Our consumer rights: the shoes with defects

How often, when buying a new pair of fashionable shoes, readers will encounter “Beautiful and Successful” think about the fact that they may have to exchange or return in store? Almost never. The rights of the consumer and shoes for us are often at opposite poles.

But for women beautiful new pair could be the most spontaneous purchase when all thoughts except an enthusiastic “Ah!” behind.

However, the rules of sale of the goods, their return and exchange, the rights and guarantees provided to consumers should know “in person”.

The law on protection of consumer rights

In Russia to protect our rights as customers and clients drafted a special document. He was adopted in 1992 under No. 2300-1 and successfully works to this day.

Federal law on consumer protection applies, of course, not only in relation to shoes, but applied to the entire set offered by the market of goods and services. For some of them limitations.

So, for example, it is impossible to return to the dealership he bought it a week ago and the car for the sole reason that you stopped liking her color. But exchange thus coat is possible.

View which the common law gives us the norms of the law in relation to the subject of the conversation, that is shoes.

  • The seller is obliged to transfer the goods whose quality corresponds to the contract, or, in the absence of such conditions is suitable for the purposes for which goods of this kind are usually used. This means that if you are asked to pick up winter boots, summer moccasins will not be the item of proper quality.
  • Consumer protection implies the safety of the goods, in particular shoes. That is, it should be safe for life, health, property of the consumer and the environment under normal conditions of use, storage, transportation and disposal.
  • The consumer has the right to receive full and reliable information about the manufacturer and seller of the goods. In practice, this means that neither the store nor the consultants it does not have the right to be called “China”, “Italy”.
  • The law entitles the consumer when buying shoes, and the sellers, respectively, to oblige, to obtain and provide complete and accurate information about the product. You see, the knowledge of the fact which leather, artificial or genuine made winter boots can greatly affect your choice.
  • It should be noted that the law implies the absence of customers, special knowledge about the properties and characteristics of the goods. That is, for example, you bought the same winter boots, yielding to the words of the seller that it is genuine leather, and stitched all by hand in the city of Paris. And wearing the next day new clothes, frosted feet, cold and in addition got to the hospital, it is possible not only to exercise their right of a customer to return a Shoe, but to recover from an unscrupulous seller compensation for the fault of a cold.

    In General, the situation with the return and exchange of shoes can be seen in more detail.

    The rights of the consumer and shoes

    Female site sympaty.net claims: to return or exchange any shoes.

    The resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 19.01.1998, № 55 includes a list of non-food goods of proper quality not subject to return or exchange. Shoes this list is not. Therefore, if you come home, you suddenly discovered that, bought sandals absolutely don’t fit under the bag, then with quiet soul can return them to the store.

    Of course, the consumer’s right to return shoes is not unlimited: the thing that should not be with signs of use, used (you can try safely at home and not to wear a couple of days on the street), you need to keep the labels and plant tags.

    In this matter the deadlines, the Law on consumer rights says that the return of shoes that do not have flaws, only possible within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase.

    Other rules apply if you bought a pair already at home or in the process of socks are detected shortcomings. In this case, you may:

    • To demand replacement by the goods of the same brand (the same model and (or) the article);
    • To demand replacement by the same goods of another brand (model, article) with appropriate recalculation of the purchase price;
    • To demand proportional reduction of purchase price;
    • To demand immediate gratuitous elimination of defects in the goods or reimbursement for their correction by the consumer or a third party;
    • To withdraw from the contract of sale and demand the return paid for the goods amount.

    At the request of seller and at his expense the consumer should return the goods with defects.

    However, the absence of a cash receipt does not deprive of possibility to defend their rights. Contact the seller the law allows and without this document. The seller is entitled to make an examination to ascertain the causes of defects in the product.

    But in the case of goods with a marriage consumer protection are limited to specific timing to return the shoes. This can be done within the warranty period or shelf life. But if they were not installed, within two years from the date of receipt of the goods by the buyer.

    If you bought the good pair of shoes, no matter in style or quality, there are plenty of chances to rectify the situation. The law on protection of consumer rights gives us the right to exchange and return the “wrong” shoes. Knowing this, and respecting the formal responsibilities (e.g., preservation of tags), to defend their interests it will be much easier.

    Author – Hope Budnikova, site ToKnow365.top

    Our consumer rights: the shoes with defects

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