Peach oil for the face masks and hot wraps

Peach oil for the face is often positioned alternative to cosmetic means. In his favour natural, high moisturizing ability, richness in vitamins. But the question of its use beauticians is clear: to apply the tool periodically, then the benefits exceed the potential harm.

To hear the word “harm” in relation to peach oil weird. This kind of natural cosmetics is the safest. It is recommended to use even in the care of baby skin, not to mention the age or problem. But it is important to take into account the nuances that draw the attention of cosmetologists.

Features of peach oil

The composition is an oily transparent liquid with light yellow tint. The smell can accurately determine his identity. Sumptuous scent of peach gives the origin of a quality product manufactured by cold pressing. More oil to any treatment not subjected to. To the consumer it comes from unrefined and without deodorization.

The beneficial properties of peach oil based on its fatty basis. Consisting of more than ninety-nine percent is a triglycerides, i.e. vegetable fats in combination of oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids. The contents of the first maximum is thirty five percent. Linoleic contains up to twenty-eight percent and the palmitic — to sixteen.

Structure of the oil is stable, does not change even during prolonged storage. Within two years it saves Tocopherols (vitamin E with antioxidant properties) and phenolic compounds. The mass highlighted the contents of phytosterols, which are similar in structure to cholesterol of animal origin. So the food this product is used in small doses, for example, as a dressing for salads.

The main area of application of peach oil is a cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Due to the stable structure of a substance it is used for making oil emulsions for drugs. As softening additives are added to creams and masks, tools, make-up remover, lines for the care of sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes, décolleté and neck.

Natural amolin

Peach oil is included in the list of natural amrenov — base substances, on the basis of which manufactured cosmetics. It emoline responsible for the effects that positioning manufacturers advertising their products: the softness of the skin, immediate smoothing of wrinkles, a special glow.

AMOLED is a viscous substance. Getting on the skin, it spreads through it, filling the spaces between the cells of the upper stratum corneum. In fact, it covers the epidermis additional protective layer. The light falling on the skin, is reflected from it uniformly, so it seems that the face literally “glows”. Actually, it’s just an optical effect due to the presence on the skin amolina.

But amolina are different: natural and synthetic. From the first to work harder: natural oils, such as peach, almond or jojoba quickly progorkaet, in the product, it is important to provide stabilizing components. Synthetics are easier to use and cheaper.

However, within a few years of active experiments of the companies over the consumers found that synthetics cause a negative reaction from the skin and exacerbate existing problems, such as acne. While natural emoline, in particular, peach oil, soften the skin. Their significant drawback is oily film on the skin — traces of natural fatty basis. To get rid of her producers failed so far.

Peach oil is a pure vegetable fat. He easily fills the space between the Horny scales of the skin. Clogged area in the epidermis to reduce the rate of evaporation of moisture. Skin remains moist longer, looks well-groomed.

Used in home cosmetology

In the cosmetic composition content of peach oil may be different. Levels of for dry skin is up to thirty per cent, for fat — no more than ten percent. Are combined masks of peach oil for the face, with moisturizing, nourishing and vitaminizing action. Pure beauty in its use offers a means of slowly absorbed, leaves a greasy film.

The only way to use in pure form, reviews of cosmetics, as a softening composition for massage. The oil is flowing free, allowing you to decrease the soreness of the manipulations, stretching of the skin, is maintained throughout the session.

The potential harm

But at home the use of peach oil for the face extended in its purest form. Turning to him, the girls strive to find safe, hypoallergenic and, if possible, a cheap alternative to professional uhodom means.

“I often hear from girls that they can’t live without your favorite oil. And never go to sleep without applying it on the face, says beautician Olga FEM. In this case, I warn you that nothing good care of the skin will bring. After all, any oil is pure fat, and this fat the skin does not need. Even with makeup for dry skin fat component does not happen over forty percent. And in every age, every skin type has its own needs that oil will not be able to implement”.

The first and single application tool moisturizes the face, disappears the feeling of tightness, a feeling of comfort. This is because a fat-like substance creates a film that prevents the evaporation of moisture. But with regular use of any oil, including peach, disrupts the structure of epidermal lipids, thereby depriving the skin’s ability to produce enough of its own fat secret.

