Pain in the ribs: what could be the reason?

Most women recalled pregnancy with joy and affection. But of course, despite all the pleasant emotions associated with the upcoming motherhood, this period carries many difficulties. In particular, radically reconfigures the female body — and sometimes it feels unusual and even scary.

Many expectant mothers are concerned about the pain in my ribs that come with a rounded belly and intensifying as he grows. What can cause the feeling and how to deal with it?

The growing baby rests on the ribs

Usually the cause of rib pain is very simple. Child grows each month, and places you need more and more. Despite the fact that the female body is inherently “designed” to the situation and the immediate danger it represents, it felt quite unpleasant.

Increasing in size, the child moves the internal organs, changes the physiology of the mother and literally rests on the inside of her ribs. Late-term baby starts to move and then the woman feels like she literally rattle the diaphragm from the inside.

How to deal with this problem? Women’s opinion is clear — to get rid of the pain in my ribs will be possible only after birth, when the baby will be born, and the mother’s body will return to its previous state. But something can be done to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy — for example, to change the pose if you have pain, trying to take the most comfortable position.

Are there other reasons?

The internal growth of the baby is the most common cause of pain in the ribs. But, of course, not the only one. The source of pain can is and diseases of the stomach and bowels, neuralgic colic, even heart problems — sometimes cardiac pain is felt in the ribs and shoulder area, and not in front of the heart.

In addition, if a woman sometime in the past broke ribs, now an old injury can remind myself — because fused bones will be particularly sensitive to the internal pressure of the child.

That is why if you experience chest pain, it is necessary to tell about the problem the doctor. Even if You are sure that is perfectly healthy, and the reason is solely in Your changing physiology, not worth the risk. Because undetected disease will damage not only the mother but also the child.

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