“Pantovigar” the trichologists, the composition of the drug, instructions for use, analogs, price + reviews

Popular means from “Vodospad” is a complex of vitamins “Pantovigar”. But it costs dearly. So before purchasing it is important to understand that the composition and how the drug affects the follicles, when it will be useful, and in some cases powerless. What are the reviews trichologists about “Pantovigar” and whether he has a more affordable replacement?

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The content of the article

  • 1 the cause of the problem
  • 2 Types of alopecia
  • 3 Why recommend drug
    • 3.1 Composition
    • 3.2 Indications and contraindications
    • 3.3 Side effects
    • 3.4 Application
  • 4 Reviews of trichologists about “Pantovigar”
  • 5 Counterparts
  • 6 Feedback on performance

Hair loss is not just a cosmetic problem. Alopecia causes severe complexes, especially in young women. Even when thinning hair imperceptibly – this fact gives a lot of experiences, and intensive baldness at all causes panic.

The cause of the problem

Hair follicles in both genders react to the same unfavorable factors, therefore, the causes of hair loss are not separated into male and female. That’s what can cause the baldness.

  • Hormonal changes. Often this problem occurs in adolescents, with age, in men, in women after the abolition of oral contraceptives, during pregnancy, after childbirth and with the onset of menopause.
  • Food. The lack of nutrients quite quickly affects the condition of the hair. Especially dangerous is long and mono.
  • Anemia. Lack of oxygen weakens all the tissues of the body and hair is no exception. The causes of anemia are many: from the common cold to cancer. Therefore, if it is found – be sure to look for the source of this condition.
  • Side effects of medication. Some medicines are quite toxic, for example drugs used in the treatment of cancer.
  • Diseases of the internal organs. Improper work of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, heart inevitably leads to changes in metabolic processes, which may lead to the weakening of the follicles, hair breakage, dandruff.
  • Endocrine disorders. Problems with the endocrine glands, can lead to hormonal imbalance.
  • Stress. Remember the feeling of “chills” with a strong emotional shock? This is the peak state when nerve endings are compressed so that every hair “stands on end”. Constant stress, though to a lesser extent, but also keeps the bulbs are “in suspense”. Hence the violation of the power of the roots, the hair loss.
  • Beriberi. This condition usually lies in wait for spring. So do not forget in the winter to take a multivitamin complexes and variously to eat.
  • Improper care. Infrequent or too frequent shampooing, aggressive shampoo, hot drying and styling, hair extensions, perming, tight hairstyles, afrokosy – all this destroys the structure of the hair weakens follicles, impairs blood flow to the scalp.
  • Diseases of the scalp. It could be psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, Yes, even just overly dry hair also can cause alopecia.

Another important factor is heredity. If any of the parents have lost hair, most likely, have kids too early will appear receding hairline. But knowing the inherent tendency to baldness, it is possible to extend the life of hair respect, proper care and vitamins.Types of alopecia

Losing hair can be different depending on the factors behind baldness. The table below describes the types of alopecia, their characteristics and possible causes.

Table – Types of alopecia

Alopecia areata– Hair loss is areas;
– the lesions are round or oval in shape;
– baldness starts from the middle of the hearth;
– around the perimeter of the bars become thin and brittle
– Heredity;
– hormonal imbalance;
– stress;
– prolonged use of antibiotics;
– intoxication of the organism;
– chronic and acute inflammatory diseases
Diffuse alopecia– The hair is thinning evenly;
the remaining rods gradually weaken, lose thickness, break;
– in parallel may fall eyebrows and eyelashes
– Acute infectious processes (including syphilis, HIV, tuberculosis, influenza, etc.);
– hormonal imbalance;
– side effects of medicines (anticoagulants, retinoids, anticonvulsants, antihistamines);
– beriberi;
– lack of protein in the diet
Androgenic alopeciaHair thinning on the forehead and in the parietal part of the head;
triangular bald patches
– Heredity;
– chronic inflammation in the body;
– high level of male sex hormones;
– stress;
– bad habits;
– taking medications;
– unbalanced diet;
– diseases of internal organs

While diffuse alopecia is more common in women and androgen for men. There has recently been an increase in the number of cases of diffuse alopecia in middle aged women. Experts attribute this fact to the deterioration of environmental conditions and prolonged stress patients.

