Open comedones treatment

Today on the women’s website we’ll talk about what open comedones, consider the main their causes and solutions.

This problem is one of the most unpleasant and unsightly, as it affects our face is the part of the body, which is visible to all and which draws the attention the most. How to get rid of it?

What are comedones?

This Latin term denotes closed pores or the hair follicle, which in itself accumulates dirt and may subsequently become inflamed. Often we see on the face of black spots or white spots — now, this is open and closed comedones. How do they arise?

  • Time or open hair follicle filled with sebum.
  • To the sebaceous secretions mixed with dead skin cells.
  • Time is completely filled.
  • Its surface is contaminated by external influences.
  • These comedones are called open — they are black dots that appear in the most problematic areas of our face — on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.

    In addition to the first 4 steps, this skin problem may have continued:

  • If time is closed, inside it is inflamed — it looks like a whitish bulb on the surface of the skin.
  • The pus dissolves the epithelium, and comes out. In place especially large inflammation can be scarring.
  • It is not open and closed comedones, when the dirt can go outside and under the skin because of this, the inflammation begins. But the site below will tell more precisely about the open, non-inflammatory manifestations.

    Causes of open comedones

    Such reasons can be many, ranging from the banal to improper care for the skin to serious internal diseases. Among the most common are the following:

    • heredity (if you have oily skin and open pores, then there is a genetic predisposition to the appearance of comedones and acne);
    • imbalance of hormones (most often manifested in adolescence);
    • diseases of internal organs, blood, disorders of the endocrine system;
    • prolonged nervous strain, depression, frequent stress;
    • improper diet (excess of fats and carbohydrates, lack of protein, vitamins and minerals);
    • antibiotics and some other medications;
    • bad habits — Smoking and alcohol abuse;
    • improper personal hygiene and skin care;
    • wrong selection of cosmetics or substandard cosmetics.

    How to get rid of open comedones at home?

    For starters, it is important to determine the reason for any open comedones. If their symptoms are not too abundant, it may be necessary to pick the right skin cosmetic and to pay more attention to the proper cleansing of facial skin. Here are a few important steps that will help you cope with this problem independently.

    • Make home Facials: decoupling (opening of pores), proper cleaning with a scrub or gommage, squeezing separate ripe comedones, disinfection, the closure of pores.
    • Wash at least 2 times a day, never use ordinary soap is better to use a more soft and neutral foams and gels.
    • Choose a line of cosmetics for care, which is aimed specifically at the treatment of comedones and acne.
    • 2-3 times a week to do peeling using creams based on the salicylic acid exfoliate dead skin or particles using mechanical scrubs.
    • Adjust diet, eat less oily, sweet, spicy, smoked, and more natural fruit and vegetables, light protein, drink more water.

    Open comedones: hardware treatment

    If a lot of comedones and to get rid of them at home does not work, you can ask for help to the beautician. For such problems uses a variety of hardware techniques, and most efficient, we briefly describe below.

    • Vacuum cleaning

    First, the pores are expanded by the method of vaporization (steam) or a special warming cosmetics. The apparatus is then applied with a special nozzle that draws by vacuum the dirt and tube from the open pores.

    • Galvanic cleaning

    In another such cleaning is called desincrustation, and it involves the exposure of the skin to electrical discharges of low frequency, which is broken up and dirt is removed. This method is suitable even for very deeply contaminated pores.

    • Ultrasonic cleaning of the face

    Uses a special device that generates ultrasonic waves are absolutely safe for humans frequency. They stimulate the dissolution of open comedones, breaking sebaceous plugs inside the pore or hair follicle and the excretion of the secret out.

    • Chemical peels

    This procedure allows to remove the upper Horny layer of the skin, and with it all impurities. On the skin of a special acid compositions, which may affect the superficial layers of the skin, middle or deep, depending on the indications.

    Any of these procedures allows you to effectively remove open comedones, as it deeply cleanses the skin. But each of them has its contraindications, so it is important to pick the best option together with the beautician. In the future, to maintain the cleanliness of the skin and prevent the emergence of new traffic jams in the pores, it is recommended to use preventative steps described in the section on home care. Now open comedones not afraid of you!

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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