Oregano for breast: is it possible to enlarge Breasts using the infusion

I think every reader of ToKnow365.top knows that men always pay attention to women’s Breasts, no matter how much they say otherwise. Given this, women desire to make their Breasts as attractive as possible is quite understandable. Someone asks for help to the surgeon, who goes to the gym, someone is on the pill, someone with something greasy. Today, we turn to the popular recipes of our grandmothers will tell benefits of oregano for chest.

Oregano — what it is and how to treat it

Oregano – a very common plant in our country, it can be found everywhere from Siberia to the Caucasus. It grows in meadows, fields and light fields.

Traditionally used as a seasoning in a large number of dishes (oregano is one of the types of marjoram).

Also widely used in medicine as antiseptic, antipyretic and analgesic action. Many people use oregano for excitation of appetite and improve the tone.

It is also useful for stabilization of a hormonal background of an organism.

That can make oregano for chest?

I think, from the preceding part of the article it is clear that oregano is a very useful plant, and the pain quenches, and the tone increases and the temperature decreases.

But not everyone knows that can be a useful oregano for breast augmentation.

Infusion of oregano is a long – standing folk remedy, enjoying constant popularity. What is the reason?

It’s simple – oregano is rich in phytoestrogens, which cause the body to become more feminine (read: makes you grow Breasts).

From this point of view, the oregano-like hops (its impact on the chest we already wrote on the website sympaty.net in the article “Hops for breast augmentation”).

The infusion of oregano

To make an infusion of oregano, you need to pour a glass of boiling water two tablespoons of grass and wait at least a quarter of an hour. To drink the infusion (half a Cup) you need fifteen minutes before a meal twice a day. Before this drink is better slightly warm.

Oregano can be drunk as a tea at any time of the day, brewing one or two filter bags in the kettle.

The main thing is not to overdo it, because the overabundance of phytoestrogen in the body – not good.

Many people ask where to find the oregano? Of course, you can go to the nearest field and pick her up there (fortunately, we have this stuff in bulk).

However, it is better to go to the drugstore – closer and more efficient.

Pharmacy oregano is certainly gathered in the right place at the right time!

Oregano: contraindications and pitfalls

Before you drop everything and drink the oregano for breast augmentation, I advise you to think about how that will not hurt you it you.

Hormones and other substances contained in the pot, will play havoc with those who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Oregano is also contraindicated in gastritis and ulcers.

You can drink oregano during pregnancyas it might cause a miscarriage.

Because oregano is rich in phytoestrogens, it is important not to overdo its use.

Overdose threatens headaches, gastric, renal and cardiac pain, and disruptions in hormonal levels.

And hormonal changes – it’s not a comic! This failure of the menstrual cycle, weight gain, deterioration of the skin. So do not overdo itusing oregano for chest.

Oregano for chest: the reviews of those who have already tried

To you was quite clear what it is – oregano for the chest, we picked the most revealing reviews of womenwho have tried this method.

  • Before beginning to drink the oregano, I had the second size. Well, of course, but I wanted more! A friend advised to buy in the drugstore this herb to brew and drink twice a day. After a week I saw the result – added a few inches! Now I have a full third, and it is only a month use oregano! Are not going to stop. Tatiana, 25 years.
  • What oregano for breast augmentation good, I knew long ago, from school. But never thought I’d be able to use it. My boyfriend got me, they say, you have some figs instead of the breast (prior to this he was entirely Busty aunt), he even offered to go to the surgeon. To go under the knife and I felt bad, so I remembered the school method. The taste of the drink is disgusting, but drinking as a result. That will increase the breast to the desired size and throw the goat! What he told me, if I something don’t like? Svetlana, 23 years.
  • But to me, this is your oregano did not help! How was the breast of 80 centimetres in volume, and left! Stuff your weed! Anna, 19 years old.
  • Don’t know what increases your oregano, but after I drank half of this vile tinctures, I have the same stomach hurt. Threw the whole box at once, to me health is more expensive. Lida, 28.
  • I was drinking oregano for two weeks, chest increased slightly, and as if swollen even, more beautiful. So I covered some small pimples. Infusion to drink has ceased, and the skin for the past month to get back to normal can’t. Sofia, 18 years old.
  • Drank tea with oregano six months. No side effects noticed, but the chest really increased. Effect happy. Now don’t drink size is not going away. I think in a few months start again – for the prevention, so to speak. Oksana, 24 years.
  • And I have this oregano for breast were erratic! With hormones there’s something happened. Now six months on doctors running around. Do not advise anyone! Elvira, 28.

As you can see, oregano for breast – contradictory thing. Someone it fits, and someone- no.

Therefore, carefully listen to the reaction his body. And if you feel that something is wrong, stop drinking tea immediately!

But it is better to consult your doctor before use – in case you have a hypersensitivity or other contraindications.

Want to be beautiful and healthy!

Author Pestova Vasilisa, site ToKnow365.top


Oregano for breast: is it possible to enlarge Breasts using the infusion

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