Why recommend drug

Trichologists often prescribe the use of “Pantovigar” from diffuse alopecia. Efficiency in this case due to the fact that the complex compensates deficiency of necessary substances in a weakened body and helps the follicles to recover as the stem thickens and repairs hair structure and nutrition of follicles starts to grow “fuzz”, eliminates itchy skin. When alopecia and androgenic alopecia “Pantovigar” can designate only as an auxiliary tool, but the problem of hair loss as such a drug in these cases are not solved.


Part of the “Pantovigar” are balanced in such a way that each component complements the action of another. Together they exert the maximum pronounced effect. The table describes the active components of the complex and the role of each of them.

Table – Composition “Pantovigar” and its good for hair

ComponentContent in 1 capsule (in mg)Action
Yeast medical100– Supports the immune system;
– protects the structure of hair;
– regulate metabolic processes;
– restore the thickness of the rod;
– return strands natural color
Thiamine Mononitrate (vitamin B1)60– Has an antioxidant effect;
– normalizes metabolism;
– restores nutrition of follicles;
– improves the nervous system;
– partially neutralizes the effects of harmful habits
Calcium Pantothenate (vitamin B5)60– Involved in the synthesis of fats, carbohydrates and proteins (including keratin);
– increases cell regeneration
Cystine20– Restores the skin;
– promotes better cell regeneration
para-Aminobenzoic acid20– Normalizes the thyroid gland;
– protects cells from UV exposure;
– promotes the absorption of b vitamin
Keratin20– Gives the rod strength, Shine and elasticity;
– protects from external factors

Not to be confused with medical (brewer’s) yeast and baking. This is a different culture. Medical yeast, in fact, are already multi-vitamins method consisting of: vitamins b, PP, A, E, P, D, amino acids, essential fatty acids, calcium, manganese, selenium, zinc, iron, phosphorus. Due to this yeast not only Supplement the deficiency of substances, but also is able to restore natural hair color, that is struggling with gray hair.Indications and contraindications

“Pantovigar” was created to deal with diffuse alopecia non-hormonal origin. Baldness is caused by hormonal imbalance, this composition is not treated. Direct indications “Pantovigar”:

  • diffuse hair loss is the only when hormonal etiology;
  • degenerative changes of the hair structure due to chemical exposure, hair damage and solar ultraviolet radiation;
  • violation of the nail structure – excluding infectious and fungal diseases.

Contraindications to also have:

  • increased individual sensitivity to product components;
  • pregnancy (first and second trimesters);
  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • the children’s age.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, permitted the use of the capsules, but strictly on prescription and under his control. Children can make “Pantovigar”, from the age of 12, but then the doctor calculates the dose individually.Side effects

Side effects from taking “Pantovigar” are rare, but they are:

  • allergic reaction (redness and itching of skin, rash, hives);
  • sweating;
  • increased heart rate;
  • heartbeat;
  • nausea, vomiting, heartburn;
  • diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain;
  • dizziness;
  • headache.

Not recommended “Pantovigar” in parallel with sulfa drugs: “Soap”, “Bactrim”, “Biseptol”, “Ko-trimoksazol”, “sulgin”, “Germain”, “Etazol”, “Ftalazol” and many others. This list is very long, therefore, before the taking vitamin complex, please consult your physician.Application

Instructions for use “Pantovigar” is extremely laconic: you need to take one capsule three times a day during meals. Vitamins have cumulative effect, they should take a long time: the course of treatment is three to six months. Cases of overdose were recorded.