The permanent presence of the film it also does not bring anything good. Disturbed cellular respiration, clogged pores, decrease the intensity of metabolic processes. Even in the permanent presence of a greasy film on the face, it becomes dry, the epidermis is dehydrated. For dry skin it is dangerous exhaustion, and for a fat from the development of comedones, inflammation.

The technique of using

The question of how to apply the peach butter, beauticians answer: periodically, and not instead of cream. Then the healing properties of it will appear in full. “Use it as a Supplement to nutrient mask or even to the cream to enrich it, says Olga FEM. But in a small amount, just a couple drops. Then the oil will not hurt and will be useful.”

It is also important to note the following details of its application.

  • Peach oil for the face for acne — nothing more than a myth. As special formulations for oily skin or problem. Manufacturers use this marketing ploy to attract attention to their products. And consumers at risk of more problems in the form of rashes. Peach oil has disinfectant, antibacterial properties. It moisturizes and softens, but in the fight against acne it is his property useless.
  • Limited opportunities in the fight against wrinkles. For reviews, peach oil for facial wrinkles — an effective tool. This is true, but only partly. The fact that the composition does not penetrate deeply into the skin, for the most part it remains on the surface. Here, he coats the stratum corneum of the skin, keeping the moisture there. Nourishing and moisturizing the epidermis, it really eliminates fine wrinkles, due to lack of fluid in the skin. But with expression lines and deeper wrinkles remedy can not fight.

Use of cosmetic formulations based on peach oil for the prevention of skin aging and everyday care for her. They are suitable for any skin type at any age, including for delicate areas under the eyes and neck.

Recipes masks

How to use peach oil for facial wrinkles? Offer recipes for the application for the care of the young and tired skin.

Hot applique

Express way to nourish tired skin. Works in two directions. The oil emulsion to nourish and revitalise moisture surface skin. Hot water activates microcirculation of blood and lymph in the tissues, improves drainage, refreshes the face.


  • Dampen a clean cotton cloth in hot water, wring it.
  • Spread the fabric peach oil — enough twenty drops.
  • Apply hot application on pre-cleaned and steamed face.
  • Leave on for fifteen minutes.
  • After the procedure should wash with warm and then cold water. To use the technique of hot applications once per month.

    With pulp peach and cream

    In the care of normal skin will help the mask. It is relevant in the summer, as it will require fresh fruit. But in this period it would benefit the most, as it will support the exhausted aggressive ultraviolet skin.


  • Mash into a puree pulp of one ripe peach.
  • Add a teaspoon of oil.
  • Enter teaspoon of heavy cream.
  • Mix.
  • Apply on face for twenty minutes. The composition is rich in nutrients, useful for normal epidermis. You can also use it for oily skin, replacing the cream with yogurt. The fruit acids contained in the pulp of the peach, have the effect of soft peeling.

    With cottage cheese

    Dairy ingredients good care of sensitive and dry skin. Fat cottage cheese nourishes and softens it. Use twice a week to prevent early appearance of wrinkles and reduce the severity of those that have already appeared.


  • Mash a tablespoon of cheese. If it is too thick, add a little cream.
  • Add a teaspoon of peach oil.
  • Mix.
  • This recipe is attractive for its versatility. Products for masks are available at any time of the year. It is perfect for winter care.

    Scrub bran

    In the original recipe for this mask uses almond bran. They play the role of the additional nutritional component for dry skin. However, practical sense in the application of costly and little widespread component, as the composition peach oil is almost identical to almond. To replace this kind of as oat bran can regular.


  • Heat a teaspoon of oil.
  • Mix with a teaspoon of bran.
  • Apply to wet face, massage.
  • Leave on for twenty minutes.
  • Rinse off, Pat the skin tissue.
  • This scrub can be adapted to the needs of your skin type. For fat to include in his composition the lemon juice or the pulp of fresh, sour berries. For normal oil-based is better to make an emulsion, adding the same amount of water. For dry skin to adjust the recipe is not required.

    To mask with peach oil for the face worked effectively, its use should be courses twice a week for two to three months. As godovogo additional component of your individual program, it will help to maintain the tone and sufficient hydration of the skin, soften it, make smooth. To apply the remedy in its pure form instead of cream is not recommended. Such care is only possible in isolated cases. The constant use of a fatty composition will cause skin dryness and dehydration of the epidermis.

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