Peach oil for eyelashes: reviews and application

Modern cosmetology recommends the use of peach oil is as an effective remedy for cellulite. However, he also has other “spheres of activity”. For example, you can use peach oil for eyelashes, reviews about this method and its features find out in our article.

For oil use the bone delicious and healthy fruit. As in the case with almond oil, they are subjected to pressing. Use only the technology of cold pressing, resulting in the vehicle stored without exception, all the nutrients.

And there are many! In addition to the polyunsaturated acids, which are present in most vegetable oils, peach includes antioxidants, vitamins A and b, effectively rejuvenating the skin. There is healing vitamin C which not only boosts immunity but also makes fabrics aging, as well as phosphorus, calcium, phospholipids… Such a stunning composition allows the use of peach oil for eyelashes with high efficiency.

Dignity means

  • The only product with 100% hypoallergenic. If other types of oils are allergic reaction is possible, in this case it will not arise even at high sensitivity of the skin. Due to this property the peach seed oil is used in the production of elite cosmetics for the care of demanding, sensitive skin.
  • Does not cause irritation of the eyelids. The substrate does not need to worry about contact with the skin of the eyelids, moreover, you can also massage their peach oil. This will only increase the effect of its use.
  • Not demanding at the time of use. Other drugs it is important to remove from the lashes, and some, for example, castor oil may cause swelling of the eyelids, if you leave it on overnight. Reviews about peach butter for eyelashes completely eliminate the negative factors. Moreover, it is recommended after application leave it on the eyelashes for at least 8 hours of not washing before bed.

How to use the tool

Traditionally, peach oil is used for eyelash growth. So it choose the girls who have lashes healthy, but they look short. With the existence of serious problems for example, loss of hairs or extremely brittle, you should use other means or mixed structures.


  • You need to remove the makeup, wash your face and apply it to your lashes. It is desirable to apply from mid hair, liquid consistency allows it to evenly be distributed.
  • Rest of eyelid remove with a cotton swab, but do not wipe dry, as the healing properties of peach oil actively engages with the skin.
  • It is advisable to apply a warm, pre-heated oil. Convenient to do it with a brush from prismatica or brush for eyelashes. By the way, if you still have an old bottle of mascara used, it can be thoroughly washed and transfused back tool. It should be stored not in the refrigerator, and at room temperature, so it will suit your purse.
  • Rinse composition is not necessary, let the butter works on your eyelids all night. In the morning it will be enough to wash with warm water before you touch up the eyes with mascara.
  • Combination therapy

    The main effect of the use of funds is to enhance the growth of eyelashes. But if you want them a complete recovery, it is desirable to combine with other components. Good work means on the basis of a whole range of natural oils, particularly olive and peach or peach and castor.

    The first has a gentle effect on the eyelids, so it can be used without fear of irritation. And eyelashes will become thick and fluffy. With castor you need to be careful, as the contact with the skin is undesirable. But if you want the maximum health benefits, apply this mixture in equal proportions should be daily throughout the month. The duration of the composition — 1 hour, then you’ll need to remove with a cotton pad or tissue.

    Masks for skin around the eyes

    Great anti-aging properties allow you to use peach oil not only to enhance the growth of eyelashes, but also as supporting means for the delicate skin around the eyes. For the double result, it is recommended to make masks or compresses.

    • Mask with peach oil. Preheat the tool to a comfortable 37 degrees, dip it in cotton pads. Close your eyes and put on the packs. Relax for 20 minutes with them on the couch, then Pat eyes dry with a napkin.
    • Mask with fish fat nutritional. Fish oil — moisturizing and nourishing means, rich in natural vitamins, useful for both the hairs and the skin of the eyelids. The use of peach oil in combination with it effectively rejuvenates the skin and enhances the growth of eyelashes. Apply the composition of the two components mixed in equal proportions, to be warm. Also dip it in cotton pads and place on eyes for 20 minutes.

    To carry out any procedure on a daily basis for 30-45 days.

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