If necessary, and the absence of significant side effects to taking “Pantovigar” for hair growth can longer or after a couple of months to repeat the course, but only after consultation with your doctor.Reviews of trichologists about “Pantovigar”

Specialists-trichologists unanimous: “Pantovigar” from alopecia helps, but taking vitamins mindlessly impossible. Must find out the causes of alopecia. If hair loss is not due to hormonal imbalance, the efficiency of the complex is maximum. In the case of hormonal problems after watching decided to buy a tool.

Doctors draw our attention to another important point – the length of treatment. Most of the negative reviews arise from insufficiently long use “Pantovigar”. That is, not noticing a pronounced positive dynamics in the first month of admission, patients stop drinking vitamins and not waiting for the result.


Vitamins “Pantovigar” available in packs of 90 and 300 capsules. The average cost of the complex is 1600 and 4600 rubles, respectively (data for December of 2017). There is a desire to find a cheaper replacement, although absolutely identical drugs does not exist. The table below describes the relative analogues “Pantovigar”, their composition and the approximate cost (to December 2017).

Table – Relative counterparts, “Pantovigar”

NameActive ingredients (in mg)Use (units per day)Price/quantity (USD/pieces)
Maxi Hair Plus– Vitamin A Is 1.5;
– vitamin C – 200;
– vitamin E – by 45.45;
– vitamin B1 – 30;
– vitamin B2 – 50;
Niacin – 50;
– vitamin B6 – 50;
– folic acid – 0,4;
– vitamin B12 – 0,05;
– Biotin – 5;
calcium – 200;
– zinc – 15;
– selenium – 0,05;
– cystine – 100;
– para-Aminobenzoic acid 100;
– choline – 23
Dragee Merz– Cystine – 30;
– beta-carotene – 0,9;
– vitamin a – 0,52;
– vitamin B1 – 1,2;
– vitamin B3 (PP) – 10;
– vitamin B6 – 1,2;
– vitamin C – 75;
– vitamin B12 – 0,002;
– vitamin B2 – 1,6;
– vitamin E – 9;
– Biotin – 0,01;
– vitamin B5 – 3;
– yeast medical 100;
– iron – 20
Inneov– vitamin D3 – 0,0025;
– vitamin E – 0,0025;
– vitamin C – 15;
– zinc – 0,0035;
– lycopene – 0,5;
– omega-3 – 97,2
“Vitrum Beauty”– Beta-carotene – 1,02;
– vitamin E – 10;
– vitamin D3 – 1,68;
– vitamin C – 40;
– folic acid – 0,133;
– vitamin B1 – 2;
– vitamin B2 – 2;
– vitamin B6 – 5;
– vitamin B12 – 0,004;
– vitamin B3 (PP) – 10;
– Biotin – 0,133;
– vitamin B5 – 10;
– RotoZip – 10;
– bioflavonoids – 20;
– choline – 50;
– para-Aminobenzoic acid – 10;
– cystine – 3,3;
calcium – 200;
– iron – 2;
– magnesium – 50;
– zinc – 5
“Revalid”– Cystine – 50;
– vitamin B1 – 1,5;
– vitamin B5 – 50;
– vitamin B6 – 10;
– yeast medical – 50;
– para-Aminobenzoic acid 20;
– zinc – 2;
– copper – 0,5;
– iron – 2
“Perfectil”– Beta-carotene – 5;
– vitamin B1 – 10;
– vitamin B2 – 5;
– vitamin B6 – 20;
– vitamin B12 – 0,009;
– vitamin D3 – 0,003;
– vitamin E – 40;
– para-Aminobenzoic acid 30;
– folic acid – 0,5;
– Biotin – 0,045;
– vitamin B3 (PP) – 18;
– vitamin C – 31,2;
– vitamin B5 – 40;
– iron – 12;
– zinc – 15;
– cystine – 10;
– selenium – 0,1
“Alerana Night”– Cystine – 40;
– zinc – 15;
– vitamin B5 – 12;
– vitamin B2 – 5;
– vitamin B6 – 5;
– silicon – 5;
– vitamin D3 – 0,001;
– Biotin – 0,12;
– chrome – 0,05;
– vitamin B12 – 0,007
“Alerana Day”– Vitamin C – 100;
– vitamin E – 40;
– magnesium – 25;
– iron – 10;
– beta-carotene – 5;
– vitamin B1 – 4,5;
– folic acid – 0,5;
– selenium – 0,07

