the time of purchase.

A wide range of

Range ASOS has about 35000 names of branded products. Every week added more than a thousand new items of clothing. The emphasis is especially on the youth and casual fashion men’s shoes, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, perfumery, means on care of skin and hair.

The possibility of a return of clothing

Clothes can be returned, and sometimes, it is easier than in a regular store. In which case you can return the product:

  • came not the same thing you ordered;
  • size did not fit (not to be mistaken there is a detailed size chart);
  • the thing just does not suit you — do not like the quality or the fitting model.

The purchase can be returned within 28 days of receiving your original order. It does not cut off the labels and keep the packaging. The money you transfer back as soon as the parcel will reach the addressee. However, transport costs will have to take on. Things with the sign “+” to return and cannot be exchanged for hygiene reasons. It is usually underwear. The only exception is a defective product or the product in original intact packing.

Outfits and bows

On the website ASOS is another highlight, which no one in such store is a section “Fashion & looks. Here you can participate in contests, share photos, watch live on the stuff in ASOS, rate them, leave comments and feedback. Alternatively, they can make new friends and seek advice if you fit a particular style, pick up ASOS dress, skirt or pants. And in the Marketplace (in our language “flea”), you’ll be able to put their unwanted items or buy clothes that are not relevant to ASOS.

On sale at ASOS

Online store ASOS can be considered as a store of eternal sales. Every day comes a huge number of attractive offers — savings up to 70% on a specific product, collection or brand. The savings are significant. Still, after prices for the same products in our stores differ in two-three times!

In addition, seasonal sales allow you to dress for just pennies. And the final sale ASOS spends on Christmas eve. There is simply impossible to resist such a sale you haven’t seen even in my dreams! Discounts up to 90%! And it’s not stale goods, and things that recently the Ura bought at full price as new arrivals. Soon there will be light at shopping, which is not yet sucked into this seductive world of sales! During the final sales, no time to think, the dimensions disappear right before our eyes, therefore, to snatch a precious thing, you need to move not only the brain but also with your fingers on the keyboard. Christmas sales ASOS around the world are waiting with bated breath!

Promo code ASOS: what’s the benefit?

  • What is a promotion code, ASOS promo code): the code is a set of symbols consisting of letters and numbers. This code gives an additional discount when you buy.
  • How to use ASOs promo code: code must be entered in a special field in the shopping cart. After that, the final cost will be less than the promised amount.
  • Why the need for promotional codes triple profit. Let’s be honest and detail will have it all sorted out. So, for example, you want to buy a dress. Find online promo code that gives a discount. Usually it is valid for a limited time, so you rush to the website and make a purchase! In the end, you happy with the discount, the online store is glad to meet a new client, and thanks to “the penny” website-partner, which you have found a promotional code. In addition, some stores with first purchase send a loyalty card, giving even a small discount. After I start the online store ASOS in Russian, the code became much more to win the favor of the Russian-speaking audience!

ASOS: customer reviews

Reviews on ASOS in the Internet a lot, mostly positive but the negative too. Often on the forums discussing how bastrakova the parcel is lost in transit, but ASOS faithfully returns the money or duplicate ordering. Often write reviews about the ASOS as the supplier of substandard clothing, but it is a drop in the sea. You just need to choose well-known brands, as online store ASOS can only answer for his eponymous brand and for other products it is just a facilitator.

ASOS remains one of the most popular stores millions of people around the world. It is called the most honest, and most profound, his success continues to grow. On our website in the comments you can ask questions on the work shop, share a review of your purchase to leave positive or even negative feedback!

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