Paraffin treatment for hands: helping palms.

Paraffin treatment for hands are very popular today. It is not only offered in beauty salons, but also in every beauty parlor. Of course, prices do not “bite”, but why pay more if the procedure can be easily performed at home? Today we will tell about all the intricacies of medicinal paraffin heat!

The secret of the paraffin simple. Wax has the property to melt by heating and long heat retention. Upon contact with the body it sends heat to him. And the thermal bath, in turn, has a positive effect on metabolic processes.

The healing thermal baths

So, paraffin for hands and feet improves blood circulation, stimulates the vascular tone, nourishes the skin with oxygen and nutrients through blood flow. After a session with paraffin hands are smooth and soft, the skin of heels soft and silky.

There is also a trend in cosmetology as paraffin for your face. At home it can help reduce the severity of acne, combining with the effect of medical masks from acne. In adulthood, the sessions with warm wax will help eliminate puffiness, rejuvenate the skin, smooth the mesh of wrinkles. If the skin is scars, they will become less noticeable.

The healing power of heat is actively used in medicine. So paraffin therapy at home for children helps fight diseases of the joints (for example, a common dysplasia), complications from acute respiratory illness in the form of bronchitis and tracheitis. Prescribed paraffin bath kids with neurological disorders, as treatment has strong calming effect.

Features home paraffin

Paraffin therapy for hands, eliminates the use of old wax candles, preserved from the Soviet era. For this purpose, suitable special cosmetic composition. Where to buy paraffin wax for paraffin, you ask? He usually are in the range of pharmacies and stores specializing in the sale of tools for manicure.

The beauty procedure uses a special electric bath for paraffin. It evenly warms the wax up to 55oC with and looks attractive. A home practice you can do without it. The same applies to water bath: before the procedure put on the fire a pot with water and set it to a large enamel bowl. So, let’s start.

  • In a bowl in a water bath put a beauty wax (it will take not less than 2 kg). Wait until the wax becomes liquid.
  • Apply on the skin with a protective cream, which will prevent the possibility of burns.
  • Soak the knobs in a bowl of warm paraffin, hold for a few seconds and lift them up. Cooling down, the composition forms on the palms transparent “gloves”.
  • Repeat the dip at least 4 times — let your “gloves” will become thicker.
  • Put on the dried up pens plastic gloves, and on top — Terry or wool. Keep them warm, to achieve the maximum effect of paraffin, reviews indicate that after 25-30 minutes you can remove the “gloves”. The film of paraffin can be easily separated from the skin.
  • Apply the warm palms of any nourishing cream. And you can enjoy the soft and velvety skin!
  • If you are performing the paraffin treatment for legs or face, instead dipping into the bowl with the composition, use a brush. When the wax begins to melt, quickly brush the problem areas with a warm substance. After drying, do it again. The legs will need to wear bags and warm socks. And on the face — apply a plastic wrap, cover it with a towel and relax on the sofa.

    To paraffin for hands at home as pleasant as possible, add to the composition by melting a few drops of aromatic oil. It can be citrus or pine oil, which one you like! Then the procedure to turn into a real relaxation, will help you to relax and to not only rewarding but fun!

    How often should to do paraffin baths

    Limitations of the periodicity of paraffin in the home does not exist. The procedure is so good that it does not harm the skin, but rather nourishes and moisturizes it. So in the winter when increased dryness and sensitivity of the hands can resort to paraffin baths 2-3 times a week, as needed. Although, as practice shows, it is enough 1 times a week to maintain the skin in perfect condition.

    It is important to note that paraffin has several contraindications. It should not be performed if:

    • damaged skin: it is wounds, scratches, cuts;
    • are present of a purulent inflammation;
    • there is a pronounced allergic reaction.

    In addition, you should not use essential oil if you are not confident in your allergic resistance. For the first acquaintance with the impact of essential oils paraffin is not the best time.

    In performing paraffin bath is no big deal. And the result of them is visible at once! This is a great way to quickly bring his hands in order prior to the event or important meeting. And to maintain healthy skin in the winter.

    Video: paraffin treatment for hands

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