Painting what is edema and how to deal with it?

One of those cosmetic defects that can make the face wrinkled and age, is painting the swelling.

Today women’s site “” I decided to dedicate this issue one of its pages, to help its readers find a place to combat this embarrassing drawback.

Cheek swelling (Sufa) usually appear in women with a certain type of face structure, wherein in the cheeks are formed by fat accumulation. Hernia on the cheeks in youth may not be particularly noticeable, since the skin in this period is sufficiently elastic to hide them.

But with age, the skin in the median part of the face begins to SAG, the place where fat formation, fluid accumulates and there are whole pockets.

The Sufa also called the zygomatic lymphedema. Perhaps that is the common misconception that painting visible swellings appear only in people suffering from kidney diseases, and generates a lot of myths about home struggle with this defect.

Therefore, the website in a hurry to explain to their readers that some people’s ways of dealing with bags on the cheeks is not only unhelpful, but also may aggravate the situation.

Painting swelling: popular non-medical treatment

Pitch spoil a person and women which nature, by some kind of evil twist had the appearance of a drunken alcoholic, often ready for getting rid of such “beauty” to do anything. Some of the measures resorted to by beautiful ladies, do not bring much effect, but do little harm.

These include, for example, include the following methods of destruction swelling under cheekbones:

  • A lymphatic drainage massage. In fact, this massage, which improves movement of fluids in the body. If cause ugly bags in the middle part of the face is the stagnant water, then a massage can reduce their size, however slightly. But the benefits this measure could bring only under the condition that the massage will be professional.
  • The use of diuretics. This way of dealing with painting and other edema can be applied, if prescribed by a doctor. Independently to dehydrate your body in any case is not recommended as it can lead to malfunction of many organs.
  • The use of Troxevasin gel, creams with the pain or with extract of leeches. All these measures do not exacerbate the situation with the paint swelling, but do not solve the problem.
  • Reception of vitamin preparations. Sometimes painting bags appear after suffering stress or diseases that erode the body. Taking vitamin complexes to support the immune system, improve overall health and, as a consequence, to refresh the face. This measure can be used as an auxiliary way to combat swelling.
  • Gel Solkoseril. Some brave beauties use it to reduce swelling under the eyes and claim that the tool helps them. Cases when gel has caused serious harm after such application has not yet emerged, so the area of the cheekbones where the skin is not as sensitive, the gel can be applied without much concern. However, this treatment does not guarantee.
  • Protivogemorroidal drugs. Such tools are able to remove swelling inflammatory etiology, therefore, those who paint the bags are the result of inflammation, can to some extent help of ointment relif, Protonic etc.
  • Experienced cosmetologists recommend to apply the following “folk” methods of treatment of swelling on the cheeks:

  • Bluefroger. It contains hyaluronic acid – a substance that holds the liquid, so its use can have an effect opposite to the expected.
  • Eutirox. The drug start to take some owner paint swelling, self diagnostirovati a malfunction of the thyroid gland. They are taking a big risk because Eutiroks is a hormonal drug which can be taken only under the supervision of an endocrinologist.
  • Botox. After the procedure, the treated area of the drug is worsening lymph circulation, leading to increased edema.
  • Biorevitalization. Guess the amount of the drug, wherein the bags on the cheeks smoothed out and not fill with fluid that is virtually impossible. Often after this procedure, women may need to undergo an intensive course of ridding the painting of edema with the help of cosmetic procedures.
  • Painting swelling how to get rid of without surgery

    Significantly improve the condition of a person, where there are sofas, often helped by cosmetologists, using such workarounds:

  • Thermage. The procedure makes fat tissue in the cheeks more friable, so that it accumulates less liquid. Moreover, the skin after Thermage acquires elasticity, therefore, the Sufa become less noticeable.
  • Injection diprospan. The drug reduces the amount of adipose tissue, reducing the prominence of the face. But it can only be used in young patients, and then only with great caution: overdose of the drug has dire consequences.
  • Microcurrents. This method allows to reduce the severity of the paint swelling.
  • None of these methods does not eliminate bags in the cheeks forever. Many women, tired of the constant fight against the relief of persons are turning to plastic surgeons who promise the solution to the problem once and for all. However, the promise of plastic in clinics are often the usual advertising that is silent about negative aspects of the operation.

    Surgical treatment painting of edema: pros and cons

    In recent years, advanced plastic surgeons are struggling with Sufa using the so-called check the method-lifting, which was a complex operation that is performed under General anesthesia in several stages. Successful operation performed by an experienced surgeon and has great results:

  • Painting the bags disappear for a very long period of time.
  • The facial skin is tightened, and it becomes one of those outlines that he had in his youth.
  • Check lift removes paint also swelling under the eye because it combines endoscopic facelift with blepharoplasty.
  • Nasolabial folds are almost invisible, disappear as “puppet wrinkles”, changing facial expression, which before the operation gave the impression of dull.
  • But, if the operation solved the problem so easily, as promised surgeons, ugly paint swelling was observed at least on the faces of people who can easily afford the surgery: the stars of show business, politicians, famous actors.

    Unfortunately, even surgical method is not a panacea for this defect. In addition to the high cost and long period of rehabilitation a check-lifting is characterized by even and such cons:

  • Not suitable for young people, but their problem painting swelling care about much more than the older generation.
  • Can backfire just like any other surgery.
  • May not give any result. The risk that the operation will fail there even if its performance in the most experienced surgeons, because every human body can react to surgery in different ways, and anticipate this reaction, nobody can.
  • If you weigh all “for” and “against”, we can understand that even a good effect of the surgery is absolutely not worth all the risks involved. That’s what reason women who decide to deal with the relief of a person in the home. I must say, many of them actually achieve enviable results.

    Struggle with painting the swelling at home

    To remove the pitch completely and forever is almost impossible, but make them unobtrusive – really for anyone. Those who made this claim: most importantly – a comprehensive approach using the following methods:

  • Facial gymnastics Carol Maggio. To perform this exercises you need every day, without missing any times.
  • Japanese facial massage. It improves microcirculation and prevents fluid retention.
  • The patches for the skin will help to eliminate edema in acute.
  • Correct drinking regime with complete abstinence from alcohol: alcoholic beverages and fluid intake at night – are the main factors of the appearance of any swelling on the face and body.
  • Care gels and creams with anti-edematous action.
  • Long and persistent struggle will certainly bring effect, but capable of such a feat, not all the owners of the painting of the swelling on the face. Therefore, those who are not characterized by a high discipline in terms of self-care, remains one of the most simple and affordable way to solve the problem – smile. Treat everything with humor – and the surrounding will not notice the shortcomings of your appearance, as through a bright smile and kind eyes it is simply impossible to discern.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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