If you compare the quantitative composition of the components, we see that in some drugs the concentration of the active substances is significantly lower than the “Pantovigar”. Therefore, their use for therapeutic purposes is less effective. And in the prevention of loss – is possible.

Vitamins “Pantovigar” hair useful and effective. But if you can’t afford to buy them, then consult with a trichologist. The doctor, knowing the exact cause of the problem, will help you choose the vitamins and affordable, and effective in a particular case.

Feedback on performance

Last year, I had such period in connection with pregnancy, when I touched on the problems with nails and hair. Hair falling out in large numbers, and their growth came to an abrupt halt. Nails have become very soft, and was constantly lolis. I have tried a lot of various vitamin, something helped, something not. But this effect gave Pantovigar not given one. When I first saw these vitamins at the pharmacy, at first they got me interested in the price, because they were much higher than the other vitamin. Well, I decided that since the price is much higher, so the result should be good. After purchase I did not upset, the result came very quickly. One pack of these vitamins was enough for me for a whole month. I was told that they should take for three months or more. Nails strengthened me very quickly, but the hair stopped falling out and to grow rapidly after about a month and a half after the beginning of reception of tablets. Note that the result noticed not only I but also my colleagues who I often see. Many of them have also bought this medication.

Raisa, http://otzyvy.pro/reviews/otzyvy-pantovigar-133.html

To drink a course of vitamins Pantovigar I advised a friend to the hairdressers.Then I just climbed scary hair that I was afraid to be bald. Here and complained. Price, of course they have a lot, but beauty requires money. One pack was enough for me for a month and a half. So, what happened to my hair during this time? First, in the first week the hair loss has significantly decreased, and by the end of the course completely stopped. Secondly, I noticed the new growth hair underneath the bangs and at the temples and on the crown sticking the spike of new hair. Third, a month and a half the hair industry is about 3 cm, this had not happened. Besides, stronger nails and the skin began to look healthier, lost dry. Side effects were not any. Now you take those vitamins every 3-4 months and are very happy.

Marina http://provitaminki.com/zdorovie/dlya-volos/prep-dlya-volos/vitaminy-pantovigar.html

Pantovigar I have caused severe headaches. Realized immediately, because in the side effects a word. First canceled the reception, the evening left — awakened a terrible headache. Then missed the day — okay, resumed — again, headaches are very pronounced. Even did a head MRI, consulted with a neurologist, all right. Wrote on the official website of the manufacturer twice, not otvetila. Had pantovigar expensive to give to a friend. I immediately bought 5 packs, so I think the course is not to be interrupted. She after a month of taking allergic rash all over the body . This drug is mega-Vit.gr V.

Natalia, http://lokoni.com/problemi/vipadenie/pantovigar-effektivnie-vitamini-protiv-vipadeniya-volos.html

Took Pantovigar for almost 5 months ( failed to complete the course, as there were problems: it was bitter in my mouth as soon as I stopped accepting everything went right). The nails become noticeably stronger, never they have not been able to grow hair, and fell Pantovigar here did not help unfortunately, although the cause of the loss was not hormonal ( and thus the drug should have worked). there is a good undercoat. So in General I can say that Pantovigar with the main task failed, however, a small effect was still. To make it more accurate I will.

Guest, http://www.woman.ru/beauty/hair/thread/4145005/

“Pantovigar” the trichologists, the composition of the drug, instructions for use, analogs, price + reviews

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