Paraffin facial mask at home step-by-step technique, indications and contraindications

In cosmetology, paraffin began to be used recently, since the beginning of the XX century. But the procedure quickly became popular thanks to its versatile effect on the skin. It helps solve the problems of the young dermis. Paraffin mask support Mature skin and aging the skin. Why is it so popular paraffin mask for the face? And how to use the tool?

The popularity of the paraffin is not just a fad. Paraffin mask help to rejuvenate the dermis, smooth fine lines. Such treatments clean the face of excess greasiness, eliminate rashes and small pimples.

Properly conducted efficiently paraffin softens the skin, moisturizes and nourishes the tissue components. But to apply such procedures not only in cosmetic salons. Them really (although troublesome) to hold your own at home, if you see all the subtleties of paraffin.

Paraffin therapy: what is the secret

Paraffin is a chemical substance that is produced from oil. It can be easily purchased at the pharmacy. But most often found on the counter yellow and white product. What to choose? For cosmetic purposes only suitable white wax. It is better cleaned and so practically does not cause allergic reactions.

Some manufacturers produce cosmetic paraffin wax, enriched with additional components: herbs, chocolate or honey. It is important to understand that the more additives are included in the product, the higher the likelihood of allergies.

4 basic properties

For the procedure important is not so much the composition of the paraffin, as its properties. Congealing on the face of the product provides a layer through which air does not penetrate. Due to this ability of the paraffin all the useful components are saved under the mask. The skin is warm and damp environment. This ensures quality and opening of pores, and improved absorption of vitamins, minerals.

Cosmetologists give the following four useful properties, which provides a mask of paraffin for the face.

  • Cleansing of the skin. Warm wax, coming in contact with the dermis, it provides a slight decoupling. This contributes to the opening of the pores. All the black points and impurities are pushed. Then the wax begins to cool and harden. However, he shrinks in size. Enlarged pores under the mask begin to shrink and return to its normal condition, but is fully cleaned.
  • The activation of the circulation. The improved blood flow allows the cells to get quality food. Skin is enriched with oxygen and nutrients. Against this background, evens the complexion, improves its structure. Active blood circulation helps to clear the skin from lesions and promotes the resorption of acne.
  • Rejuvenation of the face. Paraffin mask relaxes muscle tissue and increases the muscle tone. Impervious paraffin provides effective lifting and gently compresses the collagen fibers. Hydration of skin is restored, wrinkles are smoothed, the facial contour is tightened significantly.
  • Hydration of the skin. If you have oily dermis paraffin provides effective cleansing and removal of acne, then dry it becomes a source of moisture. The mask gives the skin essential moisture balance. Disappears feeling of tightness, are peeling. Wrinkles, saturated with moisture, “resolve”.
  • Positive results can be noticed after the first paraffin treatments. If the activity is carried out correctly and takes into account all recommendations, you face will become fresh tone, pores cleared and narrowed. The skin becomes smooth and soft.Whom the procedure is recommended by…

    Thanks to its physic-mechanical properties of the paraffin used for many skin problems. But the main feature is the lifting and rejuvenation. Experts give the following indications for use paraffin masks:

    • aging, wrinkled dermis;
    • oily skin with acne, pimples, elements of inflammation;
    • dry, scaly integument with the presence of small cracks;
    • tired skin suffering from deficiency of nutrients;
    • sagging skin, presence of flews, double chin.

    … and who can hurt

    Despite the many beneficial effects, wax can cause skin damage. Therefore before using it, do consult a dermatologist or a beautician.

    Experts point are contraindications to the use of paraffin masks:

    • cardiovascular disease;
    • pregnancy;
    • vasodilatation, rosacea;
    • hypertension (high blood pressure);
    • severe blood diseases associated with abnormal clotting;
    • the presence of the skin, many moles, warts;
    • hypertrichosis (excessive body hair of the skin);
    • Oncology;
    • ulcers, wounds, severe scratches on the dermis.

    Paraffin masks are often recommended for the treatment of tumors or seals. Do not rush to treat such education on their own, even if you are completely sure of their purity. Any seals require mandatory consultation with a doctor. And only after approval of a specialist, use a biodegradable paraffin mask.Rules of conduct

    If the procedure is performed in the salon, it takes about one hour. It consists of dermis cleansing, a light massage of the skin. Then on the face paraffin mask is applied for 20 minutes. After removing the skin moisturize cream. Conducting the paraffin treatment on your own at home, you must follow the same rules.

    4 preparatory phase

    Initially you need to prepare the tools and components of the mask. In addition to cosmetic wax it is important to arm yourself with a brush or spatula, with which it is convenient to apply the mixture on the face. Will need a cloth or gauze and bandages. The preparatory stage includes the following four recommendations.

  • To protect the hair. Before the procedure to remove all the hair, hiding them under a hat or scarf. To be cleaned from paraffin accidentally caught a strand is quite difficult, so it is better to protect the curls from this.
  • Cleansing of the skin. You need to wash. For high-quality cleansing you can apply a scrub or gel. Always wait for the drying of the skin. The person should not remain a single drop of water, otherwise the paraffin will cause a burn.
  • Preparation person. Under the wax on dry skin is allowed to apply the oil. For quality hydration suitable grape seed, olive, apricot oil.
  • Preparation wipes. Need to prepare in advance a special tissue gauze with slits for the mouth and eyes. You can purchase or make yourself.
  • It should not be used to cleanse oily skin cosmetics containing alcohol. Such funds, as well as water, can cause burns.

    2 Council for trade basis

    Paraffin has the ability to quickly congeal. That is why cosmetologists focus on the need initially to prepare the skin, then move on to making the mask. To understand how to do paraffin facial mask at home, you should familiarize yourself with the two recommendations.

  • The melting of the paraffin. For one procedure, you will need 50 grams of paraffin. The raw material is dipped in an enamel pan and put melted on a water bath. It is recommended to constantly stir the mixture carefully to make sure that not one drop of water got into the wax.
  • Temperature. Heated paraffin to a temperature of 50-55°C. When the mixture is completely melted, remove it from the heat and add the necessary components. Mix a little ostuzhayut to a comfortable body temperature.
  • Cosmetic paraffin, which is used for applying on the face, experts do not recommend to apply twice. For the manufacture of new masks will need to use a different portion of the waxy product.Start: 7 steps

    To determine the temperature of the paraffin, you can dip your toe into the warm mixture and a little of the product applied to the elbow or wrist. The mask must be very warm, but not hot. Once the tool reaches a comfortable temperature, it can immediately apply to face. Cosmetologists give the following step-by-step technique of the event.

  • Protection for the eyes. To protect the delicate area around the eyes from contact with hot paraffin, it is necessary on the closed eyelids to put on a wadded disk. Of course, this is possible if the mask will cause the assistant. If you have to cope on their own, it is possible to do without cotton pads, but during application of the mixture should be very careful to handle these areas.
  • Applying a first layer. A brush or spatula dipped in melted paraffin. Application starts from his forehead. Paraffin, like any mask, it is desirable to impose on the face for massage guides not to provoke stretching of the dermis.
  • Overlay napkins. On the face, covered with a thin layer of wax, place a prepared cloth with slits.
  • Application of the next layer. Top applied four more layers of paraffin. Be sure to leave free the lower edge of the napkin, through which the mask can be easily removed.
  • The duration of the session. Paraffin, cooling down, starting to pull the covers, so it is recommended not to talk and not to laugh during the event. It is best to lie down and rest. The duration of one procedure is up to 20 minutes.
  • The removal of the mask. After the procedure, you need to take the ends of the napkin and gently pull the mask. Start near the chin and pull up.
  • Calm the dermis. After removing the mask, face wash, herbal broth or plain water. After cleansing skin apply the cream.
  • Paraffin treatments performed twice a week. Usually a course includes ten to fifteen masks.

    Paraffin mask for face: 8 recipes

    Beauticians strongly recommend women practicing home care, following strictly the rules of applying the paraffin mask to follow the recipe exactly. Even the slightest deviation in the recipe can result in burns and dermatitis. With many skin defects allow to cope with the following mask.



    • Cosmetic paraffin — 50 g.
    • Vitamin a — one vial.
    • Vitamin E — one vial.

    How to cook

  • The paraffin is dissolved.
  • The hot mixture is injected vitamins.
  • Mask mix.
  • Acne


    • Paraffin — 50 g.
    • Zinc ointment — 25 g
    • The ether tea tree, five drops.

    How to cook

  • To the melted wax carefully add the cream.
  • The tool is poured into ether and stirred.
  • This tool cleans the skin from acne, draws out blackheads. The mask helps normalize the production of sebum, so it is recommended this recipe to care for problem skin.Paraffin lifting


    • Paraffin wax — 25 grams.
    • Almond oil three drops.
    • Bandage (narrow) one.

    How to cook

  • In the melted paraffin is injected almond oil.
  • One layer of this mask applied to the cheeks and a second chin region. A portion of the bandage is dipped in paraffin. The obtained paraffin bandage is placed on the bottom part of the chin and in the presence of flews, grab the area of the cheeks.
  • Applied another layer of wax.
  • The bandage is fixed with a dry bandage, tying it on top.
  • Sometimes these paraffin dressing for intensive face-lifting and eliminate double chin beauticians recommend for two weeks every two days. But such advice can only be given by experts, to assess the state of the dermis.



    • Paraffin — 50 g.
    • Grapefruit oil — two drops.
    • Lemon oil — two drops.
    • Orange essential oil — two drops.

    How to cook

  • In melted paraffin to gently introduce all of the essential oils.
  • The mixture was mixed and applied to the face.
  • After the mask is recommended to moisturize the dermis with serum.
  • Mask significantly reduces the oiliness of the skin, clears comedones, blackheads. It eliminates Shine and prevents the appearance of new spots. This recipe mask is recommended for oily or problematic skin.From wrinkles


    • Paraffin — 25 g.
    • Beeswax — ‘ 25
    • Vitamin E — one tablespoon.

    How to cook

  • In this recipe, melt in a pan in a water bath and wax, and paraffin wax.
  • To the melted mixture add vitamin and mix.
  • Moisturizing


    • Paraffin — 50 g.
    • Olive oil — one teaspoon.
    • Cocoa butter is one teaspoon.

    How to cook

  • Paraffin to melt.
  • To the hot mixture add cocoa butter and stir until complete dissolution of the product.
  • Pour in the olive oil.
  • To moisturize dry skin, paraffin facial is recommended to dilute not only cocoa or olive product. Well with the rosehip oil, peach, avocado.



    • Paraffin — 50 g.
    • Honey — one teaspoon.
    • Rice oil — one teaspoon.

    How to cook

  • The white substance is heated.
  • The wax is added moisturizing oil and honey.
  • The mixture is made.
  • This mask, according to women promotes facial rejuvenation. It tones the epidermis, stimulating the regeneration and renewal of tissues.Of comedones


    • Paraffin — 50 g.
    • Aloe Vera juice — one teaspoon.

    How to cook

  • Mask is better to use juice squeezed from a house plant. Cut a piece originally wrapped in parchment paper and store in the refrigerator for one week. And only williamsii seven days of aloe ground. From the pulp squeeze the juice.
  • In hot wax poured the juice.
  • Mask mix. The mixture is applied only to those areas where identified black spots.
  • The average price of paraffin in the pharmacy 110 rubles per 250 g. For comparison, paraffin mask in the cabin costs from 600 roubles for the procedure above. In some centers, this service is worth more than 2000 rubles. It all depends on the level of institutions and quality of materials. (Prices are current as of may 2017).

    Paraffin mask for face at home provides maximum opening of pores. It is this property and is a high-quality cleansing of comedones, blackheads. But beauticians warn that after the procedure, the pores for a long time remain open. Therefore it is not recommended to go out for half an hour after the mask. And in the winter it’s better to wait an hour. Sudden temperature fluctuations can cause spasserovannye vessels. And this is the direct way to the appearance of rosacea.

    “Improvement after the third mask”: reviews about paraffin

    I always love trying a new to me beauty treatments, paraffin facial is no exception. This method is perfectly softens the upper layers of the epidermis, helps to open the pores to applied better penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The wax is heated in a special bath and applied with a brush on the face, the temperature comfortable, can not be burned. First the skin is treated with antiseptic, then applied bandages. Paraffin is applied in several layers, I did seven. Remove the mask after half an hour. After the treatment the skin is incredibly soft, silky, smart. Puffiness disappears, the terrain flattens out, becoming invisible small defects, the face just glows. Effect I still have about a week, but the beautician said that a full course consists of ten sessions. The only downside of paraffin is contraindicated. It can not be carried out in hypertension, the presence of vascular veins, skin lesions. But in General, I recommend.

    (Raspberry) Catherine,

    I’m after a wax once a little spot of pigment is resorbed.


    I want to share one very good mask. The mask of paraffin. Girls, I with my face (pimples, blackheads, redness, enlarged pores, scar, etc.) have noticed a significant improvement after the 3rd mask. Prior to this, a little that helped a little bit. Paraffin can be bought in the pharmacy, to melt it in a water bath, wait until cool and thick (about 1 cm) to put on the face brush (really have to say goodbye to the brush after a few times, I specifically for this mask old brush took), keep the mask for 15-25 minutes. Then carefully remove and remove any residue, wash and apply moisturizer. I did the mask in 2 days after the first noticed that the skin became more healthy looking. After the 3 mask a significant improvement. Mask to do 10 times, 3 masks a week, that is in 2-3 days. Try not to regret it!


    I was trying to do. A couple of times did paraffin mask and abandoned. But face even after the first time it was soft.


    Paraffin mask is, of course, an old technique. In its place came alginate. They still use plaster. But the plaster unpleasant…Although the effect is very good. Really seen the lady smoothed transverse wrinkle on his forehead. On effects paraffin mask similar to plaster. You can enhance lifting effect bandages.

    Beautician kameja